Hello people! this foreword serves as a warning that this story is an AU happening (hence being titled AlternateS)- due to StrikerS showing next year- but the N x Y pairing will be enforced, due to it being indicated in A's. Some shoujo-ai will be in but dont expect something good - i'm still new to this kind of lineage.

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"..." - Speaking, thoughts or quotations in narration

'...' - Quotations or quoted items in speech or thought

Underlined - Emphasis A- minor

Bold - Emphasis B- serious

Combined - Emphasis C- grave, really grave

"attack!" - Devices talking

# 1: The Beginning of a new Crisis

Downtown Uminari City, Country of Japan, Earth 2:36 PM.

"We are live here from downtown, where the city is currently under attack! Police and the SDF are powerless and it seems that eight strangers are currently the city's only defense, as they have the same abilities as those of the attackers…" the reporter on site could only say as beam blasts, explosions and clashes erupted and passed by her. "And we are still trying to determine anything over here!"

The reporter and her crew were also trying to escape the sudden and mysterious attack, trying to head for their van. Suddenly, the camera's lens caught sight of a stray energy beam heading towards them. But then, instead of hitting them, something or rather, someone was standing in its way- a girl with twin tails tying her reddish-brown hair, in a white and blue barrier jacket, holding a pink staff with a red orb framed in gold.

"Protection Powered…" The staff spoke, releasing a barrier which confronted the shot.

The shot hits the barrier directly, preventing the shot from coming thru, but the force of the impact still affecting those being shielded, namely the girl and the TV crew. The girl shielding the crew was pushed back by the time the shot's duration was over, putting her beside the crew and into the lens range of the camera. They suddenly hear something drop and look at the floor- a pair of shading goggles was there, strap ripped from the force of the impact. The cameraman tuned his camera at the now "unmasked" girl, the images not only being shown live in the unharmed (and fleeing) parts of the city, but also around the country and the world, shocking those who have known the girl's other identity- now they know who she really is.

"Na-Na-Nanoha!" several people who were watching were shocked, seeing that the girl they know and the one of the city's current mystery defenders was one and the same.

"What are you still doing here?" Nanoha asked in a somewhat commanding manner, aiming her staff at the sky. "Get out of here while you still can! Raging Heart!"

"Axel Shooter…" The staff once again spoke, displaying the command on its interface orb.


Immediately, eight beams issued from the end of the device, aimed at who or whatever that had fired the beam, too far to be seen by the naked eye, but a camera's zoom could- it was a figure in black, also holding a staff, though from the distance it was not easily discernible. The target also raised a shield, but to no avail, the magical beams hitting it in all directions, sending back it to the nothingness from which it came. Nanoha and the camera then spot a green streak chasing two more black ones.

"Yuuno- kun…" she spoke before her device beeped.

"Load Cartridge…" The device spoke another command.

"Drive Ignition!"

"Axel Fin- Hypersonic…"

They were taken aback as a mechanism on the base of Raging Heart's ornament body suddenly ejected an exhausted cartridge and were further taken aback by the sudden eruption of pink light wings on the shoes of the magical girl. And with a slight bend on her knees, she jumped high and flew off at high speed, joining with the green streak in its battle. Meanwhile, the TV crew was surprised, happy and scared at the same time.

"Did you get that?" The reporter asked her cameraman, unknown that it was recording and broadcasting at the same time. "Who could she and her allies be?"

"I can't believe it" the cameraman commented, composure somehow restored. "That was our neighbor…"


"Nanoha Takamachi."

Eighteen years ago, Scrya Clan Complex, Karus Continent, Planet Eiron, Midchilda, 8:00 AM.

It was a rainy morning and a bit too cold for Kyla Scrya. The woman of 24 went from her bed to the bathroom to fix herself, leaving her husband Mirtho or Mertho as he was often called to sleep. From the bath, she headed towards the kitchen to check on what available food was there to start breakfast. But as she opened the refrigerator, she hears something- a faint cry. But being in Midchilda, or her hailing from the mystical planet Jurai, even the faintest cries can mean anything- even the end a world if worse comes to worse.

