Late Night London Calling

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Roswell/Smallville (Oliver Queen/Liz Parker)

Alias/Smallville (Chloe Sullivan/Oliver Queen with mentions of Julian Sark/Chloe Sullivan)

What if Irina Derevko had another daughter, other than Sydney. What if this daughter was sent away to be raised by Gabe Sullivan. What if she grew up with a double life. Who is she really? Chloe Sullivan, reporter and student at Met U? Or Katerina Derevko, assassin and an underground intelligence agent?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/One Tree Hill (Lucas Scott/Dawn Summers)

What if Dawn Summers was forced to move away from Rome and Buffy and all her friends to a small town called Tree Hill? What if she was left there for protection and is forced to balance her secret and a normal life. What if the cute basketball player Lucas Scott found out her secret and what if Tree Hill became cursed and started making Sunnydale look normal? How will this affect Dawn as she spends the day as a normal student and the night as a Hunter.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural (Dawn Summers/Dean Winchester)

Dawn Summers is taking a break from Finals and meets up with Dean Winchester at a club and they get "friendly". She unknowingly wakes him up as she's trying to leave the motel room when her phone rings. It's Buffy asking about a demon. How will Dean take the news about Dawn and what does this mean for the two of them? Do they go off on their own or will Dean invite Dawn along for the ride?

Supernatural/Gilmore Girls (Dean Winchester/Rory Gilmore)

One night, Rory Gilmore gets attacked by a monster and who is there to save her? None other than the Winchester brothers, but whoever said keeping a secret from a reporter was easy? So now Rory is along for the ride, hunting things and saving people and all the while Dean is whispering some rather dirty things in her ear...

One Tree Hill/Supernatural (Dean Winchester/Haley James)

Haley James never married Nathan and so when asked to do a music tour, she jumped at the chance. Little did she know that this tour would bring her singing to a club in New York where she meets none other than dangerous Dean Winchester. What's a poor girl to do when she falls in love with a hunter? Hunt with him, of course.

Roswell/Alias (Liz Parker/Julian Sark)

Roswell/Dark Angel (Liz Parker/Alec McDowell AKA X5-494)

Roswell/Supernatural (Liz Parker/Dean Winchester)

Supernatural (Dean Winchester/Original Female Character AKA DeeAttLeigh Peyton Rai)

Smallville (Chloe Sullivan/Oliver Queen with some unrequited Chloe Sullivan/Clark Kent)

Smallville (Chloe Sullivan/Jason Teague)

Chapter Six:

"This is not that funny," Logan sulked. This just caused Rory to laugh even harder.

They were currently sitting in the middle of a British police station, Rory having just bailed Logan out and they were currently waiting on Finn.

Logan had been arrested for disturbing the peace, even though he was just trying to get Finn into a cab. It wasn't his fault Finn was a stubborn drunk. Nor was it his fault Finn thought he saw a redhead turn the corner in front of them causing the Australian to take off after her and to strip himself of his clothes in an effort to "woo" her. And just when I had gotten Finn to put his clothes back on the first time, too, Logan sighed heavily. It also was not his fault that Finn got arrested for public indecency, indecency in front of a minor, disturbing the peace, public prostitution and hitting on an officer. Hitting on a very male officer. Technically, hitting on an officer, while distasteful, was not illegal, but it sure made for an interesting story was all Finn had said to him as both he and Logan were arrested. And to top it all off, the redhead girl Finn decided to go after was actually a girl riding a red bicycle. A little girl, no more than twelve. And her very protective older body-building brother who Finn managed to piss of in the twenty seconds it took Logan to catch up with him. Yeah, that did not end well. At all. Finn had, in an effort to get out of the oncoming beating, actually latched himself onto the man. While Logan stood there with his mouth open, a cop car had pulled up. And Logan did suppose that to someone who had just stumbled onto the scene and had not been present or had not met Finn and talked to him for two minutes, it would look like Finn had been prostituting himself to the older, more buff man. Hence, the public prostitution and indecency in front of a minor charges. And of course the public indecency was from Finn's severe lack of clothes.

