Based on an interview seen on the special features of "A Nightmare on Elm Street" where it's stated that Freddy was supposed to be a child molester as well as a child murderer and an unused clip in where Marge reveals that Nancy and her friends weren't always only children. Pre-movie. Belongs to Wes Craven.

SCREE! The boy jerked awake. He couldn't believe this was happening. He struggled against his chains. SCREE! The awful noise came again."Oh, no," his girlfriend moaned.

"Nicky," a raspy voice whispered. Nicky's Adam's apple wobbled and he began to shake.

"Krueger's back," he stated hollowly. Man, I don't know how much more of this trash I can take, he thought.

"Oh, no. No. Nicky, I can't bear it again," the girl said desperately. They heard footsteps and Nicky attempted to hide his girlfriend. Another few steps and their tormenter came into view. He was an old man with a dirty brown hat, a red and green striped sweater, and wore a glove of four knives on his right hand.

"Nicky," Freddy Krueger said with an evil chuckle. The teens trembled as the man stepped closer. He stopped in front of them and then knelt down. Nicky tried to keep from shaking as one of the knives trailed down his arm. Freddy laughed, sensing the boy's fear.

"You fear me...don't you, boy?" he sneered.

"Bite me, you lunatical freak," Nicky snapped with a sudden burst of bravado. Freddy's eyes flashed angrily and he lashed out with his gloved hand. Nicky gave a pained cry. Freddy unchained the boy and pinned him to the wall.

"I will take you slow!" he growled.

"Oh, no. Not again," the boy groaned, closing his eyes. He hated when Krueger got like this. He heard the sound of his jeans being unzipped and tried to ignore the agony that came next. However, he couldn't help a small groan of discomfort. He felt Krueger's breath on his neck and flinched. He heard the knives right next to him and his pulse raced. Then, there was a sound of something going into his flesh. As Nick fell to the floor, his last thought was: Please, God. Let it end here. Don't ever let Rod have to go through this.