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Cologne was worried as she flew over the roofs of Nerima. Very worried. Not only had Shampoo used an extremely powerful, evil, spell to transform herself into a near demonic form but something was happening that was scaring her even more.

Ranma was changing as well. His aura forming around him as he shot across the rooftops too fast for the others to keep up. The size was immense, far larger than any even she had ever seen. But it was the colour that scared her most.

Cologne had seen many auras in her life. Red for passion, purple for despair, blue for anger. She had not seen black for many years. The desire to kill is a terrifying thing to behold in a person. It was letting Ranma move faster. He was channelling his hate into every motion of his body. Yet he had complete control.

The prospect of Ranma not holding back and wanting to kill someone scared her more than anything you could remember. Even the monster she imagined living in her wardrobe as a 3 year old could not match this feeling.

As he was hopping across the rooftops in pursuit Ranma suddenly realised with horror that he was being led in a circle. She was heading back for Akane! How could he have been so stupid as to not realise it? He was not going to lose Akane again. He'd thought he'd lost her once and it had nearly killed him. There was no way it was going to happen again!

I'm coming 'Kane!!

Cologne realised there was no way she could catch up to Ranma before the final confrontation. He was the only one able to do what needed to be done. Her granddaughter was gone. There was no choice left.

"Ranma!! You have to finish it! Shampoo is gone! Kill the creature!" she yelled into the night.

Kasumi was tending to Akane in the Tendo living room. Nodoka was also sitting nearby, her sword at the ready. She was not going to let anything happen to her future daughter in law. Kasumi couldn't help but smile. Ranma definitely got his looks and his courage from his mother. The look of determination on her face was exactly like Ranma. She was glad he was more like his mother and not his father.

Then it arrived. The creature looked like Shampoo would if she were to have made a pact with a demon – which she had in fact done. It licked its lips, revealing fangs, as she glared at the vulnerable Tendo girls. Faster than a blink she threw a dagger at Akane which was stopped by the quick swipe of a Katana blade by Nodoka.

Shampoo hissed and launched on. Genma and Soun were sent flying with contemptuous ease. Even Happosai, who'd turned up at some point, lasted bare seconds against Shampoo chan. One day a pretty girl would be the death of him.

All seemed lost but then the angel of Death descended upon the Tendo dojo. He caught Shampoos' punch in his palm staring at her with a look of hatred and threw her across the compound.

They all stared at the figure that stood there. It was Ranma but the air that he carried sent a shiver down their spines. A black battle aura making him look like something from a nightmare.

"My son. What is happening to you?" thought Nodoka.

Shampoo lunged forward with inhuman speed again trying to get to Akane. Her nails were like talons and her teeth like fangs. A vision of hatred and rage. Against a normal foe she would be unbeatable.

But Ranma was no normal opponent. Moving faster than even Cologne could see he moved before Shampoo causing her to jump back as he pressed onward. There was a flurry of blows between the two before Shampoo was flung back against the wall, Ranma in pursuit. His face a mask of pure rage.

He struck the demon Shampoo with a kick. "I'll kill you." A punch broke her jaw. "I'll kill you!" An elbow crushed her ribs. "I'll kill you!!!" A combination of kicks left massive bruises. "I'LL KILL YOU!!!!!!!" A blast of energy to her face flung her through the air. It was a horrible sight to behold if you looked closely at Ranma's usually gentle face filled with hatred as he struck her again and again blood slowly streaming down his fists.

Shampoo collapsed to the ground. She tried to stand but coughed and blood gushed from her mouth as she stumbled and fell to her knees. Her shoulder was broken and she was sure that she had internal injuries. She was not long for this world. Then a shadow fell over her.

Ranma stood above Shampoo. His face was a confused mix of hatred and sadness as he brought his hand down on her neck. With a hate filled roar and a sickening crack, Shampoo was no more. As her life ended the spell wore off and she reverted to the girl she had been.

I would have been better if he'd sunk to the ground staring at his hands in horror. It would have been better if tears had streamed down his face. Anything would have been better than the indifferent look as he stared at Shampoos body.

Ding dong the witch is dead!!

I'm amazed at how many people seem to hate shampoo. Hoped you liked the death. There will be more fall out in the next chapter and - finally – some romance.