Summary: He'd learned to love their little meetings in the early evening. He'd be okay with it if she never made up with her friends. Zuko's past. ZukoxTyLee and yes, I know I'm insane.

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But seriously. Do not take the pairing seriously. I got bored and started thinking about different pairings and realized no one writes about these two together.


Prince Zuko sat quietly by the pond in the main courtyard of the palace, watching as the sun slowly vanished behind the west wing of the palace.

Zuko sighed, closing his eyes. 'What's taking her so long?' he asked himself suddenly. She'd managed to find him every day for the past three weeks just to "talk," as she put it. The firebender couldn't help but laugh to himself. Ty Lee always needed someone around her. She was extremely social. 'And clingy.' Zuko added. Every time the girl saw him, she always gave him a tight hug. Not that the prince was actually complaining. Not too long ago, he'd hated her hugs and clingy nature, but over the past few weeks, he had grown to enjoy it.

Sure, Ty Lee had her annoying moments, but her heart was pure. She was a good person that was determined and knew good values. Zuko smiled. Not to mention the thirteen year old was developing quite a body. The prince yanked himself from his thoughts, scolding himself and his hormones. He had been doing that entirely too much as of late.

He didn't look up when he heard footsteps nearby. Even as the person sat beside him, the prince did not open his eyes. Instead, he spoke. "Hello, Ty Lee."

"Hi, Zuko." Ty Lee replied cheerfully, sitting beside him. Right on schedule, the acrobat wrapped her arms around the prince's neck, her chin resting on his shoulder. Said prince bit back a smile as he half-heartedly hugged her back. After all, he was a prince and he didn't want to seem desperate.

The pair sat back against the tree, silent for a few moments. Zuko was beginning to wonder how long the talkative girl could last when she spoke. "So how was your day?"

'"How was your day?"' the prince thought. 'Agni, we sound like sweethearts or something.' Not that the prince would mind that…no, not at all.

"Long." he replied, staring out across the pond.

"Yeah, mine too. But I started my Chi-blocking classes today." she said with a smile. "And Mai got her first set of knives, too."

"So you three are talking again?" Zuko asked, gaze drifting toward the acrobat. He'd grown to love their little meetings, even if the acrobat was his little sister's friend. Ty Lee looked toward the ground. The three younger girls weren't exactly on the best of terms at the moment. In fact, they hadn't spoken for at least three weeks. Yes, three weeks seemed about right. Zuko known about this rift because Ty Lee had started seeking his companionship in the afternoons instead of the princess's. But all the same, the boy still didn't know what had happened. He supposed they had some sort of fight over some boy or something silly like that.

"No." the girl replied. "And I hate it. I really want to tell Mai and Azula what's going on. You know. Girl stuff." Zuko nodded, but he didn't dare press the subject. Some things were better left unsaid.

"Right." The prince looked toward the not-so-bubbly girl, who was now looking toward the sparkling pond. As she turned to meet his gaze, he looked away. His cheeks burned slightly and he prayed that they weren't pink with a blush. That was the last thing he needed.

Ty Lee giggled as she scooted close to the prince, taking his arm. "Just then, you looked nearly the same as the time you and Mai fell in the fountain." Zuko gaped at her, cheeks still burning.

"What do you mean?"

"You're blushing." Ty Lee told him, giggling again. Zuko was at a loss for words; they just wouldn't come out. The prince wanted to crawl under a rock. He felt so stupid. The acrobat finally put a finger to his still-moving lips, and he stopped his failing attempts at talking. Ty Lee smiled as she leaned in, planting the softest and sweetest of kisses on the firebender's lips. She pulled away all too quickly.

"I have to go. I'll see you tomorrow, Zuko." she said, getting up. As she sauntered away, all the prince could do was sit there and stare after the girl in wonderment.


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