AN::: Hey! This is part one of the new Chapter 6. Hope you like it!

This takes place right after Derek was kicked out of his own trailer. It make get confusing for you around the middle and flashback, but bear with me... Reveiws really do help!

Chapter 6 Part One

Around 2:30 am, Derek stumbled over to the OR board with less balance than normal. He starred at the black marked words in the squares. He believed you could learn anything from just starring at the board. Even gossip. If one of the doctor's names was as a patient, you knew something was wrong. If a surgeon's name was scribbled really tiny on a surgery square, you knew they wanted it quiet. If there was noticeable eraser marks, they had to fight for it. Or, if their name wasn't on it at all, that was trouble. Or peace.

Derek whispered to himself as he scanned over the board.

"Dr. Shepherd…" Dr. Webber greeted Derek. Derek turned to face him.

"Oh… good morning, Chief Webber!" Derek slurred excitedly. Dr. Webber could smell alcohol on his breath.

"Derek, are you drunk?"

"You bet I am. Drunk as a skunk." He laughed.

"Come with me…" Dr. Webber motioned for him to follow. They walked up the stairs, which was pretty hard for Derek. They walked into Dr. Webber's office. Dr. Webber sat down on the chair and Derek sat on the comfortable couch. "Derek, what are you doing here?"

"I don't know… You led me up here." He waved his hands around the room.

"No, I mean in this hospital."

"Oh… Th-thinking about things."

Dr. Webber wanted to know more.

"Wanna know what I was-a thinkin' about?" Derek swerved his head around. "I was thinkin' about Meredith. And Addison. And my baby."

"Baby?" Dr. Webber strongly asked.

"Yep. I'm-a gonna be a daddy. Isn't that great?"

"Who's pregnant?"

"Mer-a-dith." Derek said smiled childishly. Derek got childish and southern-speaking when he was tipsy.


"Yep. And Addison went and kicked me out of my own trailer. Who does she think she is?"

Dr. Webber smiled at this. He could imagine Addison doing something like that.

"Derek, if you're gonna have an affair, you've got to know not get her pregnant…"

"Well, I did. And what an asshole I am."

"Why don't you get yourself a banana bag and find yourself a surgery."



4:47 am (That same morning)

Meredith's alarm had been going off for 2 minuets before she finally decided to get up. She walked downstairs to find something to eat for breakfast. When she stepped into the kitchen, her stomach felt woozy. George and Izzie had resorted to getting up an extra half hour to make and drink coffee because of Meredith's sensitivity to it. So, when Meredith got into the kitchen, the aroma was not as strong, but still lingered on inside the room from the open coffee mugs. Izzie was slouched over her mug and was reading the daily newspaper; George secretly hiding a Pregnancy magazine behind an upside down Nation/World section of the Seattle Sentinel. Last night after George found out about Meredith being pregnant, she had caught him programming the TiVo to TLC shows like "A Baby Story", "Bring Home Baby" and "Surviving Motherhood". But George was George- caring and responsible. He told her he would be there every step of the way, comforting her and holding her hair back in the morning sickness. Meredith didn't set her heart on the hair holding. (George never did well with vomiting situations.)

"Good morning…" Izzie sleepily handed Meredith a muffin. Meredith assumed it was from the batch that Izzie had made her late last night, because she said Meredith needed some comfort food. Which may have been true, considering that she had cried for a while after she had overheard George's first reaction to the new news.

Flashback from Last Night

"Hey. What's going on?" George asked Meredith and Izzie when he got inside the door. Callie followed behind him. Izzie turned around to look at him from the couch. "Hey Callie!" Izzie greeted. "Wanna watch some surgery tapes and eat cold take out?"

"Mmmm… Thai Fry and watching a guy's face get pulled off…" Callie said back. They all laughed at this except for Meredith. She knew that she had to tell George. You can't not tell George. Meredith's face was burning and her lip almost quivering, thinking of how she'd break it to him. Izzie noticed this and leaned over and whispered in Meredith's ear, "I'll tell him later."

Meredith was relived. The last thing that she wanted to do was hurt George. Again. At least now Izzie would have to deal with his sad Bambi stage.

As time went by, Callie left. That left Izzie, George and Meredith in an awkward silence. Finally, George decided to call it a night and head upstairs. Meredith glanced over at Izzie when George got at the top of the stairs. Izzie got the message and followed George. At first Izzie hesitated. She honestly didn't know what to say. He had once had ultimate feelings for Meredith. Then something bad happened with their relationship and so George began to move on. He met Callie, but he was still fragile. She took a few steps toward George's bedroom door and when she reached it, she grabbed the handle. She lightly knocked to give him a fair warning. Izzie pushed open the door, finding George on his bed, playing a game on his PSP.

