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Last chapter someone asked if this was a Ron/ Hermione story- the answer is no. It is also not a Harry/ Ginny story (Although Ginny does still have a crush on him in here, it doesn't play a large roll) There might be some Danny/ Sam later, but I think that's it… oh, except Harry/ Cho and small Danny/ Kierra. I mean really small. Just like a crush like Danny has on Paullina.

Also, if you're confused what the porta-portal looks like, think that thing Johnny 13 had on his bike in 'Lucky in Love'

I also have a very important announcement that will probably confuse/ anger/ disappoint many (or at least I hope many of you will care that much). I've decided that… mainly due to the fact that it took fourteen chapters just to get them onto the train, this story will only follow them up through Christmas.

But there's more! I am also writing two sequels after this, one covering Vlad's first year at Hogwarts through I think Easter, and the other one the rest of Danny's first year at Hogwarts from Easter to the end of the year. (See my profile for a description of the first sequel. Right now it's called October 31, but I will almost definitely be changing that.) Also to forewarn you, both stories after this first one WILL INVOLVE SERIOUS TIME TRAVEL. If that kind of stuff doesn't float your boat, you will not enjoy those stories.

Don't ask me why I'm doing it that way, I just want to. XP This was not originally intended to be a trilogy, and I had always planned to explain the rest of the prophecy at the end of the year, so that might be at the end of this story or the end of the trilogy. I don't know yet.

"What was that?" Neville's voice asked tremulously from somewhere to Danny's right.

Danny answered, although he was apparently talking more to himself than to Neville, "A ghost- but how did one get on the train?"

-A few minutes earlier-

"Hey, Harry," Ron said, entering the compartment where his friend was sitting and collapsing on the seat across from him.

"Hey," said Harry.

"Look what I found," Ron said, holding up a slightly grimy green device, no bigger than two inches in all directions, marked Fenton Porta-Portal out of his pocket.

"Where'd you get it?" Harry asked, his interest aroused, "Isn't that the thing Danny's parents sent him over the summer?"

"I guess," said Ron, "I never really got a good look at it. I wonder what it does…"

He pressed the green button on the top, and a swirling green hole appeared in front of the device, and through it came…

"I am the box ghost!"

The 'Box Ghost' looked around the compartment, apparently angry at what he saw. "Where are the boxes? How can I, THE BOX GHOST destroy you all if there are no boxes?"

There was a shrill scream from outside and all three of them looked out to see the witch who pushed the food trolley right outside, staring in horror at the floating blue specter.

The Box Ghost grinned as he caught sight of the boxes the candy rested in. "At last, some boxes I can use, for I am the box ghost!"

-Current time-

"No idea," said Tucker, shrugging.

"Oh well," said Danny, standing up, "I'm going ghost!"

A blue white ring of light materialized around his waist, and then split in two, one traveling up, towards his shoulders and head, the other going down, towards his ratty old gym shoes.

Despite knowing (generally) what was coming, Hermione, Neville, and even Luna watched in shock and awe as Danny Fenton transformed into his alter ego, Danny Phantom.

Self consciously refusing to meet any of their surprised gazes, he muttered, "I better go check that out."

There was silence for about thirty seconds after he slipped intangibly through the door.

"So can I try one of those chocolate frog things then?" Tucker asked as he picked up one of the sweets from the seat next to him where it had lain forgotten since the food trolley had come around five minutes ago.


Danny flew down the train, looking for the ghost that had triggered his ghost sense. Suddenly he heard two people running towards him, turning invisible as they passed.

"It was a specter!" One shouted, looking around eleven and probably new to Hogwarts.

His friend, no older than he was, paused in his frantic flight, "it was a what?" he asked

"An apparition!"


"For Pete's sake it was a ghost!" shouted the first one as the kept running. (1)

Danny shrugged and continued flying, visible now, towards the cause of the commotion.

Finally, he caught sight of the box ghost.

Harry and Ron were edging fearfully away from him as he cackled madly, assorted boxes of candy whizzing through the air around him.

Danny rolled his eyes and sucked the box ghost up in the Fenton thermos. About to fly away, he paused as Ron yelled up at him, "hey, aren't you that halfa that's after Vlad? Inviso-bill or something?"

Silently threatening to throttle whoever had come up with that name, Danny yelled back, annoyed, "I am not 'after' Vlad!"

He vanished.


Not long after that the train was moving again, and most people had completely forgotten about the strange overall clad ghost that had terrorized them less than half an hour before.

Danny, however, was worried. The box ghost might not have been the most powerful ghost in the ghost zone, but if he could find his way into Hogwarts, other, stronger ghosts, could too.

He was interrupted by Hermione telling him loudly that they would be arriving at Hogwarts soon, and to change into his robes. He looked up, surprised to see the others already clad in the black uniforms they would need to wear when they entered the castle, and reached for his own.


When the train finally stopped, and the many students spilled out into what Hermione said was called Hogsmeade station, what first caught Danny's eye were the horseless carriages waiting in lines, he assumed to take the newly arrived students up to the castle.

He looked to his left and saw Sam glaring at one of the carriages… or more precisely the space between the shafts, where a horse would be… if there were any horses there.

"Can you believe that?" she asked him. He looked at her, confused.

"Believe what?" he asked.

"Those horses look half dead, and they're still being forced to drag a school full of people up to the castle."

"Sam, are you sure you're feeling alright?"

"Yes," she said, "It's the horses that look sick, not me."

"But Sam… there's no horses there."

"What are you talking about?" Tucker asked as he joined the conversation, "There are horses right there. And I have to agree with Sam, they do look almost dead."

The conversation was ended as Hermione came over to tell them that she, Harry, and Ron were saving them room in their carriage but if they didn't hurry up they were going to leave.

Danny watched his two friends carefully as the got in, barely noticing that Harry had the same confused look on his face as his two friends.

His mind swam with possibilities-why couldn't he see the horses like Tucker and Sam did? If they really are seeing them, he reminded himself. They could be imagining things.

But his musings were ended as Hogwarts came into sight.

The castle was truly a remarkable sight. A great looming shape on the horizon, its many windows lighted up with the soft glow of lamps within. The carriages slowed to a stop, and people began emerging from them, climbing up the stairs to the front entrance.

1- (Laughs) Credit for that part goes to my reading teacher. I got it out of an adaptation he made of The Christmas Carol. Think Scrooge working at McDonalds. Yea.

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