Late Night London Calling

Rory's done. She's finally graduated from Yale. She moves to England to live with her boyfriend until he gets sent back to the States. Six months later, she gets a phone call. And a new responsibility. Will this help strengthen her relationship with Logan or tear it apart?

Chapter One:

A loud alarm rang through the apartment. Logan groaned and turned over onto his side and slammed his hand down hard on the clock. He sighed and turned over and wrapped his arms tightly around his girlfriend again, smiling sleepily when he felt her cuddle into his body.

"Morning" He said, nuzzling her neck.

Rory sighed and wiggled her bottom before turning onto her stomach. He laughed lightly. He could hear her small snores as he got up and padded to the living room. Logan crossed it and went into the adjourning kitchen to make some coffee. The timer had just gone off when Rory walked in. Her eyes were half lidded with sleep. Logan chuckled as he expectantly held out a cup to her. After living with her for so long, he had grown used to this. If there was one thing he could always count on, it was that Rory would always wake up to the smell of coffee.

After Rory inhaled her coffee deeply and then finally got down to actually drinking it, Logan had already finished toasting the waffles and pouring a cup of juice.

Rory eyed the glass with her nose scrunched up distastefully, "You're kidding, right?" She asked

Logan just stared at her. Logan liked to eat junk food every once and a while but everyone knew that he was a bit of a health food nut. When they had first started dating, Rory had made a huge joking deal about conforming him to the junk food ways. It wasn't a big deal to them about their difference until they started living together. They had to make a lot of compromises in the beginning. He'd be the one to wake up and make coffee if she drank or ate one healthy thing with breakfast. Usually, they had class or lately, Logan had work, so they usually just ate lunch seperately. When they did eat lunch together, they took turns deciding where to go. And for dinner, they usually went out to eat, ordering whatever they wanted. Logan usually going for a skinless chicken dish and Rory, the fattiest pasta dish she could find. Sometimes, Logan got the urge to cook, and Rory didn't mind so she let him. It didn't happen that often, though. Twice a month at most.

Anyway, they always went through the same routine in the morning. He'd hand her the coffee, she'd drink it, she'd turn around and he'd have something healthy for her. She'd always make a disgusted face before sitting down and actually eating or drinking it. Today was no different.

Rory turned around and hurriedly gulped down a large cup of coffee as Logan laughed

"Just because you drink coffee afterward, doesn't mean you didn't still drink the juice," He smiled as he walked back into the bedroom. He grabbed a suit from the closet and laid it on the bed as he jumped into a steaming hot shower. As expected, a few minutes later, Rory joined him.

She sighed as they held each other under the hot blast. This was part of their routine as well. People would suspect that Logan and Rory had sex when they went into the shower together, but the truth was, this was their relaxation time together. They stood there for a long time, letting the hot spray wash away their worries.

Eventually they had to stop. Logan got dressed in his suit and gave her a hard kiss goodbye as he walked out the door.

Rory sighed as she headed back into their room. She opened the closet and smiled as she saw it littered with a combination of their clothes. She picked out a blackened pair of jeans that was stylishly bleached on the front thighs and a tight light blue tank top that held small brass buttons going around the neck.

While in London, Rory had once again changed her style, per her mother's orders. Lorelai had made sure that while Rory was in England, home of the Beatles and the Sex Pistols, that Rory would be dressed as a normal 23 year old living with her boyfriend in another country would. Not like the business woman she had been dressing like, according to her mom.

Rory didn't mind that much, it's not like she had much of an impression she had to make. She had a few other outfits for when Logan needed her to go with him for some business something-or-other, but other wise, she usually stuck with what her mom had bought her.

When Rory had first come to London she had seen all the sights, but once that was finished, she was quickly bored. She hadn't really thought out what she would do once she reached England. Logan was quick to ask her to work with him or for him, he didn't really care, whatever she wanted. But Rory didn't want her journalism career to be like that. Her getting jobs because of who she was dating. So she turned down his offer and decided that what she would do would come to her. She spent several weeks lounging about, shopping, talking to her mother. She was on her way to a small boutique one day when she got lost. She ended up at a small town and stopped at a building to ask for directions when she found out that the buliding was a newly opened news office and that they were currently looking for writers. Rory talked to the editor and was hired on the spot. Rory was e-mailed with an article and she would write it and e-mail it back for editing. She did everything in the comfort of her own apartment.