"Uh… George?" Izzie lightly said. He looked up at her. She had to do this. It was better this way.

"Huh?" he asked.

Izzie groaned and paused for a second. She walked over to his bed, and plopped down on it.

"George… We all make mistakes." Izzie whispered, half hoping he wouldn't listen to her. "And you know Meredith… always making mistakes." She drifted. George didn't know where this was coming from. He was always a good listener, and he kept listening to Izzie whisper and ramble.

"George… Meredith is… um… Meredith is…" she almost couldn't do it. She was never good at being the hard-ass. She had always been sensitive, and respected the people that were sensitive along with her, which George was one of them.

"Izzie, what is it?" he was getting a little impatient.

"Meredith is pregnant, George." Izzie closed her eyes. She hoped he wouldn't totally be mad or sad.

"No she's not," he denied.

"I'm so sorry, George."

"She's not pregnant. She can't be."

"George… she made a mistake and now she's… well…" they both paused.

"Whose is it, then?"

"She said its Derek's…"

"That bastard." He said almost under his breath. His Adams apple began to quiver and his heart began to beat faster. Izzie saw and didn't want him to feel bad so she made up an excuse to leave. When she got out of the door, she saw Meredith, sitting less then a foot away from the door, tears running down her face. Izzie sat beside her and cradled Meredith inside her arms. This wasn't going to be east for anyone… even George.

End Flashback

Meredith quickly took the muffin and sat down, grabbing the advertisement pages for Kohl's Department Store and JC Penny's. She began to flip through them, looking for a particular section- maternity wear. She had never really looked at maternity clothes, so she was a little curious as to what they were like. She got to a few pages when she finally found a section on "mommy fashion". The first thing she noticed was the woman on the page. She looked so happy, so enlightened. She had her tan hands wrapped around the bottom of her oversized stomach. The mom was wearing a short sleeve shirt that had a knit petticoat to it, fastening towards the bottom of her breasts and the top of her belly. She wore brown gauchos, which looked casual but something you would wear to a dinner or a party. Meredith studied the picture more and more, capturing the exact image in her mind. She starred down at the woman's belly and again at her hands placed around it. Meredith concentrated on it and on it until; a part of her gave in. She reached her hands down to her abdomen, placing her hands as the lady's was, and tried to picture herself with that giant stomach. She tried to imagine the tiny life she now supported, that she would now be responsible for. She tried and tried to substitute her face with the woman's, and finally… she did. She saw herself, in the pretty outfit, standing in the scenery surrounded by flowers, surrounded by life.

She was drifted into a daydream, a moment where she escaped reality and had her own. And when she got to the point where the flowers were all bloomed, her friends were frozen like a picture around her and her baby kicking inside of her, her mind snapped back to life she lived now, the life she will always have.

"Dr. Shepard wants to see you in room 456 on Nero floor." A nurse told Meredith as she stepped toward the nurse's station. Oh, great…Meredith thought sarcastically. Just the man I wanted to see.

As Meredith walked down the white hallways lined by doors, she thought about what to say to him. She knew he had no patient in room 456; he just wanted a way to make her come to him. She arrived at the door feeling a little nervous.

"Meredith…" he said as he walked over to her. He lightly grazed his hand on the side of her calm face. She immediately pulled away.

"What do you want from me?" she asked bitterly.

"I wanna be supportive!"

"Well… stop! Because I don't need your support."

"You are a single, scary and damaged pregnant intern. You need support."

"Not yours."

"Why not?"

"You're married, Derek!" she yelled at him.

"Hopefully not for long!"

"You told her?" she lowered her voice. She had disappointment and worry in her voice.

"I had to. And she kicked me out."

Meredith mentally laughed.

"And then I spent the whole night getting drunk at Joe's and thinking about what I'm going to do." He continued.

"What you're going to do? What about me? I'm the one carrying the freaking product of your mistake!"

Meredith turned around and stormed out of the room. She ran down the hallways, running as fast as she could, trying to throw every feeling out of herself. Every single thought, until there would be nothing.

And finally, her mind got the best of her, and she felt her body throbbing and losing balance as she ran, until she tripped, feeling her weightless body whirl onto the ground around her, others surrounding her, and then, she drifted into blackness… into nothing.

AN:: Did you catch that? She tripped... and blacked out...