April 4, 2008

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Title: Baby Come Back to Me

Author: PurificationArrow

Rated: Teen

Genre: Romance/General

Summary: Alexis has entered the Pro Leagues with some help from powerful friends in order to win her way to the top and face off against the new Zane Truesdale. Along the way she experiences new friends, new loves, and everything in between. But between it all, will she still manage to keep sight of what's important?

Notes: This chapter is rated "M" for sexual content. Albeit, probably not very good sexual content, but it is there nonetheless. Read at your own discretion, but please not that I have indeed warned you.

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This chapter contains sexual content in it. If you are too young or immature to view something like that, then please read no further. The story will work out either way, with or without this epilogue. Read at your own discretion, but please not that you have indeed been warned.

"Thanks for your help, we appreciate it."

"No problem at all, Mr. Truesdale, Ms. Rhodes. I'm glad to help. Also, I'm terribly sorry about the unfortunate incidence. We were not expecting a reservation of such a large scale. Please forgive me."

"It's really alright. We'll be fine. Goodnight."


"... Well, this is awkward." Alexis said in a flat voice.

Zane crossed his arms, and shut his eyes. His mouth was set into a grimace. "It is." he agreed.

The two of them had just been to a dueling tournament match where Zane was dueling. Naturally, he won. Alexis threatened to let the public know that Zane Truesdale, formerly known as Hell Kaiser, could actually smile. And goodness knows Zane couldn't have her ruining his reputation. Blackmail it was.

As for the current situation, they are alone in a hotel room.

More specifically, a hotel room with one bathroom--shared, one couch--shared, one breakfast/lunch/dinner bar--shared, and best of all... one bed.

Zane sat on a chair at the bar area, while Alexis made herself comfortable on the couch. Their suitcases lay untouched where they had put them, in front of the door.

Alexis turned to the Truesdale. "How did this happen? I thought our reservation had already been made in advance."

The young man ran a hand through his long teal colored hair. A sure sign of agitation and discomfort from the Truesdale. "I haven't the slightest clue. But..."

"Would he really?"

"You know the answer, Alexis."

"... yes."


"Dammit Atticus." they both mumbled at the same time.

Alexis leaned back against the couch. Zane turned and quietly watched her. "He always does this. How he manages to convince the hotel owners to give us a single room (honeymoon suite--but Alexis didn't include that), I'll never know."

Zane gave a shrug, and got up. "It might help that he's got extremely close ties with Pegasus, and he's your manager."

"Yeah, just maybe."


Then Alexis gave a snicker, "I'll rat him out later." she said.

Zane went to the window, and stared out it. Alexis, who was sitting on the couch, could feel the warmth from his body radiate all around her. She felt her heart pick up speed, and blood rush to her face. Miraculously, she kept her breathing even.

Recap time.

Four years have passed by since Alexis defeated Hell Kaiser, and set the real Zane Truesdale free.

Since then, she has stayed with him constantly. He made a steady recovery, and resumed dueling with the help of Alexis, Jaden, Atticus, and Syrus. Zane returned to the Pro Leagues, and played his first match using the duel disk Alexis had been wearing when she defeated him.

Jaden entered the Pro Leagues as well, and has tied for the championship with Zane, as well as Alexis. He graduated Duel Academy a Slifer, claiming that he preferred it that way... plus, he looked better in red. All in all, Jaden is the same as always, except for the fact that he is much more popular with the females than he is comfortable with.

Syrus improved his dueling skills drastically, and while he did not enter the Pro Leagues, he became his elder brother's manager. As a side note, he managed to hit a growthspurt. Syrus now stands just a few inches shorter than his brother, and has gotten much fanmail, occasionally accepting one.

Atticus declined the offer to join the Pro Leagues, saying that it was too much work and pressure for a laid-back, "beautiful" soul as himself. Atticus became his baby sister's manager, calling her Lexi to the public, earning his smacks quite often. He visisted the abandoned dorms one last time before he left the academy, finally managing to reconcile with Professor Banner, the one who had first thrust him into the world of the Shadow Realm. More often than Alexis and Zane would enjoy, he makes various attempts to bring the two of them together.

Chazz joined Pegasus's company as a dueling instructor and spokesperson. The Princeton claims that he accepted Pegasus's offer merely because Jaden had phrased some words which irritated him enough to accept. Though everyone knows that he enjoys his job. Word is that he is to be engaged to a beautiful, rich, and fiery tempered young duelist. He denies it, but his face becomes red when mentioned.

