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Summary: Anti-Sora is finally released…and he wants to play. And nothing is going to stand in his way. But what does he want exactly.

Anti-Sora or Sora

Darkness. Darkness is a unique thing. It cannot be controlled by a certain entity. Darkness only hides those who don't want to be found. That's all she could see. Darkness. She felt herself running. The wind was biting at her skin and the rain was like cold hard needles.

She had to keep running or else "he" would catch her. She couldn't let that happen. She found her self in a strange town and rounded a corner. She went up a flight of stairs. Where she was, it was like a maze. She continued to go up the flight of stairs.

Only then did she notice the condition that she was in. Her hair was a mess and her clothes were torn. Her clothes were faded and dirt was everywhere. Her shoes had mud on them and she had a few scratches here and there. There was also one across her cheek.

Then she stopped. She had to listen. There was ragged breathing. She ran as fast as she could. She kept pumping her legs harder and faster. She couldn't let "him" catch her. She was breathing hard and the rain only fell faster and harsher.

She then took an alley and nearly bumped into the wall. "No" she whispered. She felt the wall and clawed at it like an animal. She banged against it helplessly. "No" she whispered once more.

She went to turn around and then her breathing hitched. She was up against the wall. She has never been so tremendously scared.

"He" wasn't him anymore.

She called out a name but it seemed lost from the thunder booming through the dark clouds. The figure's ears perked and seemed to have heard it. The figure smiled a predatory smile and walked to her causally with the smirk still in place.

She tried to press herself further into the wall but it was solid and she couldn't' phase through as much as she wanted to.

"He" kept getting closer. His footsteps didn't even make noise. It was like he was gliding to her without his feet ever touching the stone surface of the road.

"He" was up on her. He held her writs to the side of her face. Her deep blue eyes looked to that of yellow ones. His eyes moved to the cut on her cheek and he smirked. He put his mouth on her cut and slides his tongue across it. He pulled away his head and smiled at her as he was licking the blood off his lips. She closed her eyes and screamed for help but it was drowned out by the storm.

She then felt something poke her neck. Her eyes widened as the pain increased. She screamed a silent scream and that was all that was left of her.

Kairi shot up from her bed in sweat. Her breath was ragged. She drew up her knees and buried her face in them.

"It was just a dream. There's no way "he" would turn into "that". It's just not possible." Kairi shook her head and got out of her comfortable bed. She dragged her feet to the mirror and stretched. She rubbed her sleepy eyes as she went to her maple wooden closet. She opened the doors and took out her school uniform.

As she was getting dressed she was pondering whether "he" was going to come home. Riku had said to her when he came back from the worlds that "he would be coming home soon as well. He just wasn't sure when.

"I wonder what "he" is doing right now. Well duh Kairi" she spoke out loud to herself. "He's off saving the world right now."

"But Riku said "he" was going to be coming home soon." Kairi sat in front of her mirror and looked at her to make sure everything was okay. When she felt satisfied with her hair and clothes she still had time before Riku came and walked to school with her along with the others. She opened her bottom drawer and got out a chest that had her name engraved on it.

It was very old and made out of fine wood. It was neatly polished and had carvings on it. Supposedly it had all the symbols of the worlds engraved on it. Her Grandma gave it to her when she was little.

She took out her little key that she carried around everywhere with her. She opened the chest with a soft click and took out a certain picture. She smiled at it. It had herself, Sora, and Riku on it. The she took out another and this one had the whole crew. Herself, Sora, Riku, Selphie, Tidus, and WakkaThen Kairi looked at the last picture and it showed Sora and herself in the secret cave place and they took a picture of themselves drawing each other on the walls.

"Yo Kairi, its time to leave", a deep voice called out.

Kairi quickly put away her treasure box and went to the window.

Riku was standing there smiling. "Hey come on. We're going to be late."

"Okay, okay," she smiled at him. She quickly grabbed her book bag, and rushed outside to meet up with the whole crew.

Outside Riku huffed and crossed his arms. This was typical Kairi. But that was what he loved about her. Yes he did say love. He cared for her very much and he wouldn't give a second thought to throw himself away to safe her. In fact he did that once. He could never forget what happened back then. When he accepted the darkness to find her when she disappeared. In yet even that didn't help but have him be a spawn for Malificent.

In yet her heart was found with Sora's. She chose Sora to be her protector. Not him. Even though that crushed not only his pride but his own heart as well. Then the whole cause with Organization 13. When she saw threw the Ansem outer being and saw the true Riku. But he still loves her despite all that's happened. Right now he is still protecting her. To her, he is acting only that of love from a brother. A brotherly figure. He is also hopeing that in time, he could change all that.

"Ya when is she going to get her butt down here ya", Wakka asked.

"Cool out Wakka", told him. "She's been like this for a while now. Ever since she got back from wherever she was."

"Hey guys I'm coming."

