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Chapter 6: Uchiha Overload



The said man behind the desk looked up from his book and smiled at the person who addressed him. The woman whom he had been waiting for had finally made her grand appearance.

"Tsunade-chan! We haven't had a talk for such a very long time!"

Tsunade, all in her glory, merely lifted her eyes in acknowledgment as she sat down on the opposite side of him. Fugaku winced inwardly at the ironic job the fierce, daunting woman that served in the compound.

"So, did anything happen lately to my dear, wonderful students?" He prodded, grinning cheekily at the other woman.

The other woman lips slowly curved into a frown as her eyes narrowed dangerously. "I still can't believe you and that damn Jiraiya are running this school." She hissed. "You as the headmaster and him as the deputy head. That guy can't do anything but hit on girls! I'm surprised that he hasn't been charged for harassment."

"But Tsunade-chan—"

"Don't Tsunade-chan me!" Blue eyes flashed dangerously. "My dear, wonderful students? Don't even joke! All you want to know about is your two good-for-nothing sons."

Uchiha Fugaku flinched slightly. The woman in front of him never ceased to amaze him. If it weren't for the fact that they went to the same school, he would've never believed that she was as old as him. It pained him greatly how she could easily scare him even though his rank was above her. 'Headmaster of Konoha Academy fears the school caretaker' – that would definitely have made a good headline for the school website.

"Now, now, Tsunade-chan. I'm just a father who is concerned about his two sons. They are not good-for-nothing. Itachi is tutoring English and teaching social classes whenever he can. As for Sasuke, he just needs to break apart from that shell of his. Everyone knows how adorable Sasu-chan really is."

Tsunade rolled her eyes and made a face. "I know what you're thinking. Don't bother denying it. The moment she passed me, I could already foresee the entire scheme going through that little mind of yours."

"But…" Her mouth curved up slightly as a mischievous glint flashed through her watchful eyes, "…it seems like Haruno Sakura has caught Itachi's interest."


"I happened to be near Anko-sensei's room. Your Itachi requested to teach the girl, even though she was going to be transferred to the Secondary English Language class—"

"--Yes! Yes! I knew this was going to happen!" The old man exclaimed joyfully, interrupting her. "The development in this relationship is going much faster than—Wait! Did you just say Itachi? As in UCHIHA ITACHI!?"


"There's only one Uchiha Itachi, Uchiha Fugaku."


Twitch. Twitch.

"THE COLD AND QUIET UCHIHA ITACHI!?" A huge smile was plastered all over his face.

Twitch. .

"LIKE I SAID, THERE IS ONLY ONE ITACHI!" Tsunade barked, slamming her fist down onto the desk, ruining the neat piles of paperwork that Fugaku had meticulously stacked so well.

Uchiha Fugaku cringed, but then sighed happily. Nothing could ruin his mood today. "That girl is simply amazing! To have caught the interest of Itachi-chan…"

Something clicked.

"…They're ALMOST FIVE YEARS APART! That is just NOT right! FIVE YEARS IS JUST TOO MUCH! What would happen to Sasuke-chan then? I can't have Sasu's soon-to-be wife stolen away by his older brother!"

Tsunade rubbed at her temples at the behavior of her friend as the other man ran around the room in frantic, but delighted circles. And to say that Uchiha Fugaku was a stoic man; quiet, calm, and cold. Tsk. Of course…the man wouldn't let anyone else see his "doting" parental side. But why was she the one – out of all people— who has to put up with his secret side? Tsunade suddenly wondered what Mikoto had seen in the man. She was sure he had reached the stage of insanity. She needed to get away. With all her heart, she utterly felt sorry for the poor girl and truly wished that the girl could take on whatever the cunning man was planning.

"Whatever. While you find the solution to that problem, I shall take my leave." She walked to the door and turned the knob. "Oh right, it seems like he has returned."

Fugaku stopped short as his eyes widened in disbelief. "You mean…"

"I received a call from his aunt. It seems that he will be arriving shortly."