"Mertho… Mertho… wake up dear." Kyla began to rouse her husband from his sleep.

"Huh? Is breakfast ready yet?"

"That is not the issue here… come on… seems there is something outside."

Then the cry reaches his ears, making him alert and sit on the bed. He then proceeded to the front door and upon opening; they were greeted by a flash of light. The couple could not believe what they are seeing, a figure in a white hooded robe- a shining white one, was there, settling down what seemed to be a basket, about a few meters from the house, in the rain. The figure knelt over the basket and teardrops begin to fall. After that it revealed itself- she was crying as she looked at them. And as sudden as it happened, the woman vanished into light. Quickly, Mertho rushed to the basket, for he was expecting the one thing a crying mother would leave in a basket. And he was right, for it was a baby that the basket was carrying. He was also surprised because the child was not even wet from the rain, only a few spots from tears were there.

"It's dry… that could only mean one thing." He thought as he moved his hand closer to the basket.

He had expected something, and he was right and wrong at the same time- right because his hand was stopped halfway in its transit towards the basket- indicating a barrier; and wrong because his hand was repelled moments later- indicating a repulsion barrier; a spell done with high magic, the reason why the rain has not soaked the infant. He again tried to get hold of the basket but the barrier kept impeding him, forcing him to call his wife.

"Kyla, it's an infant…" he spoke to his wife, who was at the doorway. "He's protected from the rain by a barrier, but it also stops me as well, I can't even pick the basket up.

His wife giggled instantly, making him wonder.


"You know…" Kyla replied, setting up her own rain barrier and heading out towards her husband. "It's raining, and the barrier was just trying to shield the child from harm- the least you can do is shield it from the rain silly…"

The man was simply dumbfounded- the solution was really, really, so simple that a child can answer it- oh, silly him. He stepped aside as his wife neared the basket, kneeling over the shielded child.

"Simple Jurai logic actually… you can't move a shielded object unless the thing or person the object is being protected from is removed.

The downpour was now starting to really pour, making the woman's barrier's field more pronounced, now not only shielding her, but by virtue of her kneeling, included the basket, whose barrier has simply vanished. She then proceeded to pick up the infant from the container, which stopped its cries at the moment Kyla's hands touched. She instantly recognized the child to be a boy, which made her smile.

"I've always wanted to have a son…" said the woman a bit sadly. "Or to have child for that matter… but alas, my body could not handle the burden…"

"Maybe, this is the divinity's answer to that problem my dear… come on, we must let the matriarch see him…" Mertho replied, making his wife look at him.

"We will, but you will earn her ire if you came in like that- all soaking wet…"

"I know… Grandma- I mean Grand Mother will be furious… I'll go get changed."

Ten minutes later, matriarch house. Mertho and Kyla enter, proceeding towards the meeting chamber, where the Scrya Clan Matriarch was facing a serene painting, Mid-type magic formation on the place where she was standing.

"What brings my favorite grandson in my presence?" the matriarch greeted them and stopped her spell channeling.

"Grand Mother…" Kyla began to speak. "We have found this outside…"

And once again the infant began to cry, as if he were announcing his presence. The matriarch began face them and hurried towards the child.

"And where did you find this child?"

"Out in the rain Grand Mother…" Kyla again replied. "A figure in shining white had laid the basket where we found him a few meters from us, and has also set up a protective shield over it and the child- a shield so powerful that the basket cannot be moved unless we shield the child from the elements."

"A figure in shining white?" the matriarch alarmed. "Could it be?"

Quickly, the elder began to perform a series of handseals, before saying the following words:

"Reveal yourself…"

Instantly, some formations began to appear on top of the child, and it was not just the Mid-type, for another formation was using the Mid-type as its center, making the compound formation a rather complex one- a Mid-type with additional lines added.

"Just as I thought…" the matriarch spoke, as the spell was ended.

"What is it grandmother?" Mertho asked, forgetting protocol and being stunned.