They all turned and Riku got out of thought when they heard her sweet voice. She was running with a doughnut in her mouth and her bag in the other hand. She stopped in front of them panting and trying to catch her breath.

"Sor…sorry guys…" she stood up and brushed the invisible dust that was on her. "I woke up late."

"Hey at least you're here, right" Riku smiled at her.

She nodded and they all started to walk to school together. Selphie couldn't help but notice the dark circles under her eyes. It was obvious that Kairi wasn't getting enough sleep. She didn't know why she was hiding it.

"So" Selphie tried to get a conversation going. "Say Kairi, are there any boys you have crushes on."

"WH…what?" she asked nervously. "Where did this come from, Selphie?"

Kairi's friend just giggled. "Oh you know just curious. So who do you like?"

Kairi blushed red and then regained herself. "I really don't think it's important who I like."

Selphie pouted. "Oh come on Kairi. Don't you want a boyfriend that will give you flowers and chocolates? Have him say that he loves you whenever he sees you and you two go on dates all the time under the night sky and looking at the beauty of the glittering shiny stars."

Kairi sighed. Selphie was going into one of those moods where she daydreams about having the perfect guy. In reality, she does have a crush on Tidus. But Tidus is pretty dense sometimes.

They got to school right when the bell rang and barely got to class on time. Kairi sighed as the teacher was getting into another boring lecture. She tried to pay attention but it was no use. Kairi was lost in her mind. She closed her eyes and then opened them quickly. She couldn't fall asleep.

Kairi gazed out the window and the sun was shining bright. 'When is "he" coming home? I miss him so much. He promised that he would return to me.'

Riku who sat right next to her knew the look that got whenever she thought about "him". Riku clenched his fist and shook his head. He couldn't help it, since "he" and him are best friends they were also rivals. Always trying to get the better of one another. But "he" got the big thing. Kairi's love. Riku was the one that thought that he should have her. But he couldn't.

When the bell rang for the school to be let out Kairi was walking home alone. She told everyone that she just wanted to be alone. This meant that she was going to the beach. When she got there on the dock she took off her shoes and slide off. She sighed when she felt the sand between her toes and underneath her feet.

She breathed in deeply as she sat on the sand bank and let the oceans waves try and try again to reach her. She looked at the sun as it was already starting to set. She breathed deeply once more to take in that beach smell. She closed her eyes and lay down. She would only rest for a little bit. She found a seashell and decided to hang on to it.

Once again she thought of "him". She couldn't help it. She closed her eyes but once again she snapped them open. That "thing" came back. She breathed heavily. Hopefully it will go away when she gets back home.

"Might as well go back." Kairi told herself. She got up and grabbed her shoes.

By the time Kairi got back the sun was already setting. She quickly did her homework and she put on her PJ's and got ready for bed. She slid into her bed and pulled up the covers. She thought of "him" again before the darkness of sleep once again took her.


"Goofy" Mickey called out to one of his trusted friend. "Where is "he" headed right now?"

"King Mickey" a voice called out.

"Ah Donald. Come in, hurry we must discuss this right away." The mouse king said with worry. "I must know where "he" is running to."

"Your Majesty", Donald started. "We suspect he is headed to his home island. Destiny Island."

The king raised his eyes confused. "What in the world would he want there? What is "he" after and why?" The king just shook his head. "Anyway now that we know where "he" is going but why. What would "he" want there" Especially after what happened to him Maybe the darkness didn't get to him all the way yet. Perhaps there is still time to save him."

"Don't worry your Majesty", Donald tried to assure the king. "Goofy and I will get the job done."

The king sighed. "Yes but I can't believe this has happened. This is entirely my fault and responsibility."

"No you Majesty" Donald countered. "He chose that path and now we have to stop "him" before he hurts or possible kills someone."

"Yeah King Mickey." Goofy agreed.

King Mickey gave a weak smile. "Thank you my loyal friends."

They bowed to him.

King Mickey nodded. "Yes well please you two, lay low for awhile. Let's just see what "he" is planning. Donald, Goofy, track him down. Once he is found stay put for until ordered to continue, is this understood?"

The wizard and knight nodded then the two friends bowed and retreated. 'They must help him no matter what. If this doesn't work, then they will have no choice but to kill "him"' the king thought with grief. He got up from his throne and walked to the window. Dark clouds started to form and lighting tore threw the sky.

The King was practically sweating while standing there. It was his fault for letting things gets like this. He just hopes things don't get even more complicated, even though they already have.

'We are in a tight situation.'


It was night and the shadows aided him to keep low and out of the annoying light. His shoes made a soft swiftly sound in the sand. How he missed this place.

He had a smirk on his face and breathed in deeply. It's been awhile since he's been here. Ever since he got the letter from the King he was busy and wasn't able to have a normal life here. But it was always busy for him. Of course after what happened, the King better watch out for himself.