"And don't forget to add the 25 percent bonus to my cheque next month that we had previously agreed on."

The doors close and Fugaku sighed.

Tsunade and her money-making tatics. But right now, he had other things to focus on.

Another storm was brewing…


Sakura hated the class. No, not hate. Not even despise. No words could even describe the range of hatred towards that class. Oh, how the gods above just love her!

Stomping down the hallway while disregarding all the inquisitive glances cast at her way, the pink-haired freak muttered all the possible imprudent names she could think of for the older Uchiha. It had been only the second time she had English class, yet she already loathed it. The first class, was simply horrible – getting to know your partners with conversations in English.

Even if Uchiha Itachi was patient enough to wait for her to make out the first three words of her sentence, the vicious teacher, Anko kept bellowing out at her when she made mistakes.

'That woman just hates me!' she complained.

/Ahh, but Itachi-sama doesn't./ her inner self stated.

Sakura cringed at what the girl had called him and then she groaned again. Apparently, Anko was greatly discontent with her English. She even threatened the poor girl that she would move her to the Secondary English Language class if she didn't improve by the end of class.

Even though it was a bit embarrassing to have a teacher bellowing at 'how stupid you are' in front of the entire class – which included her classmates and the university students – Sakura couldn't help but to look forward to her lack of improvement on that subject. A way to get away from the Uchiha duo. That was what she needed.

And just by the end of class, delightfully, Sakura seemingly did not improved at all. Anko had started writing letters to immediately transfer Sakura to the other class. For once, the petite girl was so grateful that she could've bow down to the older woman. That was… until the older Uchiha decided to ruin it for her.


"Anko-sensei, I think we should give Haruno-san another chance. It is simply not her fault that she came from an unfortunate background, and therefore, didn't learn as much as we did in our younger years."

The scary teacher nodded her head slowly in contemplation, but then her eyes narrowed into slits when she glanced down at her.

Sakura flinched.

"I'm sure that I can make her catch up with the rest of the class by the end of this month. Just give her a chance. She is an exceptionally bright one." Itachi said smoothly.

Sakura bit her lips to keep herself from bursting out into fits of laughter at the last sentence. "After all... she is a scholarship student." All the humor disappeared and Sakura sweat-dropped. 'Right...'

"Well…I guess I can give Pinky another chance if she's willing to make that effort, right Pinky?" Purple eyes peered into Sakura's green ones. "Say thanks to your tutor, Pinky. If Itachi-san didn't ask this on your behalf, you would've gone down to the other class by now."

Sakura frowned and slowly (and even painfully), she lowered her head and bow down to the regal Uchiha. "A-Arigatou, Itachi-sensei"

"..." A glare.

"And A-Anko-sensei."

Lifting her head up, she saw the infamous smirk of the older Uchiha sibling.

"You're welcome, Sakura-chan."

Sakura knew what the sentence was, even if it was in English. And that sarcasm which he had implied into it irked her into no end.

As if the conversation had never happened in the first place, Anko banged her beloved meter stick (of DOOM) onto her table unexpectedly. "The bell will ring in ten seconds. I want you all out when the bell rings." she barked.

Turning around to walk back her desk, Sakura faced many amused face; all staring at her. Even Uchiha Sasuke was smirking, his onyx eyes mocking her.

'Kami-sama, would killing Uchiha Itachi and Uchiha Sasuke be too much to ask from you?'

End of Flashback

Sakura glowered at the bitter memory.

The second class was even worse.

'And they say like father, like son! I'd say: like older brother, like younger brother.' Sakura fumed.

/What are you talking about, Sakura-chan dear. That man is totally different from his younger brother. Itachi is simply amazing at tutoring! / Inner –Sakura giggled childishly.

'Like what!?' Sakura snapped. 'Stopping me every frickin' second and say: Sakura, Sakura, Sakura. That word is not like this... That word is not supposed to be like that... The reason for this being that is because of this…! You will not meet up to Anko-sensei's expectations with the speed we're going right now. Blah. Blah. Blah. It's not like I wanted to be in that class from the beginning! And I still don't get when we use well or good or goodly!'

