Almost There

-Chapter Three-

On nights when Chase couldn't sleep he took a quick walk around the PCA campus. Even if it wasn't exactly allowed to wander around in the middle of the night he never got in any real trouble with anyone.

Chase walked slowly on the sidewalk, letting his left hand gently rest on the concrete wall as he moved. It started to feel numb after a while. He thought of the premeire of the play. It went particularily well. Except for the kiss. His character Johnny had to kiss Elizabeth's character, Claire. Zoey was there. He saw her in the audience. She looked completely shocked. What did this mean? In the back of his mind he kind of hoped that maybe just maybe she was jealous. Not that he liked seeing Zoey jealous but if she was jealous that meant she had feelings for him, right? The sensible part of his mind snapped Chase back to reality. Zoey didn't like him. She didn't and wouldn't EVER love him in any way than just a friend.

He wished he never told her that he loved her. He wished he didn't ignore her all weekend. It was 1:37 in the morning. She was going home in approximartly 7 hours and 23 minutes. He needed to talk to her before she left. He NEEDED to.

Like Chase, Zoey was also having a hard time sleeping. Even when she did start to drift off to sleep she would wake up in about fifteen minutes because of a weird dream. That's what this visit to PCA felt like- A weird, bizarre, alternate reality, dream. But it wasn't a dream, it was completely 100 percent real. And it was awful.

Zoey got up out of bed not exactly knowing where she was going. She just had to get out of the room. It was insanely warm in there and she could use some fresh California air.

He kissed her. The image of Chase kissing whoever it was who played Claire played over and over in her mind. He kissed her.

Chase was walking by the fountain and than finally decided to sit down. It was a quiet night. Only the soft splashes of water from the fountain could be heard. He relaxed more and layed down looking up at the stars and run his hand through the cool water.(Even though that is gross and completely unsanitary.) Suddenly he heard footsteps and sat up. He saw a shadow of a female that looked a little like Zoey but he was sure he was just seeing things.

"Hello?" Chase asked cautiously.

"Chase?" It was Zoey. She rushed to the fountain and stood there, awkwardly.

"What are you doing out here so late?" Chase asked.

"I wasn't very comfortable in my room and needed some fresh air," Zoey exsplained,"Wait why are you out here in the middle of the night?"

"I just decided to take a walk," Chase said,"Wanna sit?"

Zoey nodded and sat beside him. She was starting to get cold.

"So, you saw the play?"


"I didn't really want to be in it. It was just kind of a distraction from...things." They sat in an uncomfortable silence.

"I saw the kiss," Zoey finally said.


"Yeah and I have to confess, I was a little jealous even if it was just acting."

"You were?"

Zoey nodded,"I need to tell you something."


"Remember when you told me you had feelings for me and I basicly flat out said that I don't like you back?"

"That's a memory that I definatly haven't forgotten."

"Well, I need to clear it up," Zoey swallowed," I lied."

Chase looked at her in shock,"You mean..."

"I love you too," Zoey said. She took a deep breath and before she could say anything else he leaned in and kissed her.

"Why didn't you tell me?" He breathed after the kiss.

"I was scared. I was leaving and wasn't sure if I'd ever see you again," Zoey said.

"Well, just to point it out, your leaving again and there's another possibility that you may not come back for a long time," Chase said somberly.

"Yeah," Zoey said in an equally somber way.

"I'm willing to make it work if you are," Chase said.

"You mean-"

"I want to give us a try. If a long distance relationship doesn't work than lets wait but stay friends and never lose touch again. That was the worst few months of my life when you were gone," Chase said.

"Me too."

The two stayed up all night on that very fountain talking and catching up. Her dad came in the early morning to pick her up and she had to say good bye to everyone again which was hard. But somehow she was satisfied. She didn't know when but they woul some day meet again and until than there would be lots of phone calls and a ton of e-mails. It could work.

A/N: Yeah, the end.