Title: Dean's Pride

Disclaimer: Me no own, You no sue

Warning: None


Chapter Three : Resolution


Sam watches his brother enter their room. Dean is grinning like a mad man and covered in sweat and dirt.

"Got some new toys," Dean smiles, slightly out of breath as he holds up a shotgun in one hand and two 9mm in the other.

"Where did those come from?" Sam asks hesitantly.

"They were in the forest," Dean is still grinning as he sets their new weapons on the table and his duffel on the floor.

"I hope you enjoyed yourself," Sam can't stop his own smile.

"You should have been there, Sammy," the giddiness in his brother's voice scares Sam, "they were terrified. Imagine if those kids had to face a real ghost! They wouldn't last two seconds!"

Dean landed on his bed with a heavy thump. He could still feel the adrenaline in his veins and he knew he wouldn't be getting any sleep tonight.

"I'm sure they didn't have our childhood, Dean."

Dean just giggled before suddenly jumping up and retrieving his gun cleaning kit from underneath his bed.

"Not the point and you know it," Dean jumped up and practically ran to the table and began disassembling one of the pistols.

Sam rolled his eyes and turned his attention back to his laptop. "Just play with your new toys, Dean."

"That is something I can do."