A one-shot for my favorite shipping: Kataang (real fic), brief Soph

T for brief material, romance

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Kataangy good ness :)

Toph and Sokka had already gone to sleep, each next to each other. Toph had lately softened up to Sokka, relaxing on the insults and being mean. Toph had gotten a sleeping bag, green and gold, and placed it next to Sokka's. Both were right next to each other, small smiles on their faces. Katara and Aang were sitting by the small fire pit, just staring at it. Katara was just thinking about things, sipping her tea. Aang was switching his eyes from the fire to Katara, peaking through her robe. Katara had took off her chest wrappings for sleeping, but had decided to stay awake. By sitting the way she was, the robe was opened a bit, giving Aang a wonderful show. She shifted a bit sitting a rock, moving the robe even more. Aang's eyes then were glued to her, cheeks and body heating up.

"So Aang, how's Mo...Aang? What's wrong? You looked flushed"said Katara. Aang snapped his eyes to meet hers, blushing more.

"Wha-what Katara?"

"Your face, your...your blushing?"

"Oh, I hadn't noticed"lied Aang, "Maybe I'm too close to this fire, you know, too hot." Aang shifted back, beginning to feel a bit sleepy, but too concerned to fall asleep. Lately, Aang had been noticing himself enjoying water bending much more; Katara getting behind him and moving his arms or stance a certain way.

"I was actually wondering about something" said Aang.

"A question really."

"I'll try my best"answered Katara.

"When you get older, does your uh...body start to change?" Katara flushed, knowing exactly what he was talking about.

"Yes, it's called...well puberty. Usually it starts around 13 when you're a teen."

"What happens?"

"Well, uh-"started Katara. She didn't think she would give 'The Talk' to Aang. So instead, she would give a very quick over view.

"Mainly, your body changes in some ways, you grow taller, you start to lose some childish features. Also, you get something called hormones, which mess around with your emotions. You start noticing girls or boys your age and like them a lot. But I don't want to tell you much more, I think you should ask Sokka about it"said Katara. Aang just nodded, blushing.

"So it's normal to feel different emotions about people?"

"Yeah, it is, but let's forget about it"said Katara, poking the fire and drawing her robe closer. Aang just sighed; it was completely normal.

"Hey Katara, I'm really tired, so I'm gonna hit the sac, night"said Aang.

"Want me to tuck you in?"asked Katara.

"Um...sure"said Aang, shrugging. He sat on Appa's fluffy tail, getting covered by a warm blanket from Katara.

"Good night Aang, sleep tight"said Katara, tucking him in.

"Hey Katara?"asked Aang, sitting up.

"Could I um...have a goodnight kiss?"Aang asked sheepishly. Katara smiled warmly.

"Of course you can, you little air bender"soothed Katara, kissing his fore head. Aang smiled, having his crush all to himself.

"Can I have another, I promise that's it"asked Aang quickly, blushing. Katara just smiled, leaning in to kiss him again. But Aang moved his face, her lips on his. Katara blushed, pulling back after a second or two.

"Want to explain that?"asked Katara. Aang just blushed, looking away.


"Good enough for me."