Rory smiled, thinking about her latest article. She quickly unwrapped the large fluffy towel from around her body and changed into her clothes. She went back into the living room and plugged her laptop in. She checked her mail and smiled seeing an e-mail from Lane. Lane and Zack were currently in Korea, showing off their son to Lane's family. They'd drop by London on their way back to America.

Rory started typing her article and got lost in the research. When she finally looked up, it was two in the afternoon and her stomach was grumbling loudly. She grabbed a bag and a jean jacket and headed out. She hailed a cab and went to her favorite place, a small cafe several blocks down from Logan's office. She'd discovered it the first time Logan had brought her to his work.

After she had finished eating, she decided to walk a little bit and do a little bit of window shopping. She saw the infamous Chanel sign and walked in. Right away, she spotted an amazing dress. It hung in the back and was slightly hidden, but the color caught Rory's eyes right away.

It was a simple black dress. It had tiny intricate straps intertwining at the shoulder. She looked around the shop and came up with an ensemble. It was a black viscose dress with a silver metal and strass belt, a red Jersey flap bag and a metal cuff with hand-embedded strass.

After she finished shopping, she decided to go see Logan at his work and hopefully hitch a ride with him, instead of paying a cab again.

She walked into the building and into the elevator. She pressed the button for the sixth floor when she heard a man shouting for her to hold the doors. Rory quickly stuck out her arm and the doors stopped closing. The man rushed in and gave a huge sigh of relief.

"Thanks" He nodded as he pushed his floor button

Rory smiled, "Welcome" She turned away to dig through her purse for her I.D. and thus missed the appraising look the man gave her

"I'm Nikolai, but everyone calls me Nik" He smirks, holding out his hand

Rory smiles absently and shakes his hand, "Rory" She turns around and continues digging through her bag.

"Rory?" He asks, "Interesting name"

"My mother was an interesting woman" She mutters, still unfocused

Nik asks, "Having some trouble?"

"I just can't find my stupid- Ah hah!" She says finally taking out something from her purse. She clutched it in her hand, so the man couldn't see what it was.

The door dinged as it opened

"My floor" Nik said smiling at her as he walked out, "Maybe we can talk again"

"Yeah, sure" Rory said absent mindedly as she read over what was in her hand. There had been a big fuss from a new-be last time she forgot her I.D. He had called security to try and take her away. Fortunately, all security calls on that floor went through Logan's office, so she had been saved from total dire embarassment. The new-be, however, wasn't so lucky.


"Excuse me. What are you doing?" A nasally voice asked.

"Just looking around" Rory answered casually, making a vague hand gesture around her.

"You're not allowed to do that, Miss. This is a very important floor" The man said pompously, "Mr. Huntzberger himself is on this floor. I'm his assistant."

Rory raised an eyebrow, "Oh?" Logan had never mentioned an assistant. A secretary, yes, but no assistant.

"Yes. And I'm going to need to see your I.D. badge to see if you have clearence" He continued

"Of course" Rory smiled indulgently. She quickly sifted through her bag and then did it again, this time slightly more panicked. She began muttering to herself, "Where did I put that thing?" The man was becoming quite annoyed. He had seen this before. Women who pretended she 'lost' it. Rory stopped her movements and looked up, thinking aloud. "Let's see. I woke up, had breakfast, showered, grabbed my bag by the door and left... but I forgot to grab the badge on the nightstand!" Rory said, realizing what happened

"I'm sorry, Miss. No badge, no clearance. I'm going to have to ask you to leave" The man said snootily

"No, no, it's fine. I can just get my boyfriend to tell you I'm fine here. I came to visit him anyway" Rory said dismissively

"I'm afraid that's not possible. Huntzberger Rules say you have to have a badge." The man sneered

"I think you'll make an exception" She said

"I'm sorry, Miss. NO exceptions. If you don't leave, I'm afraid I'll have to call security to escort you out"

By now, almost the entire floor was listening in.

"Seriously, I think, if you knew who my boyfriend was-" Rory was cut off when the man picked up his phone and called for security

"I'm sorry, Miss. I warned you" The guy said at Rory's shocked expression. Just then, two security guards walked in and asked the man who they were to escort out of here.

The snooty man nodded at Rory, "This is her"

Just as the men were about to grab her arms, Logan's voice rang through

"What the hell is going on here?" He said looking around. The security guards blocked Rory from his view, "What the hell are those two doing in a box!" He asked, gesturing to two women that had apparently tried to climb onto a box to get a better view of the commotion and fell.

