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Summary: Andros has lost everything that ever meant something to him… did he?


Chapter 1

Silently he walked through the ruins that were once his home. Debris was scattered everywhere; to his left a whole fighter, shot down and still sparking, flame consuming the twisted, blackened metal. People were working on getting the pilot out, but there was little hope he would still be alive.

Everyone stopped to watch him as he slowly made his way to the hanger, the one place armoured enough to have survived for the better. And for good reasons too, his thoughts added grimly as the doors slid open for him. The lights in the large hall blinked on automatically and illuminated a giant spacecraft, the largest one yet out of Karovan construction yards.

"And the only one this big." He muttered as one of the hatches opened willingly for him.

Slowly he made his way through the empty halls, the brand-new smell still drifting in the air. A door hissed open for him and he lingered outside for a moment.

This shouldn't be the place for him to be; this ship shouldn't be as empty as it was and he definitely shouldn't have to use that emergency chamber, but strangely enough, that was the thought that made him move forwards.

Taking a deep breath he stepped in, turned left inside the room and keyed the code into the small panel in the wall. A door, hidden in the wall next to the panel slid open and a mist drifted out of the room around his feet. With a sigh he stepped in and eyed the coffin-like contraption in the middle.

"I'm sorry." He whispered softly as he walked over.

Carefully he placed the body hanging over his shoulder in the coffin and sealed it, trying to ignore the tears that blurred his vision. After punching in the access code with trembling fingers, the glass cover of the coffin was quickly covered by ice crystals. He felt a single tear slip down his cheek, but he pushed any more of them away.

With a dreadful sigh he lifted his morpher to his lips and opened a channel.

"Report to the Megaship." He ordered flatly. "There's nothing we can do anymore, all civilian carriers have cleared the system. KO-35 has fallen."

He frowned when there was no answer.

"That's an order, all of you." He tried again, frustration with his friends taking over.

Again he got no answer and he stormed off to the bridge. The moment he walked in, he turned to the scanner panel, before registering what he saw.

Four morphers lay in front of the two joysticks that controlled the ship in flight. Only now did his morph fail him. His knees gave way and crashed painfully on the floor, but his eyes never left the four metal boxes.

'They're dead.' His thoughts told him viciously. 'They're never coming back. They'll never report here because they can't. She'll never turn her loving gaze on me again. Never smile that sweet little mysterious smile for me… Never will our dream come true.'

As the realisation hit him hard, his heart hardened, building a protective stonewall. All emotions vanished from his face and eyes as he slowly climbed back to his feet. His feet carried him to one of the wall-consoles and he found himself entering a number code.

A camera-like contraption in the corner lit up, a red light blinking at him.

"I am Deca, onboard computer. I speak over three thousand languages, navigate all know galaxies and I'm certified in medical, psychological and-"

Quickly pressing two buttons he managed to shut her up.

"I know who you are. Your programmer told u… me all about you. Just open the damned roof and lift off, okay?" He added fiercely. "Plot a course to wherever and leave me the hell alone."

The light just blinked at him and he could feel the light vibration of the engines coming to life. Without another look at the AI's eye, he picked up the four morphers, a ghostly chill running up his spine, and left the bridge.

Once he arrived at the Megasafe, he placed them in, carefully sliding them on their respective holders. First blue… Elias, his second in command. He was a good fighter, someone you could always count on to watch your back. A great friend as well, and always in for a bit of fun.

Second was black, Kobin, the baby of the team. He was only the youngest by three months, but he always laughed when Zhane would baby talk him. He always had a great comeback to shut said person up and have everyone else nearly peeing their pants in laughter, but could turn serious much faster then the others when needed to.

Pink was Nathi, first of the giggling girls. Always hanging around Zhane's neck. The two dumb blondes of the team as they had been nicknamed on one of their more drunk-from-sugar-overload nights. She was fierce and short tempered, but also one of the sweetest girls you could meet. Most enemies thought twice before angering her.

Last… yellow…

"Ash…" The name choked painfully from his lips.

He pushed the pain back immediately, steeling himself once more.

"Deca, access the battle records, I want to know who the other four rangers last fought." He growled, turning his back on the morphers and stalking out.

It was quiet for a few moments and he wondered if she was mad at him. Pushing that thought back he shook his head - computers couldn't get mad. His point seemed to be proven a moment later.

"Darkonda." The voice said smoothly.

"Darkonda…" He muttered. "I'll get you for this."

His eyes darkened, filling with a desire for revenge; and he knew just the place to start looking for it.

"Deca, set a course for Onyx."

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