Bastion Misawa also joined Pegasus's company, assuming the position of head of the science department. It his the genius's job to make sure everything is running efficiently. His group believes that they are close to developing a new style of interactive dueling. Bastion brags that his group is much more advanced than Chazz's. Naturally, Chazz argues. Despite their constant bickering, they are best friends, and manage to support one another.

As for Alexis and Aster Phoenix, their happy ending was a much more bumpy road than their friends'.

"A-Aster... I'm sorry. I really am." Alexis whispered. Hot tears burned her eyes painfully, and a lump was rising in her throat.

Silver hair swished as the prodigy shook his head. "No, no it's fine. I understand, Alexis. Please don't feel badly. This was my choice, and I was the one who decided to fall in love with you. I don't regret it. You know why I love you, and I won't ever stop feeling sad about this."

Alexis gave a sobbing gasp.

"But I know that as much as you care for me, Zane has always been that special person to you. I acknowledge that. I know that it was hard for you to stay with me, and yet love Zane at the same time when he was Hell Kaiser. I... I care for you too much. I'll let you go, Alexis. I d-don't want to, but..." Aster trailed off and clenched his fist, fighting back a wave of aching that attacked his chest fiercely.

Alexis reached a hand out to him, but pulled back. No, she decided. If she did that, then he would feel even more pain than he already did. It would push him even farther. She cared about him as well, and she wouldn't do that to him.

"Aster, really, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have ever asked you for your help," she whispered. "Still, I'm glad. You're a slightly arrogant, egotistical jerk a lot of the time,"

Aster made a face. "That's a little harsh." he muttered, but a sad, coy smile was slipping from out of the corners of his mouth. Aster's blue eyes glowed with sadness, but acceptance. He knew what was about to happen.

"You're also kind, and a good person. We care for each other, but just not in the way that would work. In a sense, we were both children then. We know better now, so I'm sorry." Alexis whispered.

She turned, and walked away from him.

A tear fought its way to her eyes, but she stared up at the sky, forcing it back. "I'm sorry."

So very sorry.

"Alexis, are you all right?"

A deep voice penetrated her thoughts.

"Mm, what?" she blinked, shaking her head out of her stupor.

Zane leaned back, and rocked onto his heels. He had been kneeling in front of her, feeling her forehead for hints of a fever. While he was joking about it, Alexis was sure, he had been concerned at the same time too.

"You... you looked like you were about to cry," he said looking away and straightening up. "And you know I hate it when you do that."

Alexis smiled. She knew why she had made her choice. She felt it in her bones, and her body. Zane was always there for her, to give her comfort, to be her friend, to love her. That was why he was her choice.

Zane smiled back, and leaned in. He put a hand out to Alexis, and she took it. The Truesdale pulled her gently to her feet, turned her around, and wrapped his long arms around her slim waist. He buried his face into her blonde hair, and closed his eyes.

Alexis placed her hands atop his, as they encircled her warmly.

The boy--correction, 23-year old young man, began rubbing his thumb in circles on her stomach.

The 21-year old young woman instantly felt heat pool in her abdomen. A sudden gasp escaped her mouth, and she covered the offending mouth, flushing.

Zane gave a low chuckle, and he bent over, his lips gently skimming the area around her cheek and ear.

His cool breath sent shivers running up and down Alexis's spine. He knew she hated it when he did this to her, but the good thing about doing it, was that she froze every time he did.

Now to specify things, they are both in their early years still, and hormones are very much awake, especially at this particular moment.

Even so, they both have a little thing called self-control. Nothing has happened, and nothing will happen... until maybe tonight.

Alexis breathed in his scent. She was almost always in his company, but his scent never ceased to amaze her. He smelled like the outdoors, despite him being pale. And it had been a while ago that she had dismissed the thought from her head that Zane's slim arms had no muscle. Strands of teal hair fell onto Alexis's shoulder, silky and smooth.

Zane gently, but firmly, removed Alexis's hands from her mouth, and lowered his lips onto hers. He backed her away from the couch, until they thumped into the wall, and Alexis was trapped.

Zane reached a hand up, and held her chin in place. His mouth wandered, and breathed gently on her earlobe.

A jerk, like electricity coursed through her body at once. Again, the heat began to gather and rise. This man was going to be her end, not that she minded at this point, of course. He trailed his nose from her ear and down to her collarbone where kiss and suckle gently.

Then, a quiet and low moan escaped her throat.

Her hands combed through his hair, jagged as it looked, but it was smooth as silk. Heat attacked her body, not just from her own growing desire in her stomach, but from Zane's body heat.

Then the Truesdale stopped. Alexis gave a gasp, and began to recatch her breath, as she had lost it in Zane's antics.