"Mr. Huntzberger, sir. I was just having these two guards escort a young lady out. She was in here and she didn't have a badge. She made an excuse of forgetting it, but I could tell she was lying. And then she had the nerve to say that the Huntzberger rules should be bent for her because her boyfriend worked here!" The man laughed, unknowingly

"Hello! I am right here and I was not lying!" Rory shouted, moving past the two guards.

Logan raised an eyebrow when he saw her, "This is who you were going to have thrown out?" He asked the man

"Yes, sir" The man smirked.

Logan turned to Rory askingly

"I forgot the I.D. badge on the nightstand." Rory blushed, "Why didn't you tell me you had an assistant?"

The man looked shocked. This girl was talking carelessly to the boss!

"It's none of your business if Mr. Huntzberger has an assistant or not!" The man sweated, not wanting to get caught in his lie, "Guards!" He commanded

The two guard moved to grab her when Logan said, "Stop" Logan faced Rory, "I don't have an assistant. Why?"

Rory nodded at the man now sweating vigorously, "This man, quite nastily, announced that he was your assistant"

Logan turned to look at the man intensely, "Who are you?" He asked

The man flinched, "I'm actually an assistant writer. But this girl really didn't have any I.D. and she might be from a rival paper! She was just wandering about! She should leave!" The man lobbied

"Of course she was just wandering around. I told her to!" Logan yelled

"You..." The man stuttered

"If my girlfriend wants to look around MY PAPER she can look around all she wants!" Logan continued

"Girl...friend?" The man paled even more

Logan just shook his head and turned to face Rory, "I keep telling you to put the badge back into your purse."

"I keep forgetting to take it off!" Rory exclaims, "By the time I remember, I'm too tired to go all the way back into the living room. Why don't you just put it back in the morning?"

The man started to shake at the insinuation that the girl he tried to throw out lived with is boss.

"That is not my job" Logan smirks

Rory grins, "Nice line. I love that show"

"Yeah, it's pretty funny" Logan laughs before getting serious again. He turns to the guards and shoos them away before turning to the man once again, "You are VERY lucky that all security calls to this floor are run by me or else you might not have had a job in the morning. And who knows, you still might not. It all depends on how angry you made my girlfriend" Logan smirked viciously before wrapping an arm around Rory's shoulders, holding her to him intimately. The last thing you could hear was Logan asking her what she thought of the paper


Rory had decided that the man could keep his job. She would never be able to fire him just because he made a mistake and was snotty at her. Now, though, everytime he saw her, he either started sucking up or ran in the other direction.

Rory was suddenly brought back to reality as the door shut with another 'ding' and it was on it's way to her floor. The doors opened and inside was the disarray of the newsroom. She pinned on her identification badge and walked through. She went to the very end of the hall where it was bare and quiet. There was an older woman, about 35 or so, sitting at a desk.

"Hello, Elissa" Rory smiled

"Hello, Rory." the secretary smiled back, "Logan's in an important phone conference with Japan at the moment, but I'm sure if you're very quiet, he won't mind you sneaking in there" She winked.

Rory grinned and did as suggested.

She tip-toed in and saw that Logan's back was to the door. He was talking as he stared out the giant window in his room. Rory remembered Logan laughingly saying that he would never be able to get any work done with that view,

Not wanting to disturb him, she quietly slipped into the chair across from his own, opposite the desk. A few minutes later, Logan visibly clicked off the phone and sighed loudly, massaging his temples.

"Rough call?" Rory asked

Logan visibly started. "Ace?" He asked

"No, I'm her genetic clone. I want to be called... Miriallia Kootzakurra Banzeen... the Fifth" She tilted her head in thought.

"Funny" Logan smiled, walking over to her as she stood up and giving her a hug

"Seriously, though. Bad call?" She murmurred as he held her

"You have no idea" He muttered, shaking his head lightly, "Two weeks ago, Japan was set, everything was ready. Now, though, there was some sort of mistake and they ordered the wrong something-or-other and now we're going to be atleast two months behind schedule"

"Oooh, sucky" Rory winced sympathetically. She lead him to the couch in the corner of the room and sat down. She laid his head on her lap and gently stroked her hand through his hair.

"God, what I wouldn't give to be able to stay like this forever" He muttered as he sighed contentedly

"Got anything incredibly important to be doing?" She asked softly

"Nothing I can think of"

"Good, then let's go home" Rory said, getting up and tugging on his hand as he grabbed his jacket and flipped off the lights.

"Goodnight" They chorused to Elissa as the woman smiled back.

