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Short summary: In the final battle with Galaxia, Pluto had no choice but to send Sailormoon to the past to get help, but she gets injured in the middle of transporting and sends Sailormoon way, way back… into Season 1.

Summary: In the final battle with Galaxia, instead of Uranus and Neptune going baddies, they opt to fight alongside the other outers. However, if something goes wrong, Pluto will have to send Sailormoon to the past to get help. But something does go wrong, so they had no choice but to send her to the past for help, but Pluto gets injured in the middle of transporting and sends Sailormoon way, way back… into Season 1, during the gathering of the seven rainbow crystals…

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Saving Time

Chapter 1: Final Battle Plan

Pluto's POV

The battle was intense.

I can see Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune barely able to stand up from Galaxia's attack. If this goes on, there will be no one left to defend the princess.

"Pluto-san, are you okay?" Sailor Saturn asked me from behind.

She was in front of the princess, ready to defend her if the need arises.

"I'm alright," I answered, "I just hope we can defeat Galaxia before its too late."

"The balance of time is already unsteady," I explained. "With the prince gone and the inners also in Galaxia's hands, Crystal Tokyo is starting to disappear."

The princess, rather, Sailormoon, up to now, is still inconsolable. When she found out that Prince Endymion was in the clutches of Galaxia all along, she broke down. Good thing the little one, Sailor Chibi Chibi, managed to get the both of them out, alive. How, no one really knows. The little one is now unconscious in Sailormoon's arms, probably tired from the aura she put out.

"Just let me use my powers on her," said Sailor Saturn. "Even if I have to sacrifice myself, at least I get to take Galaxia with me."

"NO!" Sailormoon suddenly grabbed Sailor Saturn's wrist. The outburst was the first one she uttered since Sailor Chibi Chibi got her out.

"No," she continued, all the while, holding on to Saturn. "If we stop Galaxia, we can still get everyone back. But if you die…"

Sailormoon suddenly started crying again, unable to finish her sentence.

"Princess…" Sailor Saturn whispered.

"How touching!"

A voice suddenly broke us from our reverie. Looking back at the battle scene, I suddenly heard Sailormoon gasp. There in front of us was Galaxia on her throne with a sinister smile on her face while Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune were lying on the floor, unconscious.

"It's time."

Galaxia suddenly lifted her wrists side by side and light shot out from her bracelets. Immediately, it went towards the prone bodies of Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. Before we could even cry out, their star seeds were already shining out of their foreheads.

"Haruka! Michiru!" shouted Sailormoon.

"No!" I exclaimed. This cannot be happening. All of a sudden, Sailor Saturn ran towards Galaxia in a blur and pointed her scythe at her.

"I will kill you," she said. "I will defend Sailormoon, even if it costs me my own life!"

"Foolish girl," Galaxia taunted. "Are you even aware of who was it that awakened you?"

"What?" I asked, stunned. It cannot be…

"Yes, it was I," Galaxia laughed at us, clearly enjoying our surprise.

"I needed to complete my collection of star seeds, so I had to make sure that everyone was, how shall I say this," she explained, her fangs bared because of her maniac smile, "matured enough in their powers to begin with."

"I don't have any use for a star seed whose owner is still not in their full potential, thus," Galaxia pointed her finger at Sailor Saturn, "you." (AN: this conversation was actually from the anime itself, when Saturn confronted Galaxia and the latter explained that she was the one who woke her up just in time to defeat the resurrected queen of the dead moon circus. Although, it's not the ACTUAL dialogue… don't want to get sued you know, hehehe…moving on…)

"No, that isn't right…" Sailor Saturn mumbled, clearly taken aback with what she heard.

Suddenly, she straightened up from her attack pose and went back to our side. I was still in front of Sailormoon, who was also speechless from what she had heard. (AN: I know, I know, Sailormoon's lame at this point. But hey, did you see the anime episode on this one? She was just bawling her eyes out! Who could blame her? ...cough)

Galaxia took that opportunity to take Uranus' and Neptune's star seeds. As their bodies started to fade, I saw the look on Saturn's face and I knew we had no other alternative. With Uranus and Neptune gone, and our princess clearly in hysterics, we had to resort to our final battle plan.

"Give up now," taunted Galaxia, "and I might make you join me in my rule over the universe!"

With a silent command at Sailor Saturn, I immediately called upon my attack. I heard her follow with her own planet attack.

"Dead Scream."


I never got to hear the end of Saturn's attack call because I suddenly sprung into action. (AN: I forgot Saturn's attack call, was it Silence Glaive?? I'm sorry; I'm a little rusty at this.) I grabbed Sailormoon's wrist and pulled her to me. Grabbing my time key, I called up a portal to open to the past. There, she could get help from her past self and use the power of the silver crystal of the past to amplify her own. It might be enough to defeat Galaxia for good.

"Save the future for us, Your Highness," I told her. She just looked at me with surprise and confusion evident in her eyes, "Get help, we'll be waiting."

"Setsuna-san," Sailormoon answered, before looking in terror at something behind me… or someone.

Suddenly, Galaxia appeared behind me.

"Your star seed is mine!"

"Silence Glaive!"

