All written in Gena's point of view .. I don't know, I might have a few chapters in Axel's point of view too, a little bit later. It all depends on if people like this first part, so .. please review! Thanks. ^-^ And as far as the soundtrack goes .. It's mainly punk and ska, along with some alternative. LOTS of Offspring, of course! You can find most of the stuff on the groups' CDs (duh), and also, the ones I got from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater are said to be so. Enjoy!

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( Introduction Music : "Movies" - Alien Ant Farm )

A day in the life of a taxi driver isn't always easy - but I know I couldn't stand to be around myself if I wasn't able to hop into my beautiful cab and cruise wildly about the city all day while picking up and dropping off random customers. There's a certain thrill that you get, when you're able to zoom over freeways and highways and intersections; or maybe I'm just crazy and I get my kicks from the wrong things.

Sure, you get those cranky, pessimistic customers that just know they'll be late, and no, the cab is not going fast enough, and oh my gosh, I'm going to be in so much trouble if I don't get there on time - but that's to be expected. It's worth putting up with them when you get those cool customers that compliment your cab and the music you're playing and all the stunts you pull on the road. Those are the kind of customers I look forward to getting. They're the best.

Speaking of which, I find myself to be the fastest cab driver this city has to offer. And I'm definitely the sexiest. Despite what those guys think, chicks who drive taxies get the better bucks and the better tips. For instance, I once got a 10 dollar tip just for giving this one girl fashion advice while I was driving her to the mall. That's what you get for being cool and sexy.

And my cab? It's gorgeous. It's not that typical, banana-yellow color, either. It has a reddish, almost brown tint, and a sleek, yet comfortable, even homey kind of look. I put a lot of time and money into that taxi. I wouldn't want to use any car other than that one. And with it being a convertible, you just can't lose. Roofed taxies are such a bore. My cab is just one of those leisure cars, one you can relax in, one that you look awesome cruising around in. Yes, I love that cab.

While the taxi company I work for isn't all that big, it's the only one I'd ever stick with. We only have four cabbies - Axel, B.D. Joe, Gus, and myself, Gena. But we're the greatest, fastest, craziest drivers you're bound to find. Which is good, because the majority of our customers tend to like fast and crazy. Others are just fun to scare.

In order to be a good cab driver, you have to have some common sense, a good sense of direction, and you must be very, very personable. I find no difficulty in it. And so, tomorrow is another day of congested highways and high-paying customers, and I can't wait to get started ...