Almost There

"Hey Chase, did you hear?" Michael Barret burst into his dorm room.

"Did I hear what?" Chase Matthews asked his friend as he took a sip of his Blix.

"Zoey's coming here for the weekend,"Michael replied.Chase almost choked at the sound of her name.

"Oh really?" Chase asked trying to sound as casual as he could without going insane.

"Yeah. This weekend. Tommorow," Michael replied. Chase's stomach suddenly got that sick, warm feeling that he always got at the mention of his old friend. This feeling was different though. Everything was different.

"Who told you?" Chase demanded.

"Nicole just got off the phone with her," Michael replied," She'll be here around seven Friday night and she's going back home Sunday afternoon."

Chase didn't know if he should jump up and down in excitment or lock himself in his room for the next three days. See the last time he saw Zoey was over two months ago and they didn't part in the greatest way.

You see, Zoey's family decided to take her and Dustin out of PCA at the end of the first semester of Zoey's sophmore year because Zoey's mother was missing having them around the house. After alot of arguements and tears, Zoey and her brother finally agreed to it.

Of course all of Zoey's friends were extremely sad to see her go. But Chase, obviously took it the hardest. Even though he said that he was over his crush on Zoey deep down he knew that a love like that couldn't just die. So,while she and him were taking a walk down by the creak where they usually sat and talked he stupidly told her how he felt. It just spilled out. "Zoey, I'm really going to miss you. And I just wanna let you know that ever since I met you, I've liked you. Not in the friend, buddy-buddy type, but well ya know...that type."

"What type?" Zoey asked dumbly.

"I love you," The three little words burst out of his mouth. After holding them in that long it felt so incredibly wonderful for her to know... until he saw the look on her face.

"Chase I thought we were both on the same page. I mean I thought that we both thought of us as just friends. I'm sorry," Zoey ran back to her dorm and left Chase staring after her in shock as to what had just happened. That was the last time he saw her. He was too humiliated to go to her going away party.

And that is why Chase groaned when he heard the news she was coming back for a visit. For the past two months he had slowly started to recover from his embaressing outburst and was actually getting used to life without her. Now she was going to come back and all those awful feelings were going to come back to him.

"Dude,are you alright?" Michael asked his friend who was staring like a zombie into space.

"Not quite," Chase replied.

Friday-7:00 p.m.

"Zoey!" Nicole sprinted toward her friend nearly knocking over her friend and the few people in between them,"Oh my gosh! You're here!" Nicole and Zoey hugged.

"Yep, I'm here," Zoey grinned,"Man I missed this place.It makes my school back home look completely lame."

"Are there any cute guys there?" Nicole asked completely serious.

Zoey shrugged,"Sure."

"Well I wanna hear everything. Tell me about your teachers, your friends, your love life. I'm so excited your here!" Nicole exclaimed as they walked back to Nicole, Dana, and Lola's dorm.

"Me too," Zoey said.

"Man...this is so exciting. Everyone's in my room. We thought it would be nice for us all to get together and watch a movie or something since we haven't seen you in so long," Nicole said as she opened the door to her dorm.

"That's fine with me," Zoey said. Everyone? Did that include Chase? She and Nicole walked in to Logan and Michael in a heated arguement about who was the better surfer. Lola and Quinn sat on Nicole's bed laughing about something and Dana lay on her bed working on homework with her headphones on.

"Hey everyone," Zoey said with a little wave. The odd group dropped everything and all started talking at once.

"Zoey! Oh my gosh! You're here! We missed you!"

"Hey, Zoe. Long time no see."

"Hey guess what? While you were gone I learned how to clone a platypus!"

Zoey couldn't help but burst out laughing. She had certainly missed the chaos that came with her friends.

"So, Zoey, how have you been?" Michael asked.

"I'm good. Home is just as boring as it was before I came here. So... uh, where is Chase?" She asked.

The group was quet for a moment until Dana finally spoke up,"He had play practice."

Zoey couldn't help but feel a bit hurt. He knew his best friend was coming back and he wasn't there? Sure they didn't leave on the best terms but didn't he want to see her? Besides, out of all her friends she missed, he was on her mind the most.

"Okay, let me hear the line again," the dull director of the spring play said for what felt like the fiftieth time.

The female lead of the part sighed and cleared her throaght," Johnny, I love you. Don't you see that? I know we're best friends but can't you just see past that for moment and imagine me and you together?"

Chase looked at the girl and recited his line perfectly," Claire, I thought you knew that we were just going to be friends. I don't want anything more with you. Not now, not ever." Inside Chase groaned.This had to be the worst play written by a student in PCA history. Some freshman named Chuck had written and somehow, Chase had gotten cast as the male lead part.

"That was hurtful, Johnny," Claire walked away somberly and that ended scene five.

"Cut!" Mr. Randolf shouted,"Chase, I need you to have more emotion. Like this was happening to you. Like your best friend confessed her love for you! I know you have it in you, just let it out."

"I think I can relate a little better with Claire," Chase muttered.

"What was that?" Mr. Randolf asked, a harsh look on his face.

"Nothing," Chase replied with a sigh,"I'll try to be more into my part."


A/N: Alright this is a begining of a mini series (proboly 3-5 chapters.) because Reunited is ending in the next chapter. By the way, If you haven't read the last chapter go do it. It's surprising.

Oh and as some of you have figured out, Dana and Nicole will most definately continue to be in my stories even if they are no longer on the show. I can't work with Quinn and Lola as well as those two but they will also be in the stories (minor parts) because they are awesome.

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