His predatory eyes flared and his nose picked up something. He grabbed a handful of sand and while it fell it released something. A sweet smell, something scented with other than the sea. He purred from it. It smelled of lavender and vanilla. His beast growled with pleasure. He closed his eyes and tried to pinpoint the locating this alluring and arousing scent was at. His mind weaved different paths throughout the island and then he located the smell.

He gave himself a quick stretch. He wanted to know where this sweet smell was coming from. And once he found the thing, he would take it. If anybody stood in his way, he would surely grant them a slow painful death.

He smiled a mischievous smile and headed to the direction. He walked past the beach and into the woods where a small town was. The scent was only getting stronger and it finally led him to a house. The scent was coming from the second floor.

He raised his eyebrows and melted into the pool of shadows and found himself in girl's room. He looked around and found this room looked familiar. He heard soft breathing and turned toward the bed.

'So this is where that delicious scent is coming from' he grinned. He gently put his clawed hand on the cover and shoved it off. His eyes nearly burst out of his eyes. Then he relaxed. He couldn't believe it. Now he remembered. It was Kairi's home. This girl was Kairi.

She hasn't changed a bit except she did have more of curves now but she was still skinny as a pole. Her hair was longer as well but still beautiful. By now he figured that she was nearly seventeen. While he was eighteen.

He kneeled down on his knees and breathed in. She smelled so good. His beast purred loudly in the pit of his dark stomach.

'Kairi, I remember now, she was my friend or is maybe still my friend.' He stood up and sat on the edge of the bed. He put one hand on the edge of her face and slides it sideways. Her skin was soft and warm unlike his which were hard and cold.

His eyes turned that of yellow. His fangs got sharper. He couldn't help it. Being this close made his beast wild and his arousal spiked. He knew back then, before the change, he really cared about her above all else. He smirked. He dipped his head and placed it on her neck. She was still sound a sleep.

He gently put his cold dark lips to it and sucked lightly. His teeth nipped it and sucked and it left a deep red mark. He gave it one more lick and then his eyes grew red. "Kairi" he said in a sing song voice that was husky. He nipped her neck and then…

Kairi burst open her eyes and was shaking. She looked around the room to find nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

Wind blew her hair from her face and she turned to the window that was open. 'I thought I had shut that window' she thought as she closed it. She shivered and ran to the bathroom.

Kairi quickly washed her face. She was still breathing heavy. She slowly but gently walked back to her room and passed the body mirror in the hall. She gave herself a quick look then paused for a second cause she though she saw something. Kairi lightly moved her hair and gasped. She nearly screamed.

There was a red mark on his neck. There were also small red dents or holes and they were red.

"What happened? I don't remember getting these?" Kairi shook her head. "It's just a dream. I just need to get back to bed." Kairi got back in her room and laid her head on her soft pillow. She slowly closed her eyelids as sleep overcame her.

The dark figure smiled a malicious smile. He watched as her breathing became calm. He then gracefully jumped from his perch and landed with a small thud on the ground. 'This isn't over yet Kairi." With that last thought in mind he walked away with his black cloak bellowing behind and rapping him in darkness. Darkness of the night, his comfort, his home.

"Man I'm going to be late again." Kairi whined. She quickly got dressed and grabbed her bag off her bed. She checked herself in the mirror and moved her hair. She lightly smiled a relief. There were no red marks on her neck.

'It must have been a dream.' She threw that thought away and checked her clock. Her eyes nearly blew out of her sockets. "Riku is going to be so mad at me."

She ran down the steps. She heard a knock on the door. "Come on in. I just need to get some money for lunch." She heard the door creak open s she went into the kitchen.

"Have a seat." She went to the kitchen drawer and pulled out five bucks. She put it in her pocket and went to the living room.

"Sorry Riku, I'm late aga…Kairi dropped her things. Her mouth hung open at the site. The boy sitting on the couch wasn't Riku. Kairi tried to say something but no words could be formed. "He" was finally here. After all this time, "he" came back.

He passed her a gentle smile. "Hey Kairi" he caressed her name.

Kairi felt like her heart was going to explode. These feelings of emotions were starting to swell up inside. She backed away a step and then stopped.

"He" slowly stood up and walked with one hand in his pocket. "Hey" he said once again.

He was less than two inches away from her.

Kairi looked up at him. He had the same spike hair and yellow shoes along with the black outfit. But his eyes gleamed something she couldn't quite place. Kairi rubbed her eyes to make sure this wasn't a dream.

"He" grabbed her wrists and she looked up at him. He smirked at her. "This isn't a dream" he chuckled at her. He looked around the living room and met his eyes with hers. "Well Kairi, aren't you going to welcome me back."

Kairi gave a kind smile. "Wel…"She paused and tried to form the words. "Welcome back…Sora."

Here is what will happen next chapter: "Did you really kiss me?' He looked at her with his hard dark eyes. "Yes." She looked up at him and blushed as she found out how close there faces were. "And you know what?"


"I'm going to do it again" and his lips met with hers.

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