The attack came from Galaxia's right and that was when I saw what has happened to Sailor Saturn. Blood was flowing freely from a wound on her left temple. Galaxia, skipped to the right, barely missing the attack. It did give me time to push Sailormoon into the open portal. With Saturn's attack between us and Galaxia, the timing was enough.

With Sailor Chibi Chibi still in her arms, Sailormoon fell through the portal of time. But before the portal fully closed, two discs of light suddenly appeared from out of nowhere and struck me at the back.

The last thing I saw was my princess shouting at me. The funny thing was, I couldn't hear her voice as she was slowly swallowed by the time portal.

Then everything went black.

AN: Should I stop here? It's like less than three pages still… okay… I'll be nice to y'all, besides, I am still new at this, no need to get the reading public all hyped up! XD …story continues…

(Inside the time portal)

Usagi's POV

When Setsuna-san grabbed me, I was surprised. When she told me to get help, I was thinking more in the lines of other Senshi… maybe there are still more out there. So I was clearly shocked when she pushed me through a time portal. Before I can even voice out my protests, I saw Galaxia take her star seed and I just… screamed.


"Chibi chibi…"

I suddenly looked down at the small child in my arms. I almost forgot about her.

Then all of a sudden a red flash of light appeared out of nowhere and surrounded us with its warmth.

"Wh...what is happening?" I stammered, looking around. I was starting to feel anxious. I've lost all of my friends in one day, and I even found out that my Mamo-chan was in the hands of that evil sailor senshi all along. Right now, my mind is in overload.


Sailor Chibi Chibi started glowing with the same shade as that of the light surrounding us. She then suddenly became translucent and vanished in front of my eyes. Her red aura glimmered around me before finally disappearing all throughout.

"Chibi Chibi! Not you, too!"

As the red light vanished, the darkness suddenly became too suffocating and before I knew it, I was falling.

(Crown Arcade, 2 years prior)

Mamoru's POV


"ODANGO! Could you please NOT take my ears off?" I shouted at the blonde girl in front of me.

"Well if you're in pain, why not just jump off a bridge so I won't get to see you anymore!" (AN: No, Mamo-chan, Usagi doesn't mean it… I need you still for my story! … ehem… :P)

"O really, knowing you, you'd miss me," I smirked at her, "after all, who's gonna catch you every time you fall flat on your face?"

"Ooohhh! You are IMPOSSIBLE!" the blonde girl shouted at me, then stomped off, clearly leaving the arcade.

"What, going home, Odango Atama?"

"Better to go home than spend another minute with you, Baka!" she huffed, and then stepped out through the glass doors, muttering all the while.

"Make sure you don't injure anyone on your way home!" I called out.

Amazingly, the girl heard me through the glass window and blew a raspberry at me before running off. Out of sight.

I sweat dropped.

"Finally, some peace and quiet." I mumbled.

"Really, Mamoru, you should lay off on Usagi."

I looked up and saw my friend Motoki.

"Oh man! And here I was thinking that I would have some quiet time now." I ran my hand through my hair, clearly frustrated. If there was one person who would be brave enough to approach me and giving me a talk down, that was Motoki… and Odango, of course. But on her part, talking would be tame. She could actually throw insults as fast as Sailormoon could throw her tiara.

"I mean it, Mamoru," Motoki said. "She's only fourteen. Girls her age are quite sensitive"

"Hah! If she's sensitive, I'm invincible!" I scoffed.

"C'mon Mamoru," he persisted, "at least be nice to her when she's here in the arcade. I mean…"

"C'mon Motoki," I mimicked him, "you and I both know that the day me and Odango be 'nice' to each other," I shuddered at the thought, "is the day she sprouts wings and fly!" (AN: My dear, dear Mamo-chan… that day is coming… you just wait! Hehehehehe…)

With that, I stood up and laid a couple of coins on the counter.

"Thanks for the coffee, Motoki, ja!"

As I passed through the sliding glass doors, I heard Motoki sigh and mumble, "I tried…"

Walking through the streets, I thought of what had transpired in the arcade.

Odango and I would usually see each other there every afternoon, not counting the times we bump into each other every morning in the sidewalk, we are in an, what you could say, amicable relationship. Amicable in the sense that, we don't really hate each other, per se. Hate is such a strong word. I get my quirks whenever I tease her. And I'm pretty sure she feels the same way. Well, I hope so, otherwise… wait a minute, who cares about what she feels anyway? It's not as if I'm affected by this… what the… now I'm arguing with myself!

"Stupid Odango Atama messing with my head…" I muttered.

Looking up, I noticed that I had reached the park. It was the shortest path towards my condo but it was getting late. The sun had already set and there was no one else in the area as far as I can see.

I jammed my hands in my jacket pockets, silently counting off my steps, trying to divert my thoughts from a certain blonde. All of a sudden, I felt a rush of power coming from somewhere nearby. I couldn't pinpoint the exact location, but it was pretty close. Almost as if, as if… it's coming from… above?

I looked up and all I saw was white.

Out of instinct, I reached up and tried to catch whatever it was. I felt its weight impact on my frame and my breath just whooshed out, making me stagger a few steps back. In a sudden flash of colors, the 'thing' in my arms became a girl.

An unconscious girl is in my arms.

A girl with blonde hair in odangoes.


"Odango Atama?!"


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