"That boy has divine blood… the impossible ability to be familiar to two or more magic forces at once- just like you Kyla…"

"But I'm a full-blooded Juraian, and I only acquired Mid-type magic during my marriage…"

"What my grandson here had said is right you know… that boy may be the answer the divine had for your plea. You have picked him up, now you are going to raise him and teach him our ways…"

"As you wish, Grand Mother." Kyla replied, bowing.

"So my dear, what name will you bestow upon our child?" Mertho asked.

"I am feeling a bit homesick of my world, so I'll name him in my native tongue… and since he's well protected when I found him, I have decided on a name for him. The Juraian word for protection…"

"And that would be?" the matriarch asked.

Ten minutes later, back at Mertho and Kyla's house. The couple return with their new child when Mertho suddenly notices a pendant on the neck of the newly- christened child.

"Honey… come look at our child… he has pendant similar to what you have found- could it be?"

Kyla examined the green jewel cross-shaped pendant, carefully noting detail. And then…

"La nouvelle présence a détecté… (New presence detected)" a disembodied, artificial, yet female voice issued somewhere from Kyla's chest. "Le dispositif de compagnon a également détecté… (Companion device also detected)"

"Are you sure, Vulcan?" Kyla asked, taking out what seemed to be another cross shaped pendant this time brown in jewel color.

"Oui, Madame… (Yes, Madam) Je confirme que le dispositif de compagnon est l'espadona… (I am confirming that the companion device is the 'Espadona')"

"We have another one…" Kyla thought. "Three out of the nine- Gladius, Vulcan and Espadona… but this is not enough, those six remaining Lost Logia must be found at the least, but if we could find Gospel first…"

"Est-ce que Madame, je peux demander le nom de l'enfant que vous avez apporté ici? (Madam, can I ask the name of the child that you have brought here?)" The brown cross jewel pendant known as 'Vulcan' asked.

"He's named from the Juraian word for protection, for he was protected with a very strong barrier, the least his mother can do in her finality…"

"Et ce serait? (And that would be?)"

There was a bit of silence before the new mother responded…

"Yuuno… and he shall be the faithful and loving shield of his fated someone…"

Seventeen years later, Time-Space Administration Bureau Patrol Warship TSABS Silvana, on route to area 213 of the Terran Sector- just behind Earth's moon, where reports have been coming in about illegal spatial warping experiments. The bridge was particularly busy at this time- as always in prep-ups. But the Silvana was unlike any of the other patrol warships of the bureau, first of all, it was not designed in the standard form of any of the other ships in the fleet, it was rather designed like a fish rather than the twin hulls of its fleetmates- the reason, it was the only Lost Logia ship ever uncovered, retrofitted to the TSAB's standards after being examined, checked, rebuilt and qualified for use. As a Lost Logia, the ship had tons of technologies that were even incomprehensible even to the smartest of midchildans, but they have managed to decipher most of her workings by the help of then plank owner and now captain of the ship- a member of the Scrya clan who found the wreck. The most amazing part of it was, that the ship's most powerful weapon ignores any magical barrier that the target might put up- even some shield types that can survive a shot from the powerful Arc-'en-ciel cannon were no match to the Silvana's Tannhäuser cannon.

"Arrival to target point in ten minutes…" a male voice came in the lighted bridge.

"Good… lower the bridge and prepare for combat." A female commanding voice replied- this voice was apparently the captain. "Spool up the Sigma Wing System and call in Minerva… she'll be needed here."

The platform holding about five seats began to lower itself into a much darker room- the combat bridge of the Silvana, where more post seats were there.

"CIC, status?" the female once again asked, this time directed towards the seat nearest to where the male- apparently the vice-captain went to.

"Systems all green and ready for your command. ECS and FCS online…" the CIC chief reported.

"Engines all green and at optimal output…" someone from engineering replied. "All shielding systems are all okay for deployment…"

"Bring the ship to condition red! All personnel to level 1 battle stations!" the captain then barked the command, which the radar / communications officer promptly executed, by ringing of the ship's red alert klaxon and telling the ship of its current status. "Where is Minerva?"

One of the two combat bridge side doors opens, revealing a teenage female with blue hair and blue eyes, dressed in the bureau's female specialist uniform.

