Lurking Insanity

Summary : AU. Unable to accept the fact he was abandoned by his father at a young age, it broke Ikari Shinji. As a result, a completely different Ikari Shinji that arrived at Tokyo Three. One insane and armed Ikari Shinji.

Disclaimer : Neon Genesis Evangelion belonged to Hideaki Anno and Gainax.


10 years ago

Shortly after his mommy disappeared, Shinji was abandoned by his daddy. That made him sad and confused, but he knew his mommy wouldn't like him crying, so he stopped crying pretty fast. He knew he was being left behind, unwanted because he was weak. But he could be strong, make his daddy proud of him. He would show daddy it was possible for Shinji be useful, too. But first, he must find his uncle. His daddy wanted him to stay with his uncle, so he won't be a bother to daddy, so Shinji would do just that. His uncle was taking too long, and Shinji was getting bored of waiting. He didn't need his uncle to protect him, and his uncle was late. Shinji didn't want to wait anymore. If uncle can't find Shinji, Shinji would just have to find him, right? His uncle lived in a city, and how big could a city be?


"...please proceed to the nearest emergency shelter..."

Shinji frowned as he slammed the phone receiver down. Obviously, there was some secret war going on, and no one bothered to tell Shinji. Not to mention, that horrendously ugly monster wondering around, nearly stepping on Shinji if he didn't move away. His fingers twitched. Time to reinforce Shinji's rules.

One, you do not be late in picking Ikari Shinji up. Ikari Shinji does not like waiting.

Two, you do not ignore or misinform or mislead Ikari Shinji. Or omit information. It would be bad.

Three, you do not attempt to step on Ikari Shinji. It would be equally bad.

Any of the above offense would result in you being at the other end of either one of his specially enforced twin guns. The guns were custom-made from a special ore. Shinji does not know what ore was that, but it was strong. The gun was capable of piercing even a titanium-enforced wall. No need customized bullet. Normal bullet works fine. Which was strange.

Never mind that. Shinji giggled. Daddy would die. Yes, to Shinji, the angel Sachiel was his daddy. Why? He hasn't seen his daddy in years. His daddy said he would pick Shinji up, but daddy was late. Instead, there was a horribly ugly monster. Was that his daddy? Did his daddy actually looked like this? Shinji can't really remember what daddy looked like, but daddy probably looked like that. Was his daddy looking for him, but since Shinji was so small, he missed Shinji? That would be bad. Maybe Shinji should try firing at daddy to get his attention?

A car screeched to a halt. The woman beckoned to Shinji. "Get in! Quick!"

Shinji paused. There was a woman telling him to follow her. Should he? Daddy looked like he might step on Shinji again. Can't daddy see it was Shinji? Maybe going with that woman was better. Daddy can't step on him if Shinji wasn't around. Shinji jumped into the car. That woman sped away. Shinji pouted when he looked back. Why isn't daddy is following them? To get Shinji back?

The woman spoke. "My name is Misato Katsuragi. You are Ikari Shinji, right?"

Shinji cocked his head to one side and giggled childishly. "Maybe."

A/N : Just testing out a new idea where Shinji could not accept the stress of abandonment. He never grew up, or rather, he retained a childish view of things. However, this childishly insane Shinji is armed and able to kill. Should I continue developing the story?