Title: Brothers

They were like puppies.

They were loyal. They weren't very smart, but they tried their best.

They were lied to.

They didn't deserve their fate.

iShe couldn't help the feeling of guilt as she watched him fight Danny. Clone number one…he had the basics of the powers, but he couldn't beat the original. Not the perfect one.

She flew away as soon as she saw the blast charging, unable to watch.

He was their father! Of course they would do everything without question.

He knew it.

He sent them to their death.

She knew it was coming as soon as she flew out of the window of Danny's room. She knew what was to happen. It was rehearsed. It was practice.

It's what father wanted.

She wasn't any better than him.

She didn't try and save them.

She didn't spare him.

It had to be done Father said. It had to.

He wanted it to happen too.

She charged the blast and fired. It was to earn Danny's trust. It was to help make father happy.

To make the little brother and little sister stable.

They knew their fate. They knew.

They knew they weren't the ones father wanted.

They thought she was as well as their new little brother.

She couldn't help the scream as he saw her last brother melt away.

She knew he didn't understand his fate.

She also knew that he knew to fear that fate.

Yet he did it anyway.

He never wanted any of them. Never cared about any of them.

They were pawns and nothing else.

Little brother wouldn't have been happy.

So why was she so sad?

"You…want me to go through with it?" She asked, looking up at her second eldest brother. "But…you'll be destroyed."

"Father wants it. Father will be happy." He said in a slow voice.

She looked at him sadly and hugged him around the waist. "I'll make father happy. I'll make sure no one forgets you." She said and stepped back and looked at the rest of her big brothers. "None of you will be forgotten."

Her eldest brother patted her head. "You'll make father happy."

She lost her big brothers. They watched her and protected her. She knew clone number two had been holding back.

He accepted his fate.

He accepted his little sister would kill him.

Destroy him.

She thought she had too.

He never cared. He never cared about them at all. He just cared about little brother.

He didn't care about what they sacrificed. He didn't care that they all died. Only little brother.

The little brother that did nothing.

While the rest of them died.

She had yelled and hit the button without another thought.

They never existed. Like she doesn't. They have place to be buried. They have no remains to bury.

But there will be a place to mourn for them. She promised to never forget them.

She pushed the four crosses into the dirt by the river near the cabin.

She ducked under a punch from two and dodged out of the way of three.

Then she was slammed into from behind and went flying into the river.

She couldn't upright herself. She didn't know where up was. She couldn't even swim!

Them someone pulled her out.

She coughed and looked up at clone two and smiled. "Thanks for the save." She said.

Four crosses. One for each of the clones that melted away. Even one for little brother.

He couldn't help it if father only cared about him. He shouldn't be alone.

"Our father was a fake." She said as she kneeled in front of the graves. "But just because our father wasn't good, even though he didn't really care…we're still a family. All of us."

She closed her eyes as she felt tears well up. "And I'm sorry…for being the one who led to your destruction. Because I couldn't protect you. Because I wanted to believe I was wanted."

She put her hand down on the ground. "I promise…no matter what, I'll never forget you. My brothers. My family."

Danielle cried at the graves. She cried for the other clones. She cried for her brothers.

The End