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Eiii This is my first Twilight story SO be Nice please

Summery: I never wanted to be a vampire …
to live forever…
To see my family Grow old and die…
But that stupid doctor Had other plans

My name is Faye.
I'm 14 Years old.
I practically Live At the forks hospital.
Why? Because I have A heart Sickness .
Iv Had It since I can remember.
I moved to forks Hospital Because of Dr.Cullen.
They say he's One of the best.
He is pretty and nice.
I like him.
Not Like my old doctor .
He was Not so nice.
He never just sat and talked to me Not like Dr.Cullen.
Dr.Cullen Sits and talks to me about everything and nothing.
He talks about his family a lot.
But Theirs something about him.
Something strange. Oh well.

-Forks hospital room 456-

"Hello Faye How are you doing today?" Dr.Cullen said as he came into the Room Checking The clipboard thingy.

I sat their Saying nothing. I was mad at Dr.Cullen. He wouldn't let me outside to be out in the rain. I love the rain. It washes All the pain and sadness away.

He looked at me And Shook His had chuckling.
"Still mad at me I see"
I look at him and made a face.
"Yes I am"
Dr.Cullen just hmed "The nurse says You been Feeling Slight pain In you heart area Is that correct" he sat in the chair next to my bed "No more than usual" I said. I new that was a lie and so Did he. I also Knew that I was getting worse. The pain Was getting stronger and I was getting weaker . I bet I'm dyeing. I know ,I bet your wondering Why I don't seem so sad and surprised .The thing is I don't really Want to Live. I know Im not going to get better. And Besides No one Lives forever.
"Dr.Cullen your needed In room 201" The loudspeaker said interrupting my thoughts .
"I will be here Later on in the day to check up on you" Dr.Cullen Said Getting up and leavening.

-two weeks Passed-

I seemed to be getting worse.
My family stopped visiting…
I'm sad and angry.
But I Knew Why they Stopped.
They didn't want me to see me this way.
Today Dr.Cullen Didn't come.
I asked the nurse why.
But she didn't say.
Is he on One of those Trips again?
I though I saw Him In the Room next door…
Oh well..

I herd a voice call out to me telling me to wake up. I didn't want to wake up I was tried .It called out to me again. It sounded Like Dr.Cullen! I sprang up wanting to see him. Once I got up He Hugged Me And Bit me ! I could Feel my blood draining away. I Was In To much pain to call for help. And then I passed out.

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