In the elevator Logan asked Rory what she had done today

"Worked, ate at two, shopped" Was her simple reply

Logan looked down at his watch, "Is it too early for you to eat dinner? Are you still full?" He asked

Rory looked at him as though her grew an extra head, "Too... full?" She asked, unable to comprehend the words

"Right" Logan shook his head. 'I should have know. Ace? Full? Yeah right'

They decided to head to the cafe Rory ate lunch at. They had a more restaurant feel at night.

They sat down and ordered and had small talk until the waiter came back with their orders. Just as the waiter left a shrill ringing echoed through the air.

"Sorry, Ace. I have to take this call. But I swear if it lasts more than five minutes, I'll hang up and pretend the call was dropped" Logan swore as he stood up and fished his cell from his pocket.

"Deal" Rory grinned and watched him walk outside

"Hey. Remember me?" A guy came up to her as she sipped delicately at her white wine and asked, "I'm Nikolai"

"Oh, elevator boy. Hi" Rory smiled

"Not exactly how I'd like to be remembered, but accurate none-the-less" Nik smiled charmingly, "Mind if I sit"

"Oh, actually-" Rory was ignored as he sat anyway

"So, what are you doing here?" He asked

Rory was quickly becoming annoyed with this guy, but society breeding required that she remain polite. That didn't mean she couldn't be sarcastic

She made a show of looking around and then looking at her plate in front of her, "Eating?" She said obviously

"Touche" Nik grinned. He reached over the table and gripped her hand tightly

"What are you-" She was cut off

"So, what are you doing the friday night?" Nik asked


" 'Cause, I was thinking you could go to dinner with me" He continued

Rory smiled tightly, "Can you please let go of my hand?"

Nik smiled stupidly and just gripped it harder, "Why? Don't you like me touching you?" He winked

Rory tugged sharply on her hand, but he just wouldn't let go.

"She said let go" A commanding voice growled

"Logan!" Rory cried in relief

"Who the bloody hell are you?" Nik asked in surprise

"The angry guy who's girlfriend you're manhandling" Logan growled out

"Girlfriend?" The other man sneered as he let go of Rory's hand. Rory got up and stood beside Logan. Logan's arm wrapped around her waist and tugged her closer.

"Are you okay?" He whispered askingly into her ear

She nodded slightly and snuggled closer

Nik, getting the picture, held up his hands defensively, "I dunno what you saw, but she was coming onto me"

Rory gasped indignantly as Logan growled

"I highly doubt that" Logan practically raged, anger in his eyes

"Is there a problem here?" The manager asked. By now, the interaction had caused a scene

"Yes, sir" Nik said, "This man is getting angry because his girlfriend was hitting on me"

"I was not!" Rory shouted

The manager turned around and visibly started, "Mr. Huntzberger!"

Nik's smirking grin was slowly wiped off as the man's words echoed in his mind, "Mr. Huntzberger? As in Huntzberger Media and Publishing?" He asked shakily. He had just come today to schedule a meeting with the company to see if they'd publish is book. That was why he was on the elevator. Oh shit, he was screwed.

"Yes" Logan snarled, "And this is my girlfriend Rory Gilmore of Gilmore Insurance and you just hit on the wrong girl"

The manager quickly tried to rectify things. Logan Huntzberger was a valued customer. He was great publicity. If a big shot like Huntzberger was at a small unknown cafe then they must be something special. The cafe got more business in the past six months then they had in forever. He was great for business and Rory was in here all the time. She probably spent the most money of all the cafe's customers. And on top of that, apparently she was a Gilmore. Everyone knew the Gilmores in this part. Lorelai Gilmore the First was a legend.

"I'm terribly sorry, Mr. Huntzberger, Lady Gilmore" The manager bowed, giving Lady Gilmore the proper respect. The Gilmores held a very prominent title in England.

"L..Lady?" Nik asked, paling even further. This girl was royalty?

"I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to leave" The manager said to the man upsetting his customers.

Nik mearly nodded and willingly left.

"My apologies" The manager bowed again to the couple, "Free dinner on us"

Rory and Logan sat down again and laughed lightly. It was shaping up to be an interesting day.

Later that night as they tiredly collapsed into bed, the phone rang annoyingly. Rory grudgingly reached over, eyes closed and fumbled for the phone. Once she had it she held it up to her ear, "Hello"

There was a slight pause before Rory shot up in bed, "Oh My God...Dead?"

The Chanel dress was from the Chanel Paris-New York Fall-Wiinter 2006 line. To see it, go to the Chanel website, click Collections, and click on Paris-New York Fall-Wiinter 2006. It's the first dress.