A/N: You should know by now that I don't do angst very well, but this idea came to me, and I had to go with it.

Fan Fic 100 Challenge Prompt #: 21- "Friends"- Minerva worries that she and Albus may never be more than friends.


I shiver in your embrace and hope that you do not notice. Your soothing, sensual fragrance fills the air around me as tears cloud my eyes. The touch of your hand against mine sends an energy through my veins, but you will never feel this way for me.

I pull away because I cannot allow myself false hope for the one thing I most desire. In your eyes I see you struggle to understand, but I have been alone too long to reveal myself this easily, even to you. You whisper my name consolingly, but I turn away, closing my eyes tightly to fight the stinging tears. I can hear my heartbeat drumming in my ears as my blood pressure rises and the emotions within me battle amongst themselves.

Do not wipe away my tears and apologize for the things you cannot comprehend. I do not blame you for this. I admit that I am afraid; I am afraid that you will never love me, I am afraid that we may never be more than friends, and I am afraid, first and foremost, that I may live my life with the incessant worry of "what if.."

I avoid eye contact with you because I know that with one glance you can read my soul. Decades of loyalty and compassion swim in those sparkling blue pools, and I cannot bear to see them darken with pain because of me. Forgive me of the pain I have caused you. Release me so that you may live without the bother of what others that see you with me may think of you. For you I will wear a mask of dignity of stability. For you, my dear Albus, I would give- or give up- the world. My only wish is that, with or without me, you will be happy.