"Well is used to describe how something is done. Good is to describe a person or a thing. Goodly is not a word. I hate to say, but your English must suck if you don't understand something as simple as that."

Green eyes widened in horror. 'Oh kami-sama! Did I say all that out loud!?'

Whirling herself around, she came face-to-face with another Uchiha-look-a-like-ish face with extremely pale skin.

'Holy crap! He's a vampire!' That was the first reaction that came to mind. Inner-Sakura slapped her in the face.

A smirk flitted across his lips before he said, "Don't worry, I don't bite…"

"… hard."


/Girl, can you please notice the obvious fact?/

'... like what?' she asked. Realization then dawned her. 'No... freakin' way!'

/ For once, I can say I'm proud of you for noticing how handsome--/

"YOU'RE AN UCHIHA AREN'T YOU!?" The deranged girl cried out, pointing her index finger accusingly at the guy.


"IS MY LIFE HAUNTED BY UCHIHAS OR WHAT!?" The aberrant sentence came out like a clash of thunder.

Around then, students stopped walking and stared at the two. Whispers, mutters and talk suddenly spread like a wildfire, but Sakura could only focus on the handsome boy in front of her. Somehow, his appearance had put a trance on her.

Immediately, she thought of the notorious series that she had read in merely two days.

'Twilight should be considered a cognitive hazard.' She groaned mentally.

The boy in front of her smiled prettily, to the point that it irked Sakura.


If possible, the dazzling smile of a devil shone even brighter.

"Wow, are you a stalker?"

"Kya! It's him! Sai~! The model!" Sakura's ears caught the sentence as she realized that everyone was talking about the stranger in front of her.

"A model?..." she stated dumbly as she looked at him. "So… you're not related to the Uchihas?"

'I still don't see what the people here see in him. And in those Uchihas too...'

"Aaaa, and I thought you were one of my stalkerish fans."


"Did you just say stalkerish fan?" A growl. Twitch. Twitch.

He smiled innocently.

Twith. Twitch. Twitch.

"I'm not your 'stalkerish fan"." The words came out her gritted teeth. "I didn't even know you existed until you appeared in front of me!"

Somehow, the scene reminded her of a not-too-happy memory that had happen between her and a certain Uchiha.

"You never know." he shrugged. "You could have just altered my name to Uchiha Saichi, knowing that fact that I am the world's renowned model."



Haruno Sakura lunged to punch the guy. SHANAROOOOOO!


The model had moved gracefully to the side, dodging the punch, causing the petite girl to crash towards the floor.

"Ittai!" she cried as she sat up.

Sai chuckled as he extended his arm towards her.

"What do you want now?" Sakura sulked childishly as she slapped his arm away.

"I'm just being a gentleman and helping you up." Grabbing her arm, he pulled her up and picked up her books up. Sakura glared at him with the scariest look she could muster.

"The model smiled the dazzling smile which she hated so much and leaned towards her side, whispering into her ears, "I guess I underestimated you... You're much more interesting than I thought you were to be, Haruno Sakura."

Sakura couldn't move. Once again, she was bewitched by the stupid, beautiful model.

She cursed him.





/ Apparently dear, he isn't an Uchiha. If he was, then he would've been in this school ever since you came here. / Logical inner-Sakura stated.

'WHATEVER! HE STILL REMINDS ME OF THE UCHI--' her thoughts were interrupted at Sai's next actions.

"Please to meet you. My name is Uchiha Sai." He then keeled down and kissed her hand.

Hell had frozen over.

Let's just say, everyone was way beyond astonished.

One thought in their mind: 'How does he know hername?'

As for naive, little Haruno Sakura, she had no idea what she was getting into from the rendezvous with the third Uchiha. Only two thoughts were clear in her mind through all the chaotic confusion.

'He's AN UCHIHA! AN UCHIHA! ... and why is my heart beating so fast?'


End of Chapter 6.