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I'm staring at the phone. Again.

This can't be healthy.

I've done this every day for the past week.

All because I don't have the guts to ask Catherine out. I've managed to dial her number a few times, but I always hang up when I hear the first ring.

But today I'm going to ask her. No more hanging up at the first ring, I'm going to ask her.

Okay, just dial the number; talk to Catherine; ask her out on a date. Simple.

Great, it's ringing. Now all I have to do is not hang up.

Right, the phone's ringing again. Just hold on and don't-


Cue phone slamming down.

Let's try this again. Pick up the phone, dial the number, and don't hang up. Simple.

Screw this, I'm going to ask her out in person. She won't let me leave until she gets the whole story.

On second thought, I think I should try this again.


Listen to the ring.

Don't hang-

I'm a coward.

I think I'll just go ask her in person.

I'm outside of her house. Perfect. Now all I have to do is go up to the door and knock on it. Then I just wait for her to come out.

Walking. There, that's it Sara. You're there. Just knock on the door.

Who am I kidding? I can't do this. Like she'd want to go out with me, anyways.

I have tonight off, so I'm going to go home and stay there. Maybe I can remove Catherine from my thoughts.


Back in the car we go, then.

Wait. I'm not moving. A hand is stopping me. And connected to that hand is-

I think I'm in trouble.

Big trouble, judging by that smirk.

…How can a smirk look so damn sexy?

Oh, right. Catherine.

"Umm… Hi Catherine. Nice day, isn't it?" Oh this is just wonderful. Here I am, staring at the woman of my dreams, and all I can think to talk about is the weather.

And now her smirk looks even sexier! How does she do that?

"I haven't really noticed, Sara. I've been too concerned about my phone. It's been ringing for no obvious reason."

Hell, now she's practically breathing my air. Does she have any idea what she's putting me through?

"Do you… have any idea… why? Sara?"

I think my heart is just about to burst. Her eyes are so amazingly dark with… well, I can pretend it's desire, at least. And damn, that voice… So low… so sensuous…

"I think that it has something to do with why you're outside my house right now…"

I am definitely in trouble.

"Y-yeah? What- what makes you think that?"

"Sara… I have caller ID."

Big trouble.

"Uh… do you?"

"Mm hm."


"Now I want you to answer one question… Sidle."

I have to bite my lip to contain a moan at that.


I just know I'm going to pay for this.

"We've been out here talking for at least a minute Sara. When are you going to kiss me?"

My heart just literally stopped. And if her arms weren't around my neck, I would be a puddle on the floor.

Wait- her arms around my-

Hot damn.

I'll ask her out later.