Disclaimer: I own nothing; the characters belong to J.K. Rowling and the song Celine Dion.

Think Twice

Albus Dumbledore is rushing through the corridors of Hogwarts. The students curfew ended just minutes ago so they are empty. He reaches his destination and barks the password, the painting jumping aside as quickly as possible. Albus enters and is caught breathless. The love of his life is standing with her back to him by the window. The moonlight dancing along her long black hair. Perhaps tonight is the night to tell her how he feels. He hasn't long but he can't help but stand there and stare at her beauty. She turns to greet him then eyes his long black traveling cloak.

Don't think I can't feel that there's something wrong
You've been the sweetest part of my life so long
I look in your eyes, there's a distant light
And you and I know there'll be a storm tonight
This is getting serious
Are you thinking 'bout you or us

"So you're leaving tonight. Please don't tell me you are going through with your absurd plan to bring Harry along with you! Think about the risks involved!"

"Minerva he knows it was Severus who overheard the prophecy. Merlin only knows how he is feeling."

She gasps.

"All the more reason to leave him behind."

"I can't, I promised, I owe him this!"

Minerva bit her lip, she recognized his tone of voice it was one full of regret but also one that was not to argue with.

"I have taken all the usual precautions but please keep an extra lookout, Harry believes young Mr. Malfoy may be up to something."

"Of course Albus, please be careful!"

Overwhelmed by a feeling that something terrible is going to happen she turns her back to Albus not wanting him to see her shed her tears but he grabs her hand.

Don't say what you're about to say
Look back before you leave my life
Be sure before you close that door
Before you roll those dice
Baby think twice.


They both just stare at their hands entwined for the longest of moments. Then Albus puts his other hand under Minerva's chin gently forcing her to look up into his sparkling blue eyes. Minerva can't help it the tears just star to fall.

Baby think twice for the sake of our love, for the memory
For the fire and the faith that was you and me
Baby I know it ain't easy when your soul cries out for higher ground
'Coz when you're halfway up, you're always halfway down
But baby this is serious
Are you thinking 'bout you or us


He cuts her off.

Don't say what you're about to say
Look back before you leave my life
Be sure before you close that door
Before you roll those dice

"Minerva, you must know by know now how much I care for you, how much I…I…I love you."

And with that he bends down and kisses her but before Minerva has time to respond with a swish of his cloak he is gone. Minerva is left to ponder. She puts her fingers to her mouth, touching her tingling lips. She dare not believe what just happened.

Don't do what you're about to do
My everything depends on you
And whatever it takes, I'll sacrifice
Before you roll those dice
Baby think twice instead.

The first and last time they kiss.