Distant Memories

(Athrun x Cagalli Fic)

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Chapter 1: At the Begining:

It was the first day at school for a certain blonde headed girl who looked at her new highschool. Being transferred from Nagoya, Tokyo seemed like a really busy place in the golden-brown eyes of Cagalli Yula Athha. Yet she felt alone, being in a strange new place and not knowing anyone. As she entered the building, she saw that everything was bigger, a lot bigger. Bigger halls, bigger rooms, everything! "Wow..." breathed Cagalli as she paused to take a better look at everything.

Students were busy coming in and out of rooms, chatting with friends and getting their stuff from their lockers. As Cagalli stood there gazing at her new school, the bell rang and everything seemed alive and moving. Students were now rushing to their classes and Cagalli realized she hasn't even got her time schedule yet. "Oh no! I'm going to be late again and this is only my first day!" she moaned as she ran down the halls and into a room she supposed was the office.

But she was correct, thankfully. It was the office and many secretaries were busy handing out student cards and schedules. Cagalli went up to a lady who was helping a tall boy with short, spikey brown hair. The boy turned around as Cagalli came closer. "C-Cagalli?" asked a familar voice as Cagalli heard her name and faced the boy.

Cagalli's eyes widened. "Kira? W-what are you doing here?" she stammered in surprise at seeing her old best friend from Nagoya.

"I go to this school, are you new here?" Kira asked, swallowing his surprise.

Cagalli nodded, with her mouth dropping as she realized that she knew at least one person in this strange town. "Awesome! What's your first class?" Kira asked as the lady came back with his timestable.

Cagalli closed her gaping mouth and shrugged. "I don't know, that is why I'm here," she said as the lady turned to face her.

"Hello there, how can I help you?" asked the secretary.

Cagalli faced the secretary. "Hi, I'm a new transfer student here and I was wondering if I could have my schedule," she answered.

The secretary nodded and typed some stuff into the school computer. "And what is your name, Miss?" she asked.

"Athha, Cagalli Yula" answered Cagalli as she prayed she wouldn't be too late. (A/N: In Asia, students say their last names first)

Kira stood next to her and grinned. "Don't worry, you transfer students get it easy," he answered as Cagalli relaxed a bit.

The secretary quickly found her schedule and printed it off for her. "Here you go. You better hurry, the second bell for class will ring soon," she said and the second bell rung.

"Oh! Thank you! Ahhh! I'm going to be late!" said Cagalli as she took off, not knowing where her homeroom was.

"Cagalli! Hold on! You don't even know where everything is!" Kira called out.

Cagalli slowed down. She looked at him really confused, "Don't worry, I'll help you get to your homeroom. It's down the hall and to your left. It should say room number 14. Mine is number 15," said Kira as he caught up with her.

Cagalli flashed him a really grateful smile and continued to hurry. "Thanks a lot, Kira!" she said and quickly entered her room, out of breath.

Everyone looked in her direction. The teacher turned to her. "Miss, you're just on time," he grinned as Cagalli smiled in relief.

"I take it you are our new transfer student, Miss?" asked the teacher as he stood up.

Cagalli nodded and looked around the class. There were about 30 students in there and in rows. She noticed there was only one extra seat and desk in front of a boy with midnight-blue hair and emerald eyes. He caught her eyes and then looked away. The teacher stood next to her and asked her to introduce herself. "My name is Cagalli Yula Athha and I hope I can be friends with you all," she said and bowed politely.

The teacher introduced himself as Mr. La Flaga and welcomed her into his room. "You may have the seat in front of Mr. Zala. Please take your seat," said Mr. La Flaga and Cagalli quickly sat down.

Mr. La Flaga talked more about the rules of the school and then asked some volunteers to assist the new comers around the school. A girl with medium length brown hair and clear blue eyes volunteered to help Cagalli around. Mr. La Flaga nodded and the girl took Cagalli outside. "Hey Miss. Athha, my name is Hawwe Mirillia. Nice to meet you!" she said cheerfully as held out her hand.

Cagalli smiled and took Mirillia's hand. "Nice to meet you too, Miss. Hawwe," said Cagalli and the two of them went around the school. Mirillia was really nice and showed Cagalli everything, from her locker to all of the rooms. Then by the time they finished, it was already lunch. "You can eat lunch with me and my friends if you like," offered Mirillia.

Cagalli smiled. "Thanks a lot, Miss Hawwe!" she said brightly.

Mirillia shood her head and smiled. "You don't have to be too formal with us students. Just call me Mirillia or Mir," she said.

Cagalli nodded. "Okay, Mir. You can just call me Cagalli then," she said.

This school is a lot different than my old school. We had to call everyone Miss or Mr. It was so annoying. I think I like this school... Cagalli thought as she was dragged away by Mirillia to a table with a number of people. "Hey everyone, this is Cagalli!" said Mirillia.

Cagalli smiled as she saw Kira, who grinned back. A lot of "hey's, hi's, and hello's" were exchanged between Cagalli and everyone else. They all gave their names as Lacus, Kira, Dearkka and Sai. Cagalli noticed the boy who sat behind her in the previous class named Athrun. Cagalli sat down and ate her lunch while talked with the others. Suddenly a few girls came by. 2 red heads and one girl who looked exactly like Lacus, but was different. "Hey Athrun! Wanna come and eat lunch with us?" the Lacus-look-a-like asked in a very sweet tone that made Cagalli want to gag.

Athrun turned and looked at them, "No thanks, I'll eat here," he answered coolly.

The girls moped, but went back to their table. Athrun shook his head in disbelief. "Geez, them again. They stalk me everywhere," he groaned.

Kira had an amused expression on his face. "Well Athrun, it is your fault you're so popular here. Every girl except Lacus, Mirillia and Cagalli are after you," said Kira.

Athrun gave Kira a simple look that said it-is-not-my-fault. Kira shrugged and continue to eat. Soon more girls came in their direction. Oh boy, what now? asked Cagalli as she started to finish her lunch. Athrun rose from the table. "I better go now," he said and walked out of the cafeteria.

Everyone soon finished and went to their next class. For Cagalli, it was Physical Education. As she got changed and went onto the track, she noticed the boys that had the same P.E time. Athrun was there too, talking to a blonde-haired guy with tanned skin. The P.E teacher, Mrs. Ramius told them she forgot her stop watch and told them to keep running along the track. Cagalli warmed up and noticed some dark glares from the three girls who had past their table at lunch. What is their problem? Cagalli thought to herself and ran. All of the girls ran while the boys cheered them on. Cagalli was in the lead, being an athletic person until she saw a foot swing. Cagalli tried to evade it, but got caught up in it and fell. The pink-haired girl smirked and continue to run, with loud cheers from the guys. As Cagalli stood up shakily, she fell back down since her ankle was twisted pretty bad. A member of the boys' team ran up to her and offered her a hand. "Here," he said with a cool voice.

Cagalli looked up to find Athrun, offering to help her.

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