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"Ehhhh! WHY IS MOTHER WITH DAUGHTER?" Tamaki shouted.

Chapter 5:

Normal POV

This was bad, both Haruhi and Kyouya knew that this was bad, they wanted to explain their relationship at the host club meeting, so that Tamaki and HIkaru would not shout any clues on that Haruhi's a girl. So Kyouya now had to think of a excuse of too why Haruhi was in the limo with him...

'Damn it! Tamaki's here...Got to think of an excuse, fast!' By the time Kyouya was thinking an excuse, Tamaki was already hugging and spinning Haruhi as usual...

"Why did Haruhi come out of your limo okaa-san?" Tamaki asked.

Kyouya tried to hide his nervously which worked and said, "It's cold today, and I saw Haruhi walking to the school with only a thin jacket, so I asked if she needs a ride, which she accepted."

"Is that true Haruhi!? Were you freezing while walking?! Thank goodness okaa-san was there! But Kyouya you're not going to charge her for that are you?!" Tamaki shouted in Haruhi's ear.

"You're hurting my ears senpai," Haruhi said, then said, "Yes it's true, and I hope he doesn't charge me too..."

"I will charge you for wasting gas and heat condition," Kyouya said with a smirk... Trying to look normal.

"How mean," Haruhi said rolling her eyes.

At the corner you can see Hikaru and Kaoru staring at the three, "Ne, why was Haruhi and Kyouya in the same limo?" Hikaru said with a hint of jealously in his tone.

"I don't know, Hikaru. Want to ask them?" Kaoru said observing his brother so he wouldn't do anything silly.

So the twins walked...Well actually Hikaru was running to Haruhi and Hikaru asked, "Haruhi! Why were you in Kyouya-senpai's limo?"

"Oh, it was because okaa-san was nice enough to give your sister a ride to the school since it's so cold today!" Tamaki replied still hugging Haruhi...

"Oh, is that true Haruhi?" Kaoru asked.

"Hai," Haruhi replied.

"And what's with the family names again?" Hikaru asked.

"But! We are a family!"

"Whatever," Hikaru said.

"Anyway, it's time for class," Kyouya said wanting to finish this conversation so he could go to class.

"Ah, see you later, my beautiful daughter!"

Kyouya and Tamaki walked to their classes. While the three(Hikaru, Kaoru and Haruhi) also walked to their class.(1)

3rd Music Room:

Everyone was finished hosting at the moment. When the ladies left, both Kyouya and Haruhi was sitting beside each other...

"Haruhi," he said stoically while typing on his pineapple laptop while the other hosts were not listening.


"Should we announce our relationship?" He asked in a very, very calm tone.

"Of course Kyouya," Haruhi said also in a calm voice.

They walked in front of the host members, "Ahem, I have a something to say," He said getting everyone's attention.

"What is it Kyou-chan?" Hunny said.

"... Me and Kyouya are going to start a relationship." Haruhi stated.

"But okaa-san and daughter is already in a relationship," The host club king said, tilting his head to a side in confusion.

"That's not what they meant Tono, they mean a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship," Kaoru replied to Tamaki quietly.

Tamaki was shocked... Then he went pale...

"No! I will not allow that to happen! Okaa-san and daughter cannot have an relationship! Otou-san will not allow this!"

"Tamaki, you do know that we are not a real family right?" Kyouya stated.

Tamaki was just standing there blank thinking why was he feeling the feelings he had about Kyouya and Haruhi together.

"Even if tono agreeds to this, I won't! Don't you see Haruhi! I... I love you!!" Hikaru bursted out. His cheeks were red from embarrassment and jealously.

"I'm sorry Hikaru," Haruhi started to have a bit of sadness and guilt in her voice. "I can't return your feelings to you... I know you will find a better person other then me."

"Haruhi, why?" HIkaru started to shed tears.(2) "You're the only one for me! Nade? Nade? Haruhi!" he dropped to the floor, letting the tears drop.

