Future-Rama Of Gore TV Show Of Gore And Man-Wiches And More

A/N: This is a one shot character death.I had to make some last minute adjustments. Enjoy. This is my FIRST FUTURE-RAMA FANFICTION! I demand reviews! PLEASE! Evil Andy is the property of THE PETE PETERSON EXPERIENCE. Use him without permission and I'll have the Fanfiction administration gut you. You shitkickers.

Fry sat down on the couch at Planet Express Deliveries. He was watching TV.

"Free tour of the Man-Wich factory tommorow with free man-wiches." The commercial said. Fry got up and went up to the door.

"Hey Hermes and Bender and Leela I am going to the Man-wich facotry you guys want to come?" Fry said.

"No fucking way mon. Mon-wiches are mad gross." Hermes said.

"Me too." Bender said.

"Me too." Leela said.

"Fuck you guys." Fry said. He went to the Man-Wich Factory. He was there in minutes.

"MMMMMMMMMMM looks good." Fry said. He walked into the empty was shaped like a giant Man-Wich No one was there.

"No one is here." Fry said. He turned around and saw something horrific. It was Evil Inspector Andy the serial killer who killed Peter Griffin and Hank Hill years ago.

"Hi Evil Andy." Fry said, nervously. "Please don't kill me."

"FUCK YOU WANKER!" evil andy said. He took a shard of glass and gouged out both of Fry's eyes.

"AH! MY FUCKING EYE!" he said. Andy took out an ice pick and thrust it into Fry's skull. A crimson shower of blood fell to the floor. andy took out the pick and removed fry's brains.

"Ah, delicsious." andy said as he ate fry's brains. fry was now offically retarded.

"Duuuuuuhhhhhhhh..."retarded fry said.. Andy threw fry in a meat grinder and was happy.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!" Now my Man-Wiches are comlpete!" Andy said as Fry's meat went into the Man-Wiches' tin.


"Where are those fucking Man-Wiches I ordered?" Prof. Farnsworth said. Everyone shrugged,

"Here they are." Bender said as he opened a tin of put the meat on their bread and ate some Man-Wiches.

"It tastes a little Fried." Leela said.

"You mean It tastes like Fry." said.

"I think it tastes retarded," Bender said.

"I love Man-Wiches." Hermes said as he consumed a lot of consumed some more.