The door shook as someone pounded on the door of the Cat café. The bolts shuddered and bent with the force of the blows.

Cologne rushed downstairs full of fury at being disturbed so rudely at this time of night. Who dared?

She flung the door open to be confronted by the devil incarnate in the form of Ranma Saotome who stormed into the café ablaze with fury.

"Where is she?" He roared.

"Who?" Cologne had never seen such fury from the boy.

"Your granddaughter. She tried to kill Akane again tonight while she was in bed. This ends now!"

"Shampoo is merely acting within the bounds of Amazon law to further her own claim."

"Listen to me old ghoul." There was a tone to his voice that she had never heard before. Cold, determined, threatening. "I've already killed to protect her once. Don't think I'll hesitate to do it again. If Shampoo hurts her she'll beg me for death before the end. Are we clear?"

"I don't take well to threats boy." She countered, her voice cold, though slightly unnerved by his tone and his words.

"It's not a threat. It's a promise. No one hurts Akane. No one." He all but whispered the last part.

I can't really fault his logic. Nor can I ignore what Mousse told me about Phoenix Mountain. He's not the type to exaggerate, especially about Saotomes' skills.

"Very well son in- Ranma. Shampoo will not do anything to harm Akane Tendo."

"Good. Then there is no need for any unpleasantness between us." And with that he was gone from the café.

Cologne turned to the other person in the café who had been quiet through the exchange.

"I'm surprised you allowed Saotome to say such things Mousse. Normally you'd attack him for even mentioning Shampoos name." The old Amazon was amazed at the change in Mousse since China. He seemed to lack the vehemence towards the youth that he always held.

"Things change. I know he is not interested in Shampoo anymore."

"How so?" She was interested to hear the tale. No one had given her great details about the events in china beyond Saotomes incredible victory.

"I saw his face." He said quietly. "There was a moment when I saw a look of such desolation and despair on his face that my heart almost wept for him. That moment showed me he is not interested in Shampoo."

"What happened there?" She half demanded.

"It is not my secret to tell." And with that he received a blow to the head for his troubles.