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Edward's POV

We boarded the plane to Phoenix anxiously, hoping we weren't too late. This was all my fault. How could I have been so idiotic? Even though I didn't know it was Victoria, I shouldn't have let her in! She feeds on humans! I should've been able to tell about that! But I just had to let her upstairs. Now Bella was probably going to die.

No. I couldn't think those thoughts. Instead, I thought about her. Her lips, the way I estimated they would feel against mine. She was really something nice. If I'd only taken the time to see it before she was kidnapped, I could've protected her better. I didn't even know her. Yet… as I thought about her, I couldn't help myself but drifting off into space and dream about her. I felt a strange sensation sweeping over my body as I trembled in delight. I hoped nobody saw. Was this love? Confusion racked my brain as I searched for an answer. Nothing. I'd never felt love before. Maybe it was. I hoped it was.

Did I? If I did love her, it would be so much harder to see her die. No, I can't love her. The pain would become unbearable. Alice, seeing my trembling and, luckily, taking it the wrong way, put her hand on my shaking leg. "Don't worry," she said. "It's not your fault." I knew why she didn't say that it would be okay. I saw the taut lines on her face that didn't show up unless she was worried. Extremely worried. This was bad.

Bella's POV

We got off of the plane in haste. I tried to slow myself down. Every second counted in a life or death race. But Victoria hit me in the back and told me to move faster. Can you say abuse?

We shuffled into a car, a yellow taxi, and I remembered my mom's favorite self-quote. "A car in Phoenix is $5000 of a piece of shit. It takes an hour to get half a block unless you walk. Yet so many people try. Idiots." Lucky for me, Mom's theory was correct. We moved up 2 feet every minute. Time was essence here.

Edward's POV

We were lying in a meadow, holding on to each other. I stared into her chocolate brown eyes, and mine smoldered. She sat, stunned. And she disappearedI was back on the plane. I remembered the way she was confused when my eyes smoldered like that, not realizing that it was her who made them do it. I remembered how she fell over everything bigger than a marble. And sometimes smaller. I remembered it all. Alice was looking at me weirdly. "I remember," I told her, and her eyes widened.

"Everything?" she asked.

"Yes," I said quietly. I now remembered Victoria's pledge to kill Bella. How could I have let that happen? Well, it already had, and all that mattered now was getting her back. If we could. If not… I would bite her. I couldn't live without her. But what if we don't get there in time? What if she's dead by the time we do? Alice was still staring at me, stunned. She got up to go tell everyone else. I mourned in silence.

Bella's POV

"This is taking too long," Victoria stated. I smirked, and instead of the glare I was expecting, she smirked back. I froze inside. "I guess I'll just have to call in one of my friends," she said. I went pale. She took out her cell phone, and it glared in the sunlight. "Hey. Could you direct the cars out of the way? Good. You're the best. Seeya." She hung up the phone, and looked around. I saw a police officer walking towards the car in the front. The window was rolled down, and he stuck his head inside. After a few minutes, the car pulled to the side of the road. Uh-oh. Within 20 minutes, we had a clear path through the cars. And I had a clear view at the police officer.


Jacob's POV

"Danke." I tipped the cab driver, and he drove away. I looked up at the house that we would share together. The strange thing was, only Quil's car was there. I was kind of hoping that they would all get to see me get back. They did still think I was dead. How many people fall off of an airplane and live? Not many. But I'd learned all about acceleration and falling in science, and studied it further. I'd been holding my carry-on bag, which had a sheet in it. I didn't have enough room in my other suitcases. So I took it out during free-fall, and used it as a parachute. Pretty clever, huh? I lived off of fish for a month and a half. I also studied geography, and by determining the ways of the sun and stopping on islands at night and for breaks, I was able to So here I was for the homecoming. Too bad they weren't. Oh well. I'd see them later. Quil was here. I rang the doorbell, to see him open it, holding a bowl of Spaghetti-O's. He dropped the Spaghetti-O's.

"Jacob?" he questioned as his eyes bugged out of his head.

"The one and only." We hugged each other in a tight embrace. He was shaking. But he wasn't going to turn into a wolf. He was scared. Scared of what?

"Quil, what's wrong?" He didn't answer. "Quil!" I yelled.

"It's about your friend," he said quietly.

"Which one?"

"… Bella."

"What about her?"

"…We got mad at the vampire for dropping you, and everyone else…"

"Spit it out, Quil!!!"

"They're helping Victoria kill Bella!"

"What the hell??? Why would they do that?"

"They wanted revenge, so they decided to take away the thing he cared about most. I had no part in it."

I was about ready to kill Quil. Bella was about to die, and all he was worried about was clearing his name. "Where are they?" I asked.

"Some dance studio in Phoenix." Phoenix. That was where she came from. And now that I thought about it, didn't she tell me about a dance studio one time where a vampire tried to kill her. It was probably the same one.

"Do you know the address?"

"Sam wrote it down somewhere." He frantically searched for it, and quickly came up with a yellow post-it. "Right here."

"Let's go." I ran out the door and into the car. We had to move fast. This was life or death here.

We paid the manager a lot of extra money to get a faster plane. We would get there almost as fast as possible. Now all we could do was wait. And hope.

Bella's POV

I walked into the studio, teary-eyed, to meet the Quilete tribe standing before us. They had hateful faces plastered onto them. I can't believe I actually trusted them. "Where's Quil and Emily?" I asked them shakily.