Suddenly, a buzzer rang signalling the release of their friend. Rory took one look at Finn and burst out into hysterical laughter. Again.

Logan grunted and shoved Finn through the doors as Finn waved his hands goodbye boisterously to the police officers.

They all got into the car and rode back to Rory and Logan's apartment.

Just as Logan was about to turn the corner, Rory screamed 'stop!'. Logan, used to this, calmly pulled over and got out of the car. He put the child safety locks on for Finn and followed Rory calmly into the cafe to get her some coffee.

"And they say love don't cost a thing," Logan smirked as he watched Rory drain her drink, "It's gonna cost me my entire fortune's worth in coffee."

"Probably," Rory acknowledged as they walked back to the car. Logan flinched as he saw Finn had fallen asleep against the window and had drool all down the side of it.

"God, Finn. Not my car," He groaned, opening the door.

They rode in silence and parked in front of their apartment building. Rory and Logan got out and stared down at Finn.

"We can't just wake him up," Rory said.

"Why not?" Logan asked.

Rory slapped his arm, "That would be mean! He's had a very trying day."

"He was arrested! For something stupid! And he got me arrested along with him! And for once, I didn't actually do anything!" Logan exclaimed.

"Yeah, for once. Can't you just carry him? He can sleep on our couch." Rory asked sweetly.

"No way. No power on this earth can make me do this," Logan stated firmly.

So a few minutes later, Logan was carrying Finn in a fireman's carry, going down the hall to reach their apartment. Logan grumbled the whole way, "How on earth does she do that? It can't be legal."

Rory opens the door wide to let Logan in and smiles as the sees both Gigi and Elissa curled up sleeping on the couch with the television making a slight buzzing sound, indicating that the movie had long since been over.

Rory hit the off button on the remote control and lightly shook Elissa awake. Rory gave the woman a thank you smile as Elissa sleepily left the apartment and headed home. Rory picked Gigi up carefully and watched for a second as Logan put Finn down, not trusting her boyfriend not to "accidentally" hit his friend's head rather hard on something. When she was satisfied with Logan's gentleness she turned around and brought the still sleeping child to her room.

Rory tucked Gigi into her bed and kissed her forehead goodnight before turning off the lights and returning to the living room.

"What on earth are you doing?" Rory hissed at her boyfriend as she saw what he was up to.

"I'm dyeing Finn's hair orange," Logan smirked, not looking up from his task.

"Why?!" She asked still quiet, but incredulous.

"Because I'm bored. And he got me arrested," Logan replied.

"So you... you could have... why on" Rory gave up and turned on her heel and stalked to her room.

She took off her earrings and sat in front of the vanity to take off her necklace.

"Are you upset?" Logan asked quietly from where he was now leaning against the door frame, looking into their room.

"No," Rory replied, turning her head to look at him throught the mirror, "It's just that sometimes you're twenty five and sometimes you're just five!"

"Technically, I'm twenty four. My birthday's not for another couple of weeks... and I can see that that is not the point," Logan hastened as he saw his girlfriend's look.

"I realize that's just how you are and really, I don't mind it most of the time because I'm like that too. You have to be if you want to live with Lorelai Gilmore, but really Logan. Dyeing his hair orange?"

"Should I have gone with a subtle neon pink?" Logan asked.

Rory tried not to laugh, really. But the way he said it had her on the floor in laughter. Logan smiled at his successful attempt to lighten the mood.

"I needed that," Rory said as they laid in bed together a short while after.

"What? The laughing?" Logan asked, turning on his side to see her profile in the dark.

"Yeah. Everything's been so tense and grown up. I really needed today," Rory replied as she turned her head to look at him, "Remind me to thank the guys for this."

"Will do, babe," Logan said as he watched Rory drift softly into sleep.

"Bad monkey!" Rory yelled, stressing the 'y' as a long 'a'. She sat up straight in their bed from her dream. Logan raised an eyebrow at her. It wasn't often Rory was awake this early.

