Shoes. Disclaimer: Don't own, don't sue.

Max was window-shopping one day, not really wanting to get anything despite her wallet being full. "Just what we need", Max had told them. She approached one window

Then she saw them.

And what they needed went out the door.

Her eyes went wide.


A woman inside the store was checking stock. She looked up, saw Max staring, and jumped in fright. Max didn't notice this, for she was carefully eyeing each pair of shows from to the next. "I'LL BE RIGHT BACK!" She didn't really say to anyone, and ran off, opening her cell phone.

Now, this cell didn't exactly have a plan, so they were only supposed to contact each other in an emergency. But, according to Max, this WAS a fucking emergency.

Nudge picked up.

"What is it, Max! Are there Erasers nearby!"



"Nudge, do you remember the birthday party we had for Ari and me?"

"Max…I wasn't born then."

"Oh." A silence. "Ok, I'll tell you what happened.

It was that day, five years ago. Jeb and one of the women scientists name Cindy were watching Max and Ari celeberate their twelth birthda, chessy little party hats stuck to their heads. "Happy birthday, twins."

Being the immature kid he was, Ari tore open his present. "A COMPUTER! AND A CAR! Thanks, Da-"


Ari kept a hurt smile on. "...right. Jeb. Thanks."

"Max?" Jeb said, eager to see Max's reaction to her present. "Go ahead, open you present."

Max carefully opened her present being carful not rip the blue and green festive paper. "Please let this be a pile of awesome shoes-"

She really was the unfortunate one, wasn't she?

A big, purple dinosaur somehow not relating to Barney(TM) stood before her, a big, goofy, retarded smile across his face. Max turned to the two adults. "What the hell?!"

"What did you expect?" Cindy asked Max matter-of-factly. "Condamns?"

"Nice PRESENT, Max." Ari chimed in, smirking.

Max, having an speech impendement(sp. XD), got furious and yelled, "SHUT UP, DECK!"



"Stop fighting. You two are twins." Cindy said. "Godness sakes. Don't they haqve the same thoughts or something?" She asked Jeb.

"Shoes." Max thought.

"Playstation." Ari thought.

"Fiscal responsibility." Jeb thought.

"Tom Skarret." Cindy thought.

Max rolled her eyes, getting up to leave. "Max? Where are you going?!" Jeb asked.

Max slowly turned to the two adults. "...Out."

"Whore." Cindy muttered.

"Max," Jeb asked, an edge of fure in his tone, '"What are you gonna do with your life?!"

Max replied with the single skankiest response. "I'M GONNA GET WHAT I WANT." And with that she walked out.

Jeb just sat there, twitching."Christ."

"...And that's why I need shoes NOOOOOOOW!!" Max yelled into the phone.

Nudge sighed into the phone. "Whatever. You're the leader. Meet me at the Starbucks on the block you're on."

"Bring Fang and Iggy." Max said, before flipping the phone down.

Nudge sighed, flipping her end down. "I know something bad's gonna happen."

Ta daaa! chapter one done. chapter two sooon and such.