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And now, the conclusion.

"BETCH, I'M BUYING THESE FUCKING SHOES." Max demanded, slamming her palm into the counter of the store.

One of the employees came over. "Um, these shoes run a small size, I don't think they're gonna fit. I mean, your feet are pretty…big."

Oh, no she didn't.


Max's eye twitched.


Fang covered Nudge's eyes, Iggy covered her ears.

They knew what was coming.

"Oh, by the way betch-FUCK YOU!"

She leapt at the employee, while another grabbed the shoes she had flung-at Iggy. Fang picked up him and pulled Nudge out of there.

Seeing the shoes being taken away, Max gowled, and pounced upon the other. "THOSE SHOES ARE MINE BETCH! GIMME THOSE FUCKING SHOES, BETCH!"

The word "Betch" was repeated for about five minutes. The police were involved, and she was eventually taken down with a tranq dart.

And, that, my friends, is the story of how Max went insane for shoes.

I'm never looking at shoes the same way again. Thanks to the song "Shoes" for the inspiration. Coming soon: LEMME BORROW THAT TOP!!!