He looked out at the beautiful night sky. It was perfect, now if only he had his love with. His true love. To be honest he had never loved Quentin, but since he had gotten pregnant there was nothing he could do. To think he had lost his soul mate over one drunken night.

He had never been much of a drinker, but something had happened that night.

That, and he didn't remember exactly what had happened. He had simply woke up naked in bed with a stranger, Quentin Titan. After that, he had left and hoped to never see the man again. He knew he would loose his little husband if he had. And he didn't want to loose him. Harry Potter-Snape. His husband. He couldn't imagine life without him and now he lead n empty life without him. He couldn't exactly leave Quentin since he had given him two daughters, Lisa and Raye Tiatn-Snape. He hated Quentin for destroying his marrige but couldn't blame him completely. What could he say?You got me drunk and raped me? No. He didn't think.

So he here he was. Still teaching at Hogwarts and watching the new batch of first years being sorted. His daughters were both 7th years, oddly enough, both Gryffindor. An insult to his pride. Not by much seeing as he had married a Gryffindor, and then forced to divorce and marry a Hupplefuff. Humiliating really.

Did he mention how much his daughters didn't resemble him? No? Well, they don't look like me much. Blond hair from their father and facial features, only the onyx eyes. Not much if you ask me. He hated life and wished things had gone differently. If Harry was still here….no, best not go down that trail of thought here.

He felt someone squeezing his hand and glared at his husband . He was watching a half-blood named Patrick Lumier being sorted, ended up in Huplefuff. Oh joy!

Seeing as the sorting was finished he made to leave for his rooms. Only to stop short as Albus mentioned for him to wait.

"Welcome! Welcome to a new year! Today is a very special day, we have a transfer student who will be joining us and settling in with the 7th years. Please welcome our transfer student from The Triads. I hope you will all welcome her." he said staring pointedly at the Weasley twins and his own spawn.

Of course, after the world found of his betrayal to their savior who had live to defeat the Dark Lord once more, they, including the Weasleys', Lupins', Malfoys',Zabinis',Parkisons', Crabbe's, and Goyles' had taken a special hatred towards him. Surprised at the 5? You shouldn't be. They were his best friends. How that happened only they know, though maybe it was their being spies and saving the Weasley patron. He didn't care to know.

He, along with the rest of the hall watched as the great hall's doors opened slowly, revealing a cloaked figure.

Female. He thought. A figure like that he had only seen once , now twice before. With Harry, and now here. The figure slowly approached the front before she stood before the entirety of the Great Hall. She moved with the grace and agility of a feline, he couldn't help but note. It was deadly familiar.

Minerva gestured for her to sit at the stool and asked give her name.

She looked at her and contemplated her request. "Celeste," she said, her voice echoing through the silent hall. She turned swiftly and sat throwing back her cloak.

Gasps were heard throughout the hall. For what? He could see the rest of the staff was just as confused.

"Celeste Potter." She said, as the hat slipped of off her hands and onto her head.

With that, the hall fell into chaos.

'Just how I like it!' said bringer of chaos thought with a smirk.

'So much like your father.' the hat responded evenly with a smirk of his own.

This year was going to be very interesting, was all Albus could think, popping a lemon drop into his mouth.

to be continued….

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