A/N: I got a few people saying they enjoyed my last one shot. It surprised me. I didn't think X-Men fans would take to my writing style. I was happily proven wrong! (See, mostly I write pointless one shots. I think I wrote around 25 for RENT alone)

A/N2: Got this idea while driving in a car with my friend and another friend's older sister. Something that the sister did was just so Logan like, and I decided to embellish it...a lot. My friend's sister isn't mean at all, I just got an idea from a little thing she did. Story basically takes place when Logan and Rogue are in the truck together.

Disclaimer: Don't own Logan, Rogue, their truck (okay, LOGAN'S truck), or the song. The song is called Tidal Waves and it's by an incredibly talented musician named Matt Duke. (Check him out!)

"It's quiet." Rogue stated in her thick Southern drawl.

Logan kept his eyes on the road. He didn't answer.

"Why don't you talk much?"

Logan sighed, his temper beginning to rise. "Excuse me?"

"Well, it's just awkward with the two of us sittin' together, no one talkin'. If we were talkin', it wouldn't be so awkw-"

"Look, kid, I'm giving you a ride wherever you need to go. I'm letting you stay with me. I'm feeding you. I shouldn't have to talk to you."

"It's just talkin'. It can't hurt that much."

"Well, in my book, it's asking too much."

As did before, an awkward silence took over the large truck. Without asking (which irked Logan more than he could say), Rogue leaned over and turned on the radio.

Logan turned his head slowly to glare at the girl next to him. Where did she get off doing whatever she wanted in his truck?

He didn't hesitate to remind her just who's truck she was in.

"Hey, kid, I never said you could-"

But he realized it was useless. She was singing along. Actually singing along.

"The days I'd sit pensive by the window, and I could taste
The awful flavor of nostalgia mixed with hurt
But now my mouth is dry,
I choke on logic and my tongue is tied
From reciting inspired bible verses and bullshit lies"

Not only singing, but completely ignoring the older man altogether.

So, Logan found a solution. He slowly leaned forward, and with hardly any effort, he turned off the radio.

Rogue turned to the man, an expression of hurt on her face.

"I was singin'."

"Yeah, and I didn't like it."

With the same expression of pain lingering over her features, she leaned forward and turned the radio back on.

"I like this song."

Logan turned the radio off again.

"I don't."

Rogue, making a game of it, turned the radio on.

"I'm sure you have a lovely singing voice."

Rogue listened as the radio was turned off again.

"I'm sure you'll never have the pleasure of hearing it."

It was quiet for a few seconds. As soon as Logan had gotten his hopes up of a quiet car ride, he heard the radio play again. He let out a frustrated grunt and banged his head on the steering wheel.

And he could've sworn he heard that girl chuckle.

It was going to be a long trip.