More years passed. Neither said it. Finally, it got to a point that he either had to marry her or leave her behind.

So here they were, looking at each other, in her favorite time - the meishi era, fifty years before her time, but she had always been intelligent and she adapted to different situations easily. Talks had already been confirmed; she was going to marry a wealthy son of a very wealthy man.

And it was snowing. Of course it was snowing. He was being cold again.

She stepped forward and touched his cheek. "Good luck finding the next one, Doctor."

He touched their foreheads together and chuckled. "I never even asked your name. Didn't you think that was odd?"

She shook her head. "That might have made this real."

And the next thing he knew, she was gone, to a better life than nearly dying with him every day.

And whatever that had been hadn't been a real anything.