Title: Meet me at the bleachers

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters. Sadly.

Summary: AU Trory. Rory grew up in Stars Hollow living in a house with her mom and dad. Tristan is the 'rebel without a cause' of Chilton. An interesting encounter brings them together.

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Rory sat at the bleachers next to the football field enjoying the unusually warm autumn sun. It had become a sort of tradition for her to spend her lunches out here last year and she was going to keep up the tradition in this semester as well. It was quiet, she was alone and she could read in peace.

She preferred it much better than sitting in a crowded cafeteria listening to the other kids. She found that in the past year or so it had become a pain in the ass to even be close to them. Her mood was sullen and it has been for a while. She couldn't quite grasp the reason why, it just was. And it felt better to be away from the crowd, the noise and marvel in the quiet.

Of course it was also illegal. She wasn't supposed to be out here in her lunch period. This is another thing she's noticed recently. Whereas last year just the thought of getting into trouble or doing something wrong would have freaked her out, now she just did not care anymore. A sort of indifference came over her concerning everything.

Besides, she had important things to think about. She was trying to think of a way to break it to Dean that she wanted to end things.

She sighed.

It wasn't going to be easy.

He seemed so frigging enthusiastic. Seemed to adore her.

It made her sick, physically ill. She tried to pinpoint the point in time when it all changed for her. When it turned from being in love to just being plain old bored. She couldn't decide when that was. She figured it was just a process. She just sort of… got tired of it all. It was all so safe and comforting and… boring.

Being with Dean was boring. And she felt guilty for having these feelings, but she also felt disgusted by the fact that Dean hadn't noticed. He hadn't noticed that she wasn't happy. He was just too caught up in trying to be in a perfect relationship.

She decided that there was no point in faking it anymore. That Dean would have been someone anyone would have liked to settle for. But for god's sakes, she was only 17, why would she settle?

She looked at her watch absent minded and cursed realizing the time. She had to hurry if she wanted to sneak back into the halls before her lunch break was over.

She looked up and contemplated which way to go. Going through the football field and around the school was the safer way, but going through the engine room was quicker. She didn't like going through there, it was creepy, but she had to do it this time if she didn't want to be late for her next period.

She threw her stuff in her backpack and made her way towards the door of the engine room. She opened the door quietly and slid in.

Suddenly she froze.

There was someone else there.

Or rather, two other people.

Her eyes adjusted slowly to the dim room lit only by the sunlight streaking through the narrow windows.

She saw Tristan DuGrey with his back leaning against the wall, his head dropped back and his eyes closed. And in front of him was a girl.


Rory looked on shocked.

She heard the girl suck on him and the light groans coming from his mouth.

She couldn't believe it. She's never seen anything like this and she stood there astonished, her gaze fixed on the girl's head that was bobbing up and down on his crotch.

Her gaze shifted up and suddenly her heart stopped.

There he was staring at her, his eyes wide with surprise, not saying a thing, nor stopping what he was in the middle of, just looking in her eyes intently.

Rory had a hard time breathing. She felt like his eyes, dark and aroused, were nailing her to the door and she couldn't move. She felt a rush of adrenalin surging from her abdomen and her heart raced.

Long moments passed with the two of them staring at each other, the girl continuing her task oblivious to what was happening.

Suddenly Rory saw a small smirk on his face. He was actually smirking at the fact that she stood there watching them.

Her breathing becoming shallow and rapid she watched as he lifted his hand and placed it on the girl's head, never taking his eyes off of Rory. He thrust into the girl's mouth more energetically and groaned out loud.

Rory gasped barely audible, but she still couldn't move. She stood there rooted to her spot, not being able to think or do anything.

Tristan's smirk grew into a full-blown laugh and he moaned loud as he closed his eyes and came.

Rory turned around and pushed the door open, gasping for air. She dashed out of there and didn't stop, running straight through the field towards the school halls.


She sat in 5th period and she still felt shaken. She could feel her face was hot and flushed.

She couldn't believe this.

Not the fact that some random girl was giving Tristan DuGrey head. That wasn't such a shock. But that she had actually watched it all happen. While he knew!

She winced and sighed.

This was too embarrassing.

She didn't know Tristan, never talked to him, but she certainly had heard about him, everyone had. He had a sort of reputation.

He didn't have friends in this school, he hung out with kids from another school in Hartford, ones that were not rich at all and were considered to be „trouble". He always looked distant and serious, with a tone of anger in his demeanour. People talked that he was in constant quarrel with his parents because they wanted him to behave, wanted him to do well in school, so he could follow in his father's footsteps.

He certainly wasn't doing well in school. He was smart, everyone knew that, if anyone ever got in a fight with him, he would grill them, embarrass them and made them feel like crap. That was probably one of the reasons he hadn't made many friends.

But he still managed to „bond" in the school. He was with a different girl every day. He usually ignored them the day after, but somehow his reputation didn't lessen the huge number of volunteers standing in line to have a go with him.

Rory wondered about this. Why would anyone want to be used then dumped by him. Was he really that good? Was it worth it?

Either way, the public display of affection he put on with these girls certainly didn't make her think that the interaction she just witnessed would be a rare oddity.

But she was shocked nevertheless.

She couldn't stop replaying the scene in her head.

She didn't understand why he would go on doing what he was doing when she walked in on them. He actually seemed to enjoy watching her while he was…

Jesus, she thought to herself, you have to stop thinking about this.

„You're just gonna pretend nothing happened, it's not like you ever even talked to this guy, he probably doesn't even know who you are. You are just gonna avoid him if you see him in school and forget this ever happened" she told herself closing her eyes and steadying her breathing.

„Mr. DuGrey. I gather you're aware that being late for my class entails a spot in the afternoon detention hall?" she heard the teacher say and her eyes snapped open.

She stared as she saw Tristan walk into the classroom.

Crap. He had this class as well?

Rory seemed to shrink in her seat and lowered her head so she wouldn't be noticed. She lifted her gaze slightly to sneak a peak and realized she was already late. He had spotted her and stood there, his gaze as intent as a couple of minutes ago and his smirk in place.

„Yeah Mrs. Swanson, I'm sorry, I seemed to have lost track of time enjoying my lunch too much" he said, still looking at Rory.

„Go take a seat, you're excused this one time since it's the first day of school"

Tristan smiled and started to move down the line of desks ignoring a blushing Rory.


Well. That was an eventful first day of school, she thought to herself walking down the hall of Chilton.

„Got my new locker. Met the new teachers. Tried the beef. Saw Tristan DuGrey come in some random girl's mouth."

Yep. Eventful indeed.

She frowned.

She walked out the front door and sighed as she spotted Dean waiting for her by his car. He smiled and waved and she forced a smile on her face.

She stopped dead in her track as she saw Tristan a couple of cars away. He stopped in his process of getting into his car as he saw her come outside. His eyes were fixed on her and he turned to identify who Rory was waving at.

Rory dropped her gaze nervously as she walked over to Dean to greet him with a quick peck on the lips. She got into the car immediately, but she could still feel his icy blue stare on her.

She stole a glance as they pulled out of the parking lot and saw him still looking, his expression nonchalant and his gaze intent.