Ace Of Spades

It's All In The Cards: Part 1 of 3

Once upon a time there lived a happy couple. The two were perfect for each other. After they got married they decided to settle down and start a family. The couple raised one son, a healthy, beautiful boy. Although the boy was a little odd he lived a very happy life.

But, as you and I know, all good things must come to an end.

When the boy was five his parents divorced. He was taken by his mother to a small home in the middle of a deserted plain. He lived his childhood years alone, unloved, and forgotten by the rest of the world.

Soon the boy grew up. He became a frail, enigmatic soul. Tired of being cooped up in a tiny house for the rest of his life he decided to go out and see the world. A few days after he left he was told his mother had died.

Now truly alone in the world the young man searched of a place where he could call home, a place completely separate from all living things. Finally he found a giant tower in the middle of the desert and chose to live there.

While searching the tower one day the young man came upon a book. But this wasn't any old book; it was a book of magic spells. From then on the young man began to study magic. He mastered a great many techniques and finally reached a superior level. But the man desired more. He didn't want great power, he wanted the ultimate power.

Driven to near insanity the man spent every day and every night wandering the World for this fabled power. He never slept, barely ate, and began to forget everything about his life. He became an evil king. But he was destined to become a crazed hermit searching endlessly for the one thing he couldn't obtain.

That is, until he met her.

Fate had brought a group of misfit heroes to the man's humble abode. He had tried to defeat them because after all he was stronger than every one of them. But combined these raggedy heroes were able to defeat him.

Finally, after all these years, the man finally saw the light. If he could figure out why these people beat him maybe he could find what the ultimate power really is. So he joined this group. There was the strange young boy, the impulsive would-be heroine, the scholar, the strong-willed fighter, and then there was her.

She was a young girl who just wanted people to notice her. She was kind, loving, and friendly to all.

Although she was his opposite they both knew they completed each other. So after the adventure they moved in together, in an apartment in the town she came from.

Everything was peaceful. They were happy, she was finally loved, he was no longer alone. They were certain this was happily, ever after.

But this fairy tale doesn't end here. This is only the beginning.

This story is about the young boy…

Or should I say, about the one thing the boy forgot about his childhood that came back to haunt him…