Title: I Panicked

Author: Stranj100

Fandom: Young Avengers

Pairing: Hulkling/Wiccan

Rated: G

Warning: Spoilers for Civil War #4

Summary: Teddy rescues Billy this time.

Disclaimer: They obviously belong to Marvel because it they were mine they would be able to kiss on panel. Only the story here belongs to me.

Archive: yes, just ask first.

Note: Unbeta'd, Constructive criticism is appreciated, praise is hungered for and flames are for toast marshmallows.

"I Panicked"

By Stranj100

Billy could hear what sounded like a baseball bat hitting a pillow which was significant considering his cell was designed to absorb sound, so that he couldn't chant. He could also feel the vibrations through floor that accompanied each small burst of sound. The young hero wasn't sure what was going on, but it had to be something big. He continued to listen, with growing hope, to the muffled sounds growing louder with each repetition. Then the near quiet was shattered by roar and a cloud of dust.

Billy was almost grateful for the muzzle that Iron Man had put on him. Tony Stark was not one to leave things to chance. The young witch would have been choking on all the dust that was caused when the wall of his cell exploded, otherwise. When the dust finally started to settle, the dark-haired boy was surprised to see his boyfriend giving orders to group of very dangerous looking Skrulls.

"MM, HMM, HMFF!" Billy mumbled excitedly at Teddy.

"Get that off him." Teddy commanded one of the Skrull soldiers.

The alien nodded mutely and complied.

Billy almost flinched away as the alien approached its hands turning orange and rocky. It gripped the muzzle on both sides and snapped metal mask easily with a tug.

The witch flexed his jaw as he walked up to his other half then wrapped his arms around him and planted a kiss on his lips. Teddy gave an appreciative moan. Then Billy broke away and angrily asked, "What the hell is going on?"

"I'm rescuing you." The green-skinned teen said in a satisfied manner.

"Yes, I know, but with Skrulls!"

The blonde looked at his boyfriend then at the Skrulls scurrying about securing the area then back at his boyfriend and hesitantly replied, "Uhm, I panicked?"