Haruhi and Kaoru when to his side to and try to cheer him up.

"I'm sorry Hikaru," Haruhi said one again...

Kaoru saw this coming sooner or later so he tried to let his brother to know that Kyouya and Haruhi had a thing for each other so later he wouldn't be as painful as he is now.

'Damn it! Why did they confess so fast!!? Now Hikaru's crying!' Kaoru thought.

'Hikaru! Hikaru! Please stop crying! I'm begging you! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!' Now Haruhi was starting to cry to...

Kyouya went to Haruhi side, hugging her so he could try to calm her down...

"Shhhh, Haruhi, it's not your fault."

"B-But it is Kyouya!" She buried her head in Kyouya's chest, tugging on his uniform.

"There is nothing to be worth crying for, Haruhi."

Tamaki, being very quiet for the moment was standing there seeing the scene in front of him though...

'We are suppose to be a happy family! Now all I see is tears everywhere in my family's eyes!'

Now everyone started to calm down, and the tears stopped. Soon there was silent...

"W-we should celebrate ne, Tama-chan?" The loli-shorta said, trying to break the quietness.

Everyone looked at Tamaki, well actually more like staring, but Tamaki, was just being all quiet until...

"D-damei! Okaa-san cannot have a relationship other than a mother-daughter one! Father will not allow such a thing!!"

Sighing, Kyouya said, "Tamaki you know that we are not a real family so you stop with the father, mother thing."

"But, but we are a family!" He protested.

"No, we are not, but we are like a family."

Tamaki sighed, "You really have to be stubborn about that don't you Kyouya," Tamaki said in his sudden new calm voice, shocking everyone except for Kyouya.


"You can not date Haruhi because... Because... I don't know why..." He said back in his foolish-self, trying to think of a reason why they can't date.

Once again sighing, Kyouya asked, "So Tamaki, is there a reason why we can not have a relationship?"

"Oh yeah! You guys can't date because Haruhi still have her debt!"

"No, Éclair already paid for all of it."

"Oh... Then I guess you guys can have an relationship." Tamaki said having a little sad tone in it.

"Don't worry Tamaki-senpai, it's not like we will ditch you guys, we're just going to hang out on weekends," Haruhi reassured.

"Any other reasons why we shouldn't have this relationship?" Kyouya asked the host club members.

Everyone shook there heads.

"No reason, Kyou-chan... So we should celebrate right?" Hunny asked.

"Yes, yes we should Hunny-senpai," Tamaki said, "Yoshi! We are going to your mansion this Sunday, Kyouya!" The host king shouted.

"Hai hai," Kyouya sighed, it's going to be a long day on Sunday. He just knew it.

Then out of nowhere Tamaki had juice in a wine bottle with glass cups, "A toast to the new couple!" He said filling up the glass with juice raising it high.

"A toast to Kyouya and Haruhi!" The other host club said raising their glass cups as well.

"Thank you guys, this really means a lot to me," Haruhi said with a very charming smile.

"It means a lot to me too," Kyouya said, finishing his drink.

Everyone was smiling, even Hikaru, that was just crying a while ago... Well he just found out that he has Kaoru by his side, and that was all he needed...

When everyone finished and everybody left, except for Kyouya and Haruhi...

"They're great friends to be with, don't you think Kyouya?" She asked.

"Yes Haruhi, they're great friends," Kyouya replied.

"Well Kyouya, are we going to leave now?"

"Not just yet, I still have to do something before I leave."

"Ehh, what's that?" Haruhi asked, looking at Kyouya.

He smirked while taking his glasses off and placing it to who knows where.

"This," with that being said he turned to face Haruhi and he lifted her from her waist, kissing her deeply, but also gently on the lips.

Haruhi was shocked, but after a moment, she kissed him back.

'We will never be separated, my beloved,' Kyouya thought, enjoying the kiss.


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