"Emily is sleeping in a hotel, and Quil didn't want to have anything to do with this."

"Hmm. I guess he's the only good person out of you guys." They winced as I turned away. "What now?" I asked Victoria.

"We're going to wait for your lover. We want him to see you dieing. When they get here, the dogs will hold them off." The tribe glared at her, and she said to them, "What? We're working together. We're not supposed to like each other."

She let go of me, and I walked into a corner, sat down, and stared at my knees. I was doomed.

Edward's POV

I ran off the plane at human speed, occasionally a little faster. I ran through the street, to a parking lot. I went to the back of the building, in the shadows, and ripped the door off of the fastest car that I saw, my family jumping into the car and squishing together. I gunned the gas, ran through red lights, stop signs, and swerved around people. I was going 300mph. I needed to get to Bella.

I ran out of the car and burst through the door into the studio, expecting it to be halfway over. But it was the exact opposite. Bella was sitting alone in a corner. She looked up, crying. Her eyes shone with sorrow. I looked around… right into the eyes of the leader of the fucking werewolves. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"We're here to hold you off," he replied. At seeing the confused look on my face, he continued, "You get to watch your girlfriend die at the hands of her," nodding at Victoria.

"Not that you'll remember her," she said.

"That's where you're wrong," I stated. "I remember it all."

"That just makes this twice as fun." She walked over to Bella, and I stayed put, knowing that if I moved, she would immediately kill Bella, instead of doing it slowly and not giving me a chance. "Let's do it," she pronounced, sending the dogs lurching at us. we had more people, but they were just holding us off. If this was a death fight, we would win. But they weren't trying to kill us, just keep us out of the way. Bella started to shake, and Victoria lightly kicked her in the stomach, sending her flying across the room.

"BELLA!!!" I cried. She didn't respond. The scent of her blood filled the room. All of the vampires in the room cringed, but no one faltered. "Why are you doing this?" I asked Sam while trying to push him to the side.

"You killed Jacob!"

"What do you mean?"

"When you dropped him, he never came back up. We never found him. And now we're mad."

"I dropped it so that I could save Bella!"

"It doesn't matter!"

"Yes it does."

"And how is that?"

"Would you have dropped for your girlfriend?" He stopped at this, and I stopped too, letting him think.

"Yes," he answered quietly.

"And what if you dropped me, I died, and my family went after your girlfriend? Would it matter that you dropped me for your girlfriend? Because it was you?"

A tear rolled down his cheek. "I'm sorry," he mumbled. I didn't say anything, but felt a strange urge to take this time as an advantage and kill him. But this might be my only chance to get Bella back.

"Will you help us?" I asked fearfully.

Hesitating, he shakily said, "I don't know."

Sam's POV

"I don't know." I heard Bella scream to my right as Victoria kicked smacked her. And I saw the flash of pain in the leech's eyes as he looked at her. He did love her. As much as I loved Emily. And that was enough to make my decision. "Let's go," I nodded to Victoria, and he sighed in relief. I went around to my pack members, telling them that we were switching sides. They all gave me the crazy look. "Just do it," I told them. They grudgingly obeyed.

We all walked over to Victoria. "What's going on?" she asked, suspicion in her eye.

"We've decided to switch sides," I told her.

And what, of course, did she start to do next? Laugh. "HAHAHAHA!" After a few minutes of uncontrollable laughter, she composed herself again. "Yeah, right. Like you two could work together. You guys try to kill each other almost every week. That won't be happening anytime soon."

"Actually, we weren't joking," I continued. There was a glint of hope forming in Bella's eyes. "We've decided to kick your ass instead."

She paused, stunned. Staring at us. But then she bolted out the door. Everyone followed. Everyone but Edward.

Jacob's POV

I jumped out of the cab, threw $50 at the driver, and ran to the door. I got beat to it. Almost the whole bunch of them stormed the door after the red-haired bloodsucker. The only people not there were Bella and her lover. Sam ran past me, did a double take, and stopped in his tracks. Along with the rest of the werewolves. 2 seconds later, I was embraced in hugs all around.

"HEY!!!" screamed the black-haired girl. She didn't stop chasing Victoria.

"We should probably get back to her," Sam said.

"Let's go," I stated, and we took off. The huge vampire tackled her, holding her down.

"Who wants to finish her off?" he inquired. We looked at each other.

"You wanna do it, Jacob?" Quil offered.

"Um… sure." I stepped forward, acting as if I hadn't been anticipating this moment for months. I knelt down to her. I whispered, "Seeya, leech," before digging my fingernails into her rock-hard stomach. I smiled as the glare in her eyes went out. She was dead.

Bella's POV

I could feel the unconsciousness creeping up as my head lolled to the side. I felt a cold pair of arms wrapping around me, and immediately recognized them as Edward's. "You remember, huh?" I said tiredly.

"Mmhmm. I don't know how I could forget you."

"I don't think it would be that hard when you get hit by a helicopter." He chuckled at this, and I tried to do so, but coughed instead.

"Are you okay?" he asked me.

"I'm in a bit of pain, but I think I'll be okay."

"That's definitely good. I love you." My heart did a little flip as I heard him say that. I didn't think that I would ever hear that again.

"I love you too," I said quietly, tears in my eyes.

"You ready to go back home?"

"Yes," I answered. The floor disappeared from beneath me, and I fell asleep in his arms as he carried me out the doors.

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