"I'm sorry 'mam!" the girl replied, attracting the attention of the entire bridge crew, captain included. "I was… I was…"

"That's okay Minerva; now go… we'll be arriving at the target zone in five minutes."

With a nod, the teen touched the central door and entered into the space it protected. Moments later, the paneling of what was used to be the central door and above it became transparent, revealing a Minerva floating in some strange clear liquid, apparently undressed but the sensitive parts covered by some of the remaining panels. Minerva is also a Lost Logia- the Silvana's main AI, also found with the ship in that same container she was floating in right now.

"All systems green… activating Tristans, Isolde and Valiant cannons…" the teen's voice, now seemingly mature, echoed in the bridge. "All missile tubes have begun spooling, all defense systems and CIWS are online… Sigma Wing System is fully operational and ready for use."

The activations were confirmed via the ship's viewscreen and the various monitors on the various terminals inside.

"Captain… incoming communications…" the comms officer replied.

"From where?" the captain asked, wording who would call at such a time.

"The Asura…"

"Great… patch it thru."

Immediately, the image of the current commanding officer of the TSABS Asura, Chrono Hallaoun appeared.

"Captain Hallaoun, what circumstances made you to call the good ship Silvana?" the captain asked.

"Admiral Kyla, long time no see…" the teenage boy at the other end replied back- he was so like his father.

"Likewise Captain Chrono, likewise… so, what hails you to my good ship?"

"We have received the broadcast from headquarters and that we are also near to the vicinity of the target zone… may we request that the Asura join in the operation…"

"Admiral Lindy's orders huh?" the ship commander sighed, knowing that the green-haired head of the TSAB was noted for being seriously funny and for making people sigh. "Well then… I'll be sending you the specifics of the operation, and I'm warning you and the other ships that might help in- stay away from the Tannhäuser or in our way for that matter- you all know that this ship is specialized…"

"Very well then… good luck…"

"We don't need luck…" the admiral replied, making the bridge crew look in anticipation; for those words were the starting line of the ship's motto. "For the Silvana will never sink thru hell or high water, thru even the most evil of evils or even the most idiotic of situations… and the only day this ship will sink is the day peace and order is restored… Admiral Scrya out…"

"That was unusual…" Minerva commented. "The Asura, calling us? Of all ships?"

"Even the most decorated of ships need help or come to help sometime… and even the luckiest and best of ships come into bad luck… but the Silvana- cheers…"

"All systems are now in combat readiness…" Minerva then replied. "We are ready…"

"Thank you Minerva… the targets?" she then asked sensors.

"They are still in normal space, apparently, with the resulting distortion, they know that we are coming…" sensors replied.

"And the only thing they don't know about is when and where…" the vice-captain then added. "And with the Sigma Wing, we can dive in and out as we please…"

"Fine then… prepare to dive out of hyperspace…"

"Yes 'mam…"

Immediately a soft-toned barrier surrounded the ship and at the bottom seemed to tear at the hyperspace boundary, interacting like if it were an aquatic ship hull.

"Dive out!"

Thirty minutes later, the intense battle was over, with all of the targeted ships disabled and their crews taken prisoner. Though not one life was taken during the battle, it was at great cost to hardware- namely the Asura, for it had taken the heaviest damage- being a noted ship also has its detractive factors- as in being the target of the entire enemy force- it was almost curtains for Chrono's ship if it hadn't for one of the Silvana's protection systems, the Iron Curtain, a powerful shield that can be applied to any ally, and only shield capable for blocking the Silvana's own main gun.

"I'm really sorry for what have happened, Kyla, Chrono…" the image of TSAB Chief Admiral Lindy Hallaoun spoke, after hearing her son's statement. "And I feel sorry for the Asura too…"

"Every ship has its bad day… and I'm personally feeling a bit gratified that my ship will be towing the Asura back to base- though I'm tempted to use the Silvana's transport systems- they're much faster, way faster…" Admiral Kyla replied.

"Amy, what's our status?" Lindy then asked the Asura's vice-captain / information officer.

