And now a word from our author!

Sorry, I'm a little weird.

I just wanted to let everyone know who is watching this that the Sequel is on a temporary hiatus. I'm actually going to finished WTMCO Conquest first. Only because it's really is more of a sequel to When the Mask Comes Off than Things We Leave Behind.

Go ahead and read Conquest for more Zutara action! It's great, I promise.

Name: Things We Leave Behind

Summery: After spending the day with his little sister and cousin, Hein- Zuko and Katara first born son- goes to sleep at night only to discover traitors in the palace guards. After witnessing them kidnapping his sister, Namiko, Hein follows after without a second thought to his own safety, determined to save her.

Back home, Zuko and Katara awake to the news that both of their precious children are gone. No longer trusting their guards to do it, Zuko and Katara go after the children together. Accompanied only by Hanae, they travel across the world after their children, leaving Avatar Aang and Uncle Iroh to run the country while they're gone.

Rating: T+

Hope you all enjoy it! The story is posted here as its own story. You can access the link though my profile.