She Smiled Slowly

She turned her head to look at him and smiled slowly
He felt all the walls around his heart die
For in that one single, benign moment
He felt there was actually a reason to survive

She was there for him, the only one who could forgive
The one he had wronged against the most
Yet who still loved him through all of it
Even though he'd killed hundreds coast to coast

Her fiery red hair enveloped her beautiful face
As her smile stretched from ear to ear
It was full of love, full of love for him
For him, who never expected love, especially not here

And here they were, a devil and an angel
Both so different, yet so the same
And he wondered briefly how she'd ever come to love him
After the end of such a terrible, bloody game

But somehow in that one slow smile
All of his insecurities had melted and thawed
And forgetting his pride he ran to her and embraced her
And it was a love that before had always been against his father's law

But somehow, now, it was different
After all that had happened he had changed
And sitting there, and kissing her
He wondered simply how he once thought he'd been deranged