October 08, 2006

Title: Baby Come Back to Me

Author: PurificationArrow

Genre: Romance/Drama

Rating: Teen

Couples: Alexis x Zane

Summary: Alexis is still bothered by the fact that Zane has been transformed into this new, dangerous Zane. While at the lighthouse one dark night, someone comes, the last person Alexis would expect, then and there. Potential spoilers.

(A/N) This is meant to be a one-shot, but if I get a really positive response to this, then I'll continue it. Although please keep in mind that I won't be able to update on a regular basis. Because of school, life and such. So please be patient with chapters for other stories. Thank you!

Chapter 1: An Attempt

Alexis had just gotten the information about Zane's visit to Duel Academy, and how he had defeated both Atticus and Syrus. Her golden eyes closed, this wasn't the Zane that she knew.

The one that she knew, she used to be able to count on him to be there, no matter the circumstances. If she was scared about her brother, almost to the point where she would break, he could help her fight off the tears.

But not anymore, things had changed in the short amount of time that Zane had graduated from Duel Academy, and when he had lost to Aster Phoenix.

As much as she hated to admit it, even to herself, she was afraid.

Afraid of what had happened to the comforting friend she had once had, and afraid of the time when he dueled Jaden.

Although no one said anything, everyone knew that it was bound to happen. Jaden and Zane would duel, and there would be only one victor. Zane's new dueling ways were confusing her, just as much as they were everyone else.

He had abandoned his respect for the game of Duel Monsters, and he had left his friends on Duel Academy behind.

Alexis tried her best to push away these thoughts of doubt and fear, because she hated that feeling, but to no avail.

She stared out of her window at the Slifer Red dorms, and they rested upon the lighthouse which was so familiar to both her and Zane. The sun had begun to set, casting shadows upon the lighthouse which she saw the kooky head of Ra Yellow Dorms, going to activate its beacons which would shine across the dark waters of Duel Academy.

Her eyes switched from out the window to the digital clock lying on her bedside table.

7: 42 P.M.

It read in bright red bold letters. She sighed; this would be about the time when she would leave her dorm room to go to the lighthouse where she would see Zane, already standing there, his arms crossed in their usual pose.

But ever since his change had come, she had stopped going to the pier, believing that if she did, she would be betraying everything good and noble that she and Zane had talked about.

But today she could resist the alluring pull of the lighthouse, whose beacons had activated.

The Ra Yellow headmaster was leaving the building, which gave Alexis the perfect opportunity to go there, and see if she could feel that things had really changed between her and Zane. Deep inside herself, she honestly hoped not. But ever since Zane had taken on his dark garb, she had felt sadder, and lonelier than ever before.

--- Alexis's P.O.V. ---

So, there I stood. At the lighthouse, and all alone.

I guess things really have changed, because I can barely smell Zane's scent which had seemed to drill its way into the concrete.

His reassuring calm was gone, and had been replaced with a dangerous dark power that had over-whelmed his charming, kind, quiet, passionate side.

The darkness seemed to calm me down; as if it were fooling my mind into thinking that everything horrible that had happened had just been a dream. But inside, my heart knew very well that everything was as real as could be.

I knelt, and touched the cold hard ground with my fingertips and bare knees.

Almost instantly I had wished that I had changed into warmer clothing, for a chilling breeze from the sea had come and washed over me, as if warning me to head back inside for some unknown reason.

But I ignored my better judgment, and remained, kneeling down on the cold hard ground, wishing for things to be better.

Then, as if by magic, I smelled Zane's distinct smell. (A/N: Oh yeah, and before you ask, I don't mean to make Alexis seem like a dog. This is very….. uh…. Dramatic, I guess, so that's why it's like this. If you don't like it, I'm sorry, this is my first time trying to write a drama.)

A spicy and clean scent filled my senses, and I opened my closed eyes, and saw two black covered legs in front of me.

I froze, and as my eyes traveled upwards, I already knew who it was, but I couldn't resist looking. My breath caught in my throat, as I looked upon Zane's face. It was emotionless, and his cold blue eyes glared down at me.

I suddenly realized that I looked ridiculous, kneeling on the ground and looking up at Zane.

But for some strange reason, I didn't seem to care all that much, whereas when he had been the real Zane, I would've scrambled up in embarrassment. This time, I stayed where I was, and I looked back at him with serious eyes.

Then, but to my surprise, he extended a hand to me.

Carefully, I looked at it, skeptical about whether I should take his hand or not. A chuckle interrupted me, "Alexis, have you really lost that much faith in me in such a short time?"

Had it been my brother, I would've given him a bone-chilling glare. But I simply didn't answer, and accepted his warm hand, which effortlessly pulled me to my feet.

We stood there for who knows how long, looking at each other, then finally, I couldn't stand it anymore, and broke the silence, "Why are you here?" I asked, purposely leaving out his name.

He smirked, and I almost flinched, never before had I seen him smirk like that, "I can't visit my old school anymore, is that it?" He said to me.

At last, I found an excuse to tear my gaze away from his burning one, "I never said that." I retorted.

