Naruto: Tsuchi no Kuni

Prologue: Escape


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Sound Effect

Konoha: Night-time…

A young boy ran through the dark alleys of Konohagakure no Sato, seeking refuge. Panting, he turned hard at another intersection and began running again.

'Can't let them catch up to me… or else, or else they'll kill me!' he thought fearfully.

Turning another corner, he faced a dead end.

'Oh Kami-sama, not now!' Looking around quickly he could spot no means of escape, as the sounds of the mob grew louder.

"Hey kid, need a hand?" A man emerged from the shadows and looked towards the boy.

Walking swiftly to him, the man muttered, "Kage Inpei."

Both the man and the boy turned into shadows and melded into the background as the mob stepped into their alley.

"Where'd the demon brat go?"

"I was so sure he went this way…"

"He must've fooled us! Keep looking!"

Soon after, the noises faded away and the two came out of hiding.

"What's your name, kid?" the man asked.

The boy replied in kind, "Demon."

"I want to know your real name, boy."

Looking up quickly, the boy teared up. "No one's… ever asked me that except for Teuchi ojisan and Sandaime ojiisan…" Wiping away tears, the blonde child's resolve strengthened. "I'm… Uzumaki Naruto..." Naruto then began counting off fingers. "...four, five, six, seven... I'm seven years old. All the people say that I am the demon of Konoha…"

Putting a reassuring hand on Naruto's shoulder, the man smiled softly. "My name is Nara Shikato."

Smiling brightly, Naruto looked up at Shikato. "You're the third person that's ever been nice to me. It's really nice to meet you, Shikato-san!"

"How many times have you been attacked like this, Naruto?"

Frowning in deep thought, Naruto finally replied, "Once a year... and other times when the villagers feel like it."

Shikato scowled. 'This boy deserves better… After all, he's already had it tough with the Kyuubi sealed inside of him. The villagers attacking him makes it all the more worse.' Straightening up, he looked sternly at the blonde. "Naruto, tonight I will tell you why the villagers hate you so. I will understand if you don't want to hear it…"

"I do! I want to know why they hate me so I can change that!"

'Sorry, Sandaime-sama… I'm afraid I must break your rule, for his sake…'

"Naruto… Tell me, what do you know of the Kyuubi no Yoko?"

"The Kyuubi was a great and powerful demon!" Naruto smiled brightly. "The great Yondaime-sama killed it!"

"Naruto, there is one important thing I must tell you." The blonde looked up at Shikato in a puzzled way. "The Kyuubi… it was never killed. Yondaime-sama, no matter how strong he was… he was only human, and the Kyuubi was a demon lord. Because of this, the Yondaime instead sealed the Kyuubi into a newborn child. That child… is you, Naruto."

The said blonde stared at the floor, dejected. "So the villagers were right… I am a demon."

"Don't say that!" Shikato scolded. "Remember, you are only a demon if you believe that you are. You are merely the container, a jinchuuriki. As a child, you took upon a great responsibility to keep Konoha safe from the Kyuubi, by becoming its jailor."

"Do you really think that, Shikato-san?" Naruto asked, still looking down.

"Yes Naruto, I do. I fear that if you stay in Konoha any longer, your life will be in danger from further attack. Do you understand where I'm heading?"

Naruto nodded. "Yeah. Where am I going?"

Scowling a little, Shikato replied, "Iwagakure no Sato."

Silence… "Alright. When do I leave?" Naruto asked.


Twenty minutes later…

Shikato met Naruto at the gates of Konoha, and brought along a young boy as well.

"Naruto, this is Shikamaru. He'll be helping in your escape tonight." Shikato explained carefully.

Shikamaru spotted Naruto and lazily held out a hand. "Hey, I'm Nara Shikamaru. I like sleeping and watching the clouds."

Taking the hand, Naruto smiled. "I'm Uzumaki Naruto. I like ramen, and I suppose I won't be seeing you for a long time, ne?"

Shikamaru frowned. "No… I take it we won't. But if you ever decide to visit, I'll be waiting… Naruto, though it'll be really troublesome to wait for so long."

"I thank you both…" Naruto muttered.

Shikato turned to Shikamaru. "Go now." Following his father's instructions, Shikamaru ran to the walls that held the gate in place. Taking a deep breath, he feigned tripping and fell off the wall.

"WAAAAAAAAH!" he screamed in also feigned panic.

Immediately, every shinobi on duty around Shikamaru jumped after him, Shikato with Naruto included. The shinobi landed on the ground and focused on the boy, not noticing that Shikato had now become one with the shadows again. Returning to physical form in the nearby trees, he watched as his son was caught safely. Holding up a hand in victory, Shikato led Naruto to a point a bit further away.

"Kagekuki," he muttered.

The two of them disappeared and appeared at another clearing, causing Naruto to become disoriented from the sudden shift in position.

Naruto looked around, noticing the change in background. "Shikato-san, where are we?"

"We are… at the Konoha-Iwa border. This is where I leave you, Naruto." He looked down at the small boy, and a warm feeling began surrounding his chest area. "Stay safe and may luck be with you, Naruto. Become a successful shinobi, and do the Nara clan proud."

Breathing deeply, Naruto turned and ran across the border and with all his might towards Iwagakure.

'Arigatou… Nara Shikato-san.'

Watching Naruto's retreating back, Shikato smiled lightly and disappeared in a flurry of shadows…

Well, prologue for Iwagakure is done. I had to rewrite parts several times… This'll be a side project for my main Black Lightning, which I will be updating in this week of 10/8. Made him older, please bear with me.


Arigatou - Thank you

Konohagakure no Sato- The Hidden Village of the Leaves

Kami- God

Ojisan- Uncle

Ojiisan - Grandfather

Jutsu List:

Kage Inpei (Shadow Concealment) – Clan Technique – The user uses chakra to turn themselves into a shadow and masking their presence, smell, and chakra, making this a perfect concealment technique. The perfection comes at a cost though, of which the cost is a large amount of chakra use.

Kagekuki (Shadow Stalk) – Clan Technique – The user sets down a marker at a certain point. At a later point in time, the user can then use Kagekuki to teleport to that marker as long as it is not destroyed. Similar to the Yondaime's Hiraishin no Jutsu, the Kagekuki is made for long term teleportation uses.