"We have damages to the hull, magical defense systems, engines, computers, and even the Arc-'en-ciel is totaled… about three months of repairs at the least…"

"Come back to headquarters to explain the situation and to await matters on this, is that clear?"

The two ship commanders nodded.

Same day, Uminari City, Sakuradai Seaside Park, 5:30 AM. OL-3 (Lieutenant Commander) Nanoha Takamachi of the TSAB Special Forces was standing in the middle of a secluded clearing, the place where she had been practicing on her own for seven years now. From first impression, she seemed to be of no connection to the bureau or a complete civilian, but if you have stayed with her long enough, you would have suspected that something's up.

"Axel Shooter… practice mode…" a disembodied, artificial yet female voice came in softy from somewhere, prompting the teen to throw not one, but four used juice cans, gathered from a six-pack she always carried to and from the park.

A bead of energy began to form on the now extended right-hand pointer finger, as well as the pink colored mid-type formation at her feet.

"Shoot…" the teen said softly, allowing the energy bead to shoot out into eight individual beams.

The beams began to hit the cans, keeping them in suspension, as the artificial voice began to count each hit.

"100… 141… 172…" the voice continued the count. "350… 531…630…1000…"

With that number, Nanoha pointed her finger towards the waste bin, directing her magic beams and the cans towards it. The first two cans went in perfectly, while the third hit the rim before going in but the fourth one was way too short of the goal. It had almost missed the bin entirely if it weren't for something hitting it. The can went in and a steel ball landed in the grass in exchange- that meant only one person, one sometimes hot-tempered and bunny-loving Velka Knight.

"Vita…" Nanoha turned to greet. "Good morning…"

"Good morning…" the same artificial voice greeted in, and then something from the inside of Nanoha's shirt reveals itself- her device Raging Heart Excelion- the source of the voice.

"Selben zu Ihnen… (Same to you)" a metallic voice issued from the ruffles of Vita's shirt- Graf Eisen.

"What brings you here?"

"Actually, to run errands for Shamal- Mistress Hayate had slept late doing her homework so Shamal is taking care of breakfast…" Another, this time a somewhat gruff male voice came in from below their sight lines.

Nanoha looked down and saw what she had expected, a blue-haired, somewhat wolfish puppy- it was Zafira alright.

"The one from calculus?" Nanoha then asked, since said mistress had called her the night previously.

"Well something like that…" Vita replied, shrugging. "I could have helped her easily, but she always insisted on doing it by herself…"

Then, a sudden wind blows, somehow triggering a reaction to the devices on site.

"Alarm! Ankommend! (Alert! Incoming!)" Graf Eisen alerted.

"Warning, unknown detected!" Raging Heart added.

Both mage and knights jump away at the place they were standing on moments before and they were quickly replaced by a lot of implanted light streaks on the ground.

"What the? Light arrows?" Vita alarmed, remembering one previous mission, and one very skilled Corite archer hailing from a planet called Novus, who almost peppered her with holes, even with her trusty panzer-type shields on. "Graf Eisen!"

"Aktivieren… (Activating)" the mallet-shaped pendant on the knight replied.

"Standby ready… Set up…" the seemingly normal-looking ruby pendant of the combat mage responded.

And so they changed into their barrier jackets, devices fully active and out. By virtue of their training (or programming, as with Vita's case), they spot a speck just above them, again flashing and then seeing light arrows heading towards them once more. They split up, improving their chances and somehow, Vita was not being trailed by the arrow storm- it was instead, trailing the still running Nanoha. She flew up fast, flier spheres at the ready

"Schwalbe Flieger… (Swallow Flier)" the metal mallet responded, with the knight setting up the spheres and hitting them hard.

As four energized metal spheres headed towards the unknown, it in turn noted the approaching attack.

"Ballista…" he spoke in a cold voice.

"Évasion… (Evasion)" the device on his hand, an X-shaped bow with light around the edges, replied in a male artificial voice.

