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Gibbs didn't think he deserved a coffee but he had one anyway, figuring it would help him work faster. He was standing in Abby's lab, eyeing every item in the room. He breathed in deeply, gunpowder hung in the air. He picked up her hippo and was tempted to squeeze it as Abby did when she needed a hug. How he wished he knew where she was. When he found Talon he was going to beat him like he had Abby. Losing was not an option, no doubt he was going to kill Abby if he didn't get there first, and if he died he'd kill Abby anyway. The only option was to kill Talon. Jail terms did not even enter into his mind, the tape had stirred his soul, he was ready to beat the hell out of him. Gibbs put Bert down on the table next to Abby's computer. The room was empty, quiet. It made the situation more real in his mind. Abby was really gone and Abby might die because of him.

Abby had woken in the hospital to Gibbs face staring down at her. He smiled. "It's all over Abs. They got it all out. You're going to be fine." A silent tear ran down her cheek and she sighed. She turned her hand over as he sat down on the chair beside the bed, he placed his hand in hers. "I was so worried you wouldn't be here when I woke up." she mumbled, still drowsy and drugged up. He squeezed her hand slightly, "I always keep my promises." She fell had fallen asleep then, but he held her hand for a long while afterwards.

Yes, he always kept his promises, especially to Abby. He took her out to dinner the night before her birthday every year, he brought her a Caff-pow every morning and he kept her safe. "I'll keep you safe Abby. I promise." He remembered himself saying to her, he felt the terror in his gut as he had that night, the bullet whizzed past his legs, unmistakably aimed into her lab. He dropped his coffee at her scream and the breaking glass and ran all the way to her lab. "Abby!" And he felt the calm when he realised she was alright, Tony had dropped her, he'd be forever grateful for that, but he would never say so.

Gibbs put his coffee down on her bench, a half empty Caff-pow sat alone and untouched. His phone punctured the silence, "Gibbs." "Boss! I've got the address, I pinpointed it to a house..." McGee blurted excitedly, hopefully, "Give Tony the address and get him and Ziva to meet me in the car. And tell them to hurry up!" Gibbs was already on the move, jogging to the car park and he swore that if Dinozzo made him wait, he'd give him a black eye.

Gibbs sped the entire way there, Tony held onto his gun. Both men were tensed and breathless. The drive there though speedy seemed to take an eternity. Ziva sat calmly in the back of the vehicle, she wondered if Abby knew that she cared for her at all, they may argue but she liked her. Ziva checked her gun and ammunition quietly, she could feel the tension rise in the car. Gibbs' veins throbbed in his head, she saw the determined yet worried look in his eye and had little doubt that this would end with Talons death.

