"Ron, let's dance together."

"We will if you kiss me."

Ron and Hermione were in the Burrow's backyard where Bill's wedding guests were dancing. The July evening was hot with a light breeze dancing around the trees.

Ron didn't much like dancing, but he'd learned a few days earlier with his mother's help. He'd asked her to promise not to tell anyone, especially Ginny.

As Ron was leaning in to kiss Hermione, a male figure approached.

"Hermownninny, may I dance with you?"

Hermione looked at Ron.

Ron gave her a quick peck on the lips. "I'll be waiting at the sweets table, love."

Hermione put her arms around his neck kissed him and whispered,
"Did I mention I love you?"

Ron grinned. "Yeah, but you should say it again after the dance."

Ron sat eating a slice of chocolate cake. Harry joined him, filling his cup with punch from a cauldron that Mr. Weasley had prepared.

"I was wondering where's my real best friend, Ron... because some aliens must have taken him away."

"What-? Who's alllibens?"

Harry chuckled. "Never mind. Hermione's beaming. Well done, mate."

Ron nodded. "He's her friend. And a cool bloke. Besides, I know who she fancies, so there isn't any reason to be jealous."

"Oh, our little brother's being so mature! I'm impressed, George!" The twins joined them.

Then Hermione returned. She sat on Ron's lap and looked surprised. "I don't understand. Five minutes of dancing, and Viktor started scratching his arms like mad and went away!"

The twins and Harry snorted.

Fred winked. "I should thank Krum for testing our new Smooth Skin Lotion. I'm afraid he'll never shake George's hand again, though."

Hermione frowned. Ron did his best look of indignation and kissed her neck. She seemed to forget the prank immediately.