Summary: Hermione's had enough, and she lets Ron know in no uncertain terms.

Warning: PG-13 for language and use of an impolite term for the female genitalia. (Ooh lookit me 'n' my long wurds!)

Author's Note: Ron irritates me. That's all I'll say. (Oh, and I know that officially Apparating doesn't make a noise, but... hush up, you.)

Wordcount: 116, not counting this part and the title.


She Was Lying This Whole Time?



"Eh? Oh – good morning, Hermione."

"Sit down, Ron. We need to talk."


"Listen, Ron. I like you a lot, but you are such an unutterably clueless git that I've decided we can't be together."


"Shut up."


"Instead, I'm going to elope with Tonks, Ginny, or both, move to New York City, and start a heavy metal band called The Cunts. Say goodbye to Harry for me, will you?"



"Oh, bugger."


"Oh, hi, Harry."

"Have you seen Ginny this morning?"

"... No."

"That's odd. Hey, why the long face?"

"Didn't Hermione always say that it's impossible to Apparate or Disapparate inside Hogwarts?"


"I have got to read Hogwarts, A History."