Summery: Falling is like flying… Until you hit the ground.



I felt myself being lifted. My optics flickered on to see a Decepticon seeker - Quickwing - smirking before he took off with me in his arms.

Briefly I was confused as to his intentions. What was he doing? His purpose soon became clear as we gained altitude and the sounds of battle faded.

My fingers twitched. When I was this badly injured, I couldn't fight back. I did manage to twist my head and look down, however. Our height made me start and my captor laughed.

Quickwing's smirk grew as he stopped and hovered.

"It's almost a pity," he said, voice barely audible above the wing and the roar of his engines. "Almost."

I felt his arms under me fall away, and I was plummeting towards the ground. The wing rushed in my audios, I knew from the height that I had been dropped, the fall would be fatal.

Having a vehicle alt. mode, I had never experienced flying without the aid of a shuttle. It was almost… exhilarating. The freedom. The unstoppable feeling.

Quickwing was fast dwindling away to a dot. But for some reason, I didn't care.

I turned my head slightly and saw that I would soon impact with the ground. My body told me that I had five seconds to live.


My hands clenched into fists.


My hydraulics tensed.


My optics shut off.


The word rose to my vocalizer.




There was pain. Agony. Then there was nothing.


Well... There is only so long you can draw out someone's death.

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