His mouth descended upon hers once more, licking her lips, asking. With a hitched breath, Alexis kissed back, welcoming her lover's wandering tongue. It moved with such caution, but with the confidence that she loved about Zane. It explored her mouth, left for a quick breath, and then attacked again.

Zane's mouth vanished suddenly from her own.

Alexis blinked several times, her mind scrabbling for a hold on just what was happening at this point. "Alexis, are you really all right with this? I won't force you into it." he said.

By now, Alexis was thinking better again. She placed a tender kiss along his jawbone, causing him to suck in a breath. "I'm fine, Zane." she said.

That was invitation enough. Since their first kissing session, need and desire had begun to grow.

Nodding quietly, Zane proceeded.

His hand slipped up underneath her shirt, and skimmed her stomach, just barely touching her breasts. She gave a hitched breath, attempting to regroup her thoughts.

"You're sure?"


In a flourish, Zane's shirt was off and gone, fluttering towards the ground. Alexis felt her mind swim. His chest was a myriad of muscles and masculinity, and it was sucking the breath out of her. He came at her again, the restraints on himself beginning to snap.

Effortlessly, he lifted her, while kissing her passionately, and set her gently on the bed. In a flash, Zane was looming over Alexis, his lips fighting hungrily with Alexis's. Her shirt was riding up, and her pale stomach drew him in like a moth. He reached farther up her shirt, he cupped her breast in his hand, quickly becoming irritated with the fabric of her bra.

Alexis arched her back as soon as she felt his hand come into contact with her breast. The only thing that her mind was processing right now was to mewl in lust, her body's needs begging for more. There was a ringing in her head. She could feel his touch become slightly harsher, and she could only assume that he was about to lose it.

He did.

Zane lifted his mouth from hers for the briefest of seconds to swipe her cotton shirt from her body. Her shoulders and stomach were clearly exposed now, and Alexis could feel goosebumps rise on her arms in protest to the sudden cold in the air. Zane breath began to grow harsh and slightly ragged. He dipped his head and nuzzled at the valley of her breasts.

Alexis made a sound in response to this. Her hands explored his muscular back and shoulders. Though with difficulty, Alexis opened her eyes, and saw the same amount of desire, waxing Zane's eyes over in a sheen.

The young man slipped his tongue out and began tormenting Alexis's breasts, slipping underneath the bra, and then retreating. The guerilla tactic.

A moan escaped her lips. She felt her control also beginning to slip. She began to scrabble at the single clasp on her bra. Her mind was awhirl now, refusing to even think about the embarassment she would normally have been feeling. Alexis felt the pressure on her chest release, as the white bra fell away.

A growl, full of lust escaped Zane's throat as he leaned in like a predator. He suckled at her right breast, running his tongue in quick, rough circles around her nipple. His other hand massaged and caressed her left breast, rolling that nipple in between his thumb and forefinger. Alexis's moans and groans became incoherent, as did Zane's. They had been pushed back to moaning and gasping like beasts, albeit beasts in heavy heat.

He was leaning on her now, but just barely refraining from lowering all his weight on her.

Alexis could feel his arousal on her thigh, and a hard lump in his pants persistently moved up and down in a mesmerizing pattern on her leg.

Zane switched breasts, repeating to the other what he had done to one of them. Alexis gave a gasp as his hands began to wander down her shorts and skim the lining on her underwear.

Their eyes connected, although Zane was still busy with his hands and mouth elsewhere. In a cataclysmic moment, a message was sent between them. Fear and slight hesitation flickered in their eyes, but after a brief agreement, it was decided.

Slowly, tantalizingly, Zane lowered the ever hardening lump in his pants to her area.

The following day, Atticus was meeting Alexis and Zane in the hall of the hotel.

They were slightly late, but the brunette shrugged. They had time before the flight to the next tournament match.

A bell rang, and Atticus looked up. The doors to the elavator were opening, and Alexis and Zane were appearing. As they approached, Atticus saw a glow in Alexis's eyes that hadn't ever been there before. When his eyes rested on Zane, he grinned mirthfully.

Alexis walked past him, but only after smacking him soundly on the back of the head.

He walked alongside Zane, and leaned in to whisper to his best friend. "D'you use protection--oof!"

Zane's clenched fist hit Atticus's stomach, hard. Atticus's hands came up, and Zane pulled his hand away, but left a small plastic wrapper. Before he joined Alexis in the waiting limo, he grunted to his best friend, "It came in handy."

Atticus laughed loudly.

It was the type of laugh that made people wonder just what in the world could cause even Atticus Rhodes to laugh in such a frightening manner.

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