"How are my baby brother and the others?" He asked in a low unrecognizable voice.

I turned back to him, "What's the real reason you're here?" I asked him, my eyes fixed on his, hoping that he would look away.

But, he didn't, he kept eye contact with me, then grinned, "You caught me red-handed, Lexi." He said, which made me flinch slightly, "How are you right now?" I turned away from him, "I'm fine. Thank you." I replied coldly.

A hot breath next to my ear made me freeze, "Is something wrong? You seem to be colder than I remember Alexis." He murmured.

I bit my lip, and forced myself to be calm, "I'm the same person that I was when we last saw each other." I told him, but couldn't resist adding, "You're the one whose changed Zane; not me."

His presence near my ear vanished.

Unconsiously, I let out a breath that I didn't even realize I'd been holding.

A tight hold on my wrist, however, forced the breath back into my lungs as I was swung around and pressed against the lighthouse base.


I ground my teeth against my lip as I stared into Zane's harsh blue eyes as they gazed at me, emotionless.

Underneath my brave mask, my heart thundered at the closeness of our faces. "Have I really changed all that much Alexis?" I glared fiercely into his blue eyes, trying not to show anything.

Trying not to show my fear at his new more seemingly violent self, no fear at how close we were, just no fear.

"Alexis!" I heard Atticus's voice, and I managed to find the strength to break away from Zane and rush to where I had heard my brother. I felt my brother's warm clothes as I held him tight.

Atticus closed his arms around me, and I could feel him raise his head to glare at Zane.

Something felt wrong, and I looked at my brother's face.

A sharp gasp forced its way from my lips, Atticus's brown eyes were angry. I'd never seen him like this, never before. I could practically feel the rage emanating off from him as his brown eyes seemed to bore holes into Zane's black clothes.

"Atticus?" I whispered his name quietly, hoping to break him out of this state that scared me so badly.

He paused and looked down, and smiled. "Hey Lexi." He said gently, like he used to when something happened to me when we were kids.

"Atticus," Zane awknoweledged my brother at last. My brother nodded, "Zane." He retorted.

I finally pulled my head from Atticus's shoulder, and I looked at Zane from the comfort of my older brother's arms. He looked at me momentarily, and I froze.

Then, he left without another word to either of us.


I sat on the couch in the Slifer Red Dorms, holding a blue blanket secure around me.

"Alexis, what happened?" I could hear Atticus ask me. I looked to the cup of hot chocolate in my hands, "I went there, and he was there too." I said, summarizing everything together.

I closed my eyes, and began to think, ignoring whatever Atticus was saying to me at the time.

In recent events, Jaden had defeated Satorius, and apparently returned him to his normal self. This was the last week at the Academy before summer came around once more, and I had to try to do something.

I didn't want a repeat of what had happened between Jaden and Aster Phoenix, I wanted to end this before something more started.

I had to get Zane back to his normal self. The self that was kind, and gentle, but strong and serious as well. The person that all of us knew, and loved.

"Atticus," I inturrupted him in mid-sentence, "I'm going."

He stared, contemplating my words, "Going?" He asked.

I nodded, "Yeah, I have to try and get Zane back." I said quietly, beginning to explain things.

At the end, Atticus was quiet, and he stared. Finally, it seemed that the full impact of my words took their toll, and Atticus understood what I planned to do.

He slumped over in a chair, "B-but Alexis! Where're you gonna get an agent, anything like that!" He shouted.

I winced, hoping that he wouldn't wake up Jaden and the others. I wanted to do this alone, because if Jaden was hurt because of something that I wanted to do, I think I'd hate myself for it.

"Atticus, keep it down. I have everything under control." I tried to reassure my brother as calmly as I could.

He was quiet and sat in the chair and watched as I stood up, "I'm leaving tomorrow Atticus. Sorry. But I have to at least try. If you and Syrus couldn't, then maybe I can."

With that, I left him behind, and retreated to my room to pack.

Sorry bro, everyone. If everything we've done in the past doesn't work, then maybe this might. I just hope that I'm ready for it, cause if I'm not, then all of this will have been in vain.


I stared at the helicopterwhich was descending slowly into the dock.

It glided over the water's surface, and finally came to a stop in front of me. The door opened, and I watched as Aster Phoenix exited the copter.

"You ready?" He asked, blue eyes gleaming.

I nodded, and followed him into the small air craft. I still felt badly that I'd given Atticus bad information about my departure. I had told him at noon I was going.

But it was 5 in the morning, far away from noon.

I closed the door behind me, and stared out as the helicopter rose out of the water and headed away from Duel Academy.

'Wish me luck.'

I had told Atticus in my letter.

Here I come Pro Leagues.


Hooray! A long first chapter! Okay, here's the deal: this is like a sequel to the story Summer Break I Think NOT! That one. If you haven't read it, I suggest you do. Although, if you didn't it won't make that much of a difference. Although things may seem a little strange now, everything should be explained in the next chapter which I have no idea will come out. Probably not for a while because I'm going to be really busy with other stuff. Thanks!