He quickly moved to one side, and where he had been previously, the four spheres now passed. And once again he evaded the attacks the spheres were trying to make, even to the point of dizzying Vita. Back on the ground, Nanoha had stopped as soon as she noticed that the arrow rain had stopped following her. Seeing Vita attacking the unknown, and it evading, she decided to help.

"Axel fin…" Nanoha's device spoke, before pink light wings came out of her shoes, allowing her to fly.

Back at the battle site, the four flier spheres were now picking up pace, making the unknown archer evade ever faster. Vita had enough of the chasing and primed her weapon's cartridge system, enabling it to transform into the deadly rocket form.

"Rocket Hammer!" she yelled before slamming her weapon towards the unknown enemy, flier spheres following.

"Garde… (Guard)" the bow spoke, just as it deployed a hazy sphere of air around its user mere milliseconds before the hammer or the flier spheres came in.

Graf Eisen hits, as well as the flier spheres, the hazy barrier the unknown projected. And for the first time, the unknown looks at Vita with bloody red eyes, really bloody red and blanked eyes.

"Velka-type huh? You are weak…" he spoke, before shattering the barrier, sending the spheres and Vita in an explosion cloud which surrounded them.

"Vita!" Nanoha almost screamed as the explosion produced a result, Vita falling from hit and slowly recovering.

"So there you are… heiress of Gospel. Ballista, multiple shot now…"

"Oui monsieur, a multi tiré… (Yes sir, multi shot)" the bow, now identified as 'Ballista' replied as the archer drew on the light bowstring and aimed at the white mage, releasing multiple arrows at once.

The light arrows split up and began not just to head for Nanoha, but at Vita and her spheres as well. The arrows had hit the spheres first, then skimmed past Vita, injuring her with skim slashes and then continued towards Nanoha.

"Round Shield…" Raging Heart replied the intended command when Nanoha raised her hand; that is to protect its mistress.

The moment the shield was up, the arrows began hitting at it, but instead of deflecting or being blocked, the arrows, to Nanoha's amazement were embedded in the sigil shield.

"What the?" Nanoha alarmed.

"Heh… as expected from Gospel's heiress…" the archer thought before once again repositioning his bow to a stance more akin to holding a combat weapon as opposed to a bow it normally is. "Claw mode…"

The device replied, turning from bow into a claw weapon with beam blades. With that on his hand, he quickly dashed towards Nanoha, who was still trying to reach Vita's (or for that matter everybody else's) line and still in wonder as to why their unknown enemy had so much power. Nanoha was shocked to see him approaching, drawing on her shield, but was surprised to what happened then.

"Panzer Hindernis… (Tank Shield)" a sudden voice, followed by a flash of red, suddenly came into view, hindering the assault- it was Vita, recovered and now to the defense.

"Tche… this guy is unreasonable!" the hammer knight grunted as the barrier resisted the strike. "Who are you!"

"You are strong, emissary of Velka… but I will not answer to your kind of force- only one who is worthy or has enough right will I answer to…" he replied, before his device followed suit.

"Briseur Quadratique… (Quadratic Breaker)" Ballista replied, energizing his punch and breaking the shield, as well as sending Vita towards the sea.

"Vita!" Nanoha now screamed, seeing the splash vanish, and the archer flipping back and settling infront of the white mage, level with her, claw reverting to bow form and the person somehow bowing.

"Forgive me for my sudden treatment…" the archer greeted. "But I do have my priorities… Greetings, I am Rein… keeper of one of the Sealed Devices, the salient bow Ballista. It is a pleasure to finally meet you, Heiress of Gospel…"

"'Heiress of Gospel'?" Nanoha asked; mystified as to what is happening, or what the now identified stranger was saying.

Just then, another figure managed to get close and aimed a fist- Zafira. But he was easily stopped by Rein's bare hand.

"Another huh? There must be something in Velkadia that makes you people so stubborn…" Rein then spoke and pushed the guardian away. When his nuisance was set a good distance, he then spoke the following words. "Open the gate…"

Minute streaks of energy gathered at his palm and from nothing a sigil the likes of which was never seen before by any Mid or Velka-tuned person appeared. It comprised of two concentric rings, the inner smaller than the outer by about half, with directional diamond arrows placed at one-third of the circumference of the rings, counter-rotating all the while. Strange letterlike symbols also ringed around along the circumferences of the two rings- letters of incantation that are unknown. And the most shocking bit, it was colored black.

