Little Johnny ran to school

Untied shoelaces the little fool

Tripped and landed on a skate

His head now lies on a plate

Was it really worth the wait?

His bodies on a sewer grate

So now Johnny will be late

Because of his untimely fate

Little Susie in the chair

Did it on a simple dare

Increase the current, flip the switch

Her friends did it without a hitch

And now we have chicken, porkā€¦ what's that ew

Its Susie on the barbecue

Pass the liver, don't hog the spleen

A statement that classifies as cruel and mean

Teacher, teacher on the street

Fell over little Johnny's seat

And now a car is speeding

Its movement isn't impeding

And the teacher is leading

On the road to a savage beating

Now his body lies in two

The truck inside him Stuck like glue

And only the only dead are very few

And they are Johnny, Susie and teacher too