They reached the street and parked a few houses down. Each one smoothly reached for their gun and loaded it as they stealthily surrounded the house. Tony and Ziva took the front entrance and Gibbs the back. Tony and Ziva flattened themselves on either side of the doorway. Tony gave Ziva a serious look, she nodded in response. Before he knew it she was standing in front of the door and smashing it in. He pointed his gun immediately into the depths of the house. The was shuffling towards the back of the house and Tony entered, lowering his body he moved silently through the living room, checking behind doors and in cupboards, nodding to Ziva that each room was clear. They had been through the first part of the house, in one room a fire burned, it smelled of wood and smoke. They split up, a crash came from the kitchen, Tony and Ziva abandoned their posts and ran to the noise. Talon stood, gun to Abby's head, Gibbs held his gun, pointed directly at the centre of his forehead. "You shoot me, she dies." Tony and Ziva looked to Gibbs for their orders, each of their guns trained on Talons heart. They had his exits blocked. Talon looked confident, he motioned for them to drop their weapons. Gibbs didn't move. "Drop it or I shoot her in the head." he said louder. Abby had her head pulled back on Talons shoulder in an attempt to distance herself from the gun, her hands were tied behind her back and her mouth was open slightly, her breathing was shallow, face tired and afraid. She had accepted her fate, what ever it may be, but she hoped that it was to live. Gibbs dropped his gun and kicked it across the room. Tony and Ziva followed suit. "Now that's better. Talon had a gun in one hand pointed at Gibbs. "Time to die old man." Abby almost cried out, time seemed to slow down as he aimed at Gibbs' chest, not messing around with meaningless chitchat. Abby threw her arms back hitting him in the crotch, he bent over slightly, Ziva ran towards him, her gun suddenly in her hand, Tony reached for his weapon, Gibbs dropped to the ground as Talon fired the gun. Abby screamed, spinning out of his grasp. Bang! A single shot rang out. Bang! Abby fell to the floor. Ziva stood, arm perfectly straight, pointed at Talon, she squeezed the trigger shooting him square in the head ensuring his death. Gibbs lay on his stomach on the floor, the trigger was still squeezed back. Gibbs scrambled towards Abby. She was breathing heavily, she looked at Gibbs, "Finally!" she said cheerfully. "He's dead boss, you got him." Tony said, glancing at Ziva once realising that she hadn't had to shoot him in the head, crouched over the body. Tony looked down at Abby, laying next to Talons lifeless corpse. Ziva lowered her weapon and gave Abby a slightly shocked look. Tony immediately kneeled next to her. "she's been hit." he said in almost a whisper. Ziva's mouth dropped slightly. Blood pooled on Abby's shoulder, Gibbs pressed down hard on the wound. "Call an ambulance!" he yelled at the two. Abby gave him an uncomfortable looking smile. She lay on her back, her arms crushed beneath her, Gibbs hands pushed her down into them causing pain to shoot up her spine. "Gibbs. My arms..." Ziva cut the binds and placed her hands on her stomach, Gibbs shifted his weight to keep pressure on the wound. Still blood flowed smoothly and unchecked onto the kitchen floor. Tony had called the ambulance, "Should be here in five." he spoke quietly trying not to alarm Abby. Gibbs used both hands to press down, "How you doing Abby. Stay with me." He spoke softly to her. She smiled shakily, "I'm just glad you're all here." she spoke slowly, her eyes closed, "Stay with me Abbs." he shook her slightly. "Tell me about Talon." her eyes slid open, "Did you get my message Gibbs?" she slurred. "Yes Abby. I did." she smiled at his tone. "I was so worried that you wouldn't see it. So worried that I'd never see you again." she tried to get up, "What's going on?" Gibbs motioned to Tony, who held her down, "You've been shot Abbs." "Oh." she yawned. Duckie rushed to the scene and was there before any other paramedics, concern on his face as he spoke to her, "You'll be alright my dear." as he examined her wound, "It's gone straight through, she should be alright"He said more to Jethro than Abby. Palmer looked down at Abby, scared and worried, before Duckie told him to bag 'the gentleman' aka Talon. The ambulance finally arrived to take her away. Abby rambled something about hippos and coffins while being rolled away. "Gibbs?" She enquired, trying to sit up, the ambo pushed her gently down. "I'm right here Abbs." The ambo protested but was quieted by the glare he received. The doors shut and the ambulance drove away. Tony and Ziva picked apart the house, finding bloodied lumps of wood he had used on Abby, they took pictures and cleaned the house out. At the end of the day when they had finished they sat in the car eating, Gibbs wasn't there to tell them off. They sat in silence for a while, respecting each others thoughts.

Gibbs sat by Abby's bed, thankful she was alive, thankful Talon was gone, thankful he had been able to keep his promise. He watched her sleep for hours before he himself did the same. He woke to her watching him. "Howd you sleep Gibbs?" she grinned. "I'm meant to be asking you that question!" He almost smiled at her. Standing up he brushed the hair out of her pale face, She gave him a coy smile, her words slurred due to the morphine and her hands were limp. "So here we are again huh." she said, her eyes were shut. Gibbs paused, "Lets not make a habit of it. It kills me every time." Her eyes snapped open. He gave her a calculating look as if judging her reaction, she decided not to respond to the last sentence. "Gibbs?" he stared deeper into her eyes, "Thanks. I was sure I was a goner, half and hour more and it would have been over." "Any time Abbs." She winced in pain, her whole body ached. She had several broken bones and internal damage not to mention a sizable black eye and a gunshot wound "Thank god he was a lousy shot" she had said. Gibbs and Abby talked about work, she told him about Talon and everything that had happened. Gibbs could finally relax, she was safe and he was here with her. A nurse came in and gave her a sedative, "She needs to sleep to heal quicker." she told Jethro when he eyd her questioningly. Her eyelids began to droop, she smiled sweetly in his direction. "I'm sooooo tired." she gave in to the pull of sleep. "I love you Gibbs." she murmured. Gibbs throat felt tight, "I love you too Abby." he whispered, kissing her forehead.

He had whispered it so quietly that he wasn't sure if she had heard him.

Oh the angst... THE END :)