"Shadow Edge…" Rein spoke, his sigil issuing blades of dark energy towards the guardian beast, hitting him all over and sending him towards the sea as well, though with lesser force than Vita's entry.

Nanoha was simply standing there, frozen to the spot, as if she were strapped to a table. And once again, Rein turned to face her, with all distractions gone.

"As I was saying…" he then turned back to speaking, making sure that no one was even near them. "Try as you might, you cannot call for help, nor do anything against what is about to happen… for I have raised a barrier that unlike what you have experienced before. Look below us…" he then motioned down, making Nanoha look with worry and shock afterwards.

Beneath and behind Rein was part of his black sigil, extending left and right beyond them- as if the entire locked field was under the influence of this still unknown type of force. She tried again to contact anyone in the vicinity or even snap Vita and Zafira out of their knocked out state, but to no avail- either the barrier was already strong or they were still down for the count. Then she spots the archer backing away, bow aimed and tried to give chase, but she could not move- she found herself in the confines of a mysterious bind.

"And as I was saying… your death will be the most effective and useful way to achieve our goals, heiress…"

"Préparez pour être détruit… chargement de cartouche… (Prepare to be destroyed… cartridge loading…)" his device Ballista responded, a mechanism similar to the Velka-type cartridge system engaged. "Surmenage! (Overdrive!)" It then followed, cylinders near the handle engaging, gathering more energy.

He then aimed and drew his bowstring, streaks of energy gathering near the place where the arrows usually come out in a beam bow, with Nanoha still struggling to break free, unknown to her that streaks of energy were beginning to build at her feet, where her mid-type magic usually is placed.

"She's starting to synchronize…" Rein thought as his sigil appeared in the middle of his charge. "Must destroy her before it happens…"

"Projectile destructif… (Destructive Shot)" the bow replied as its archer released the string, sending the highly energetic arrow towards the white mage.

"Must break free… I must…" Nanoha thought as she saw the flash of release.

She began to weaken the binding, unknown to her that just at her feet, more energy was building up. And then, a sigil similar to Rein's appears beneath her but this time in her natural pink color, followed by the bind breaking and the rapid vanishing of the strange seal. Nanoha then sees the shot a mere second before raising her hand to deploy her round shield. And then something blocks her view, a figure in a strange gray combat suit, holding a huge tube like thing with handles and stock- it looked more like a gun. The stranger then raised a hand and said.

"Agile Shield!" the stranger spoke- a she.

Then a familiar formation appears on the woman's palm- mid-type magic, but then something came in as well, another sigil appeared, using the mid formation as its center, forming an intricate border that counter-rotated the mid sigil's main ring- on four points were indications that they were the elements- a flame, a drop of water, a lightning bolt and cube while the writing that encircled the outside of the mid formation was a recognizable one- similar to the Greek characters on the mid sigil. The shot hits, but the sigil shield was unfazed. When the attack was finished, more of the woman came into view- she had long blonde hair- similar to a close male friend with glasses. Then a familiar voice came in.

"Nanoha, are you okay?" someone male came in, making the girl look behind her.

"Chrono, what are you- what is going on here?"

"I don't know- but apparently the Silvana's sensors were right…" he replied, taking out his device, Durandal. "Only she knows…" he then spoke, pointing to the woman up front.

"Just as I thought… it is you… Salient Archer!" the woman yelled to the archer.

"If it isn't the Resonate Gunner…" Rein replied with a smirk of sorts. "Another keeper… Vulcan and Gladius I suppose? And I see you don't have the Shielding Berserker with you… Espadona's holder. But you're in luck- because I think you know who you just saved…"

"Shut up… I'm here to get that device and turn you in for murder- and attempted murder while I'm at it…"

"Try me… and I might as well kill two birds with one stone…"

And the two sides look at each other with apprehenshion, waiting for the other to make the first move- the first mistake.