"I had a Pirates of the Caribbean dream. Elizabeth chucked Jack's hat into the water and the monkey dove after it, but than began sailing away using paddles," Rory explained.

"Huh," Logan said. That was all one could say to a Gilmore girl's dreams unless you were another Gilmore girl in which case you could have psychotic conversations about it and cream puffs that no normal person could follow, but would make perfect sense to them.

"I know. Where did that monkey get paddles that small? Were they made especially for Monkey Jack?" Rory pondered, missing the real meaning of Logan's 'huh'.

Logan smirked and shook his head as he turned back tot he mirror and continued to fix his tie.

"You going to work?" Rory asked, tilting her head.

"Just a quick meeting," He replied as he looked in the mirror at the cute picture she made. Oh, how he wished he had a camera.

"What about?" Rory continued on obliviously.

"Stock value," Logan answered, finally turning toward her.

"Can I come with?" She asked with big, baby blue doe eyes.

He raised an eyebrow, "Sure, but what about Gigi?"

"She can come with and play with her colouring books or something. Please? I just want to spend time with you, even if its not necessarily alone with you," Rory pouted and Logan could feel himself melt. He knew that at that moment she could have asked him anything, and he would have said yes.

He nodded in agreement and laughed as she squealed and ran into the bathroom for a quick shower. Logan walked over to Gigi's room, woke her up and told her what they were going to do. Gigi was all for getting to spend the day with both Rory and Logan, even if she did have to behave and be quiet for Logan's meeting.

Logan was in the kitchen pouring some orange juice when he suddenly heard a loud thump and Rory curse.

"Bloody, buggering git! What sodding blighter put that there?!"

Logan chuckled and shook his head in exasperation. It was always amusing to hear Rory swear, which didn't happen all that often. Actually, it usually only happened when she stubbed her toe on the edge of her vanity.

"Bloody poofters. Don't know the proper spot for a sodding vanity. I mean, is it really so bloody difficult to figure out a spot that won't make me stub my sodding toe!? But, noooo, they had to put it there! Right by my dresser, so when I get my jeans and turn around, I always end up knocked into the bloody thing!" Rory ranted as she sat at the table.

Logan laughed and handed her a cup. Rory always had such a strong British accent after she had been swearing. One would think she had lived here all her life.

"I had a dream last night," Finn announced the next morning.

"A dream? Really? While sleeping? Who would have guessed?" Colin snarked as he sipped at his coffee. Logan grinned and Rory laughed.

"Hah hah, so funny. Anyway, about my dream," Finn paused dramatically, "I have seen the error of my ways. I have decided to get a girlfriend."

Colin choked and spewed a fountain of coffee on the kitchen table. Logan was so shocked, he forgot to stop walking and ran into the counter. Rory was oblivious to this as she smiled and congratulated Finn. Finn smiled largely, pleased with her reaction.

"Girl..." Colin started.

"Friend?" Logan finished as he slid into his chair, shocked.

"But... all the girls," Colin stated.

"Nope, just one," Finn said obliviously.

"But the girls!" Colin stressed, "God, you're turning into Logan!'

"Hey!" Logan turned.

"No offense, but your whipped."

"It occurred to me last night," Finn explained, wanting the attention put back on him, "How difficult and annoying it can be getting random girls into bed. You need to constantly compliment her, take her out to expensive restaurants, show off some money. It takes time, energy and it's boring. And for what? One night? And you don't even have a guarentee that she's any good in bed. But a girlfriend. You do the whole thing a handful of times and that's it. After you get serious, you only need to wine and dine her on special occasions. And if you get horny and want sex, you just need to show up at her door and that's it. Almost instant gratification. If you didn't have a girlfriend you'd have to take all that time finding someone pretty and then take her out, blah, blah, blah. Having a girlfriend would be so much easier."

Rory, Logan and Colin stared at him in shock.

"You want to get a girlfriend for easy sex. Not love?" Rory asked.

"I can't believe you thought this hard on the topic," Logan stated.

"Since when do you know what the word gratification means?" Colin asked, shocked.