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It was one of Lucas's favorite holidays right after Christmas. It

was April Fool's day. He had been planning this prank for months. He

had to get his revenge on Ben after he had asked him to order him some

new under garments.

Lucas quite embarrassed when he opened the box to find it filled with

Pampers. Lucas glared at him.

"You said you wanted under garments you didn't specify what kind." Now

it was time for him to implement his revenge. He woke up very early

that morning. Earlier than he was used to. He headed off to get

breakfast because he knew Kristin would be checking to see if he had

been there. Every since that hurricane she had been checking to see if

he was eating properly. Grabbing a bowl of cereal, he quickly ate.

Looking at his watch he knew he had to meet up with Miguel and Tim.

Miguel and Tim were waiting by the moon pool when Lucas arrived. They

were watching as Darwin swam and jumped around.

"Hey Lucas. What did you want to see us about?" Tim asked.

"I need your help on playing a prank on Ben. I have several surprises

that will get back for the diapers."

"What did you have in mind? What do you need us to do?" Miguel asked

his eyes showing a mischievous gleam.

"I need you to help get me off the boat. The captain hasn't been too

willing to let me off the boat on my own after that incident last

month." Lucas saw both Tim and Miguel smiled as they thought about what

happened. It was a serious matter but was still funny.

Lucas had went to the mall to get himself some new jeans. A

storm had quickly entered the area. The blowing wind and rain had

knocked down some power lines. The mall was in total darkness. A

blackout had gripped the city. During this time a man and woman had

taken advantage of the situation by trying to see how much they could

take. Lucas had noticed the couple before the power outage and been

making his way over to security. It was too late. Everything had gone

dark. Bridger had been frantic when he had found out what damage the

storm was causing. He immediately had Tim try to get a hold of Lucas.

The water was too rough to get a launch out to find him. Most of the

launches had returned from there shore leave. About an hour later

Bridger received a call from Dewey's department store. As soon as the

storm ended Bridger, Kristin, Crocker, and several security men went to

help with damage control. The mall that Lucas had said he was going to

was surround by police and emergency vehicles. Bridger and crew were

stopped when they tried to enter.

"Sorry sir, No one is allowed in."

"I'm Captain Nathan Bridger of the UEO vessel Sea Quest. I'm looking

for one of my crew members. I received a call that he was here." The

man nodded and let the group pass. Fear was gripping his heart and he

hoped to find Lucas in one piece. They were escorted to the department

store and his the fear that gripped his heart was soon filled with

relief. Lucas was sitting in the manager's office playing some of the

stores new video game that had been given as a reward.

"Hey Captain!" Lucas said looking up for a few seconds before returning

to his game.

As the two brought their minds back to the situation at hand,

both still had a few questions to ask.

"What makes you think the Captain will let you go with us?" Miguel


"I can handle that part as long as you two are willing to take

responsibility for me." He said this rolling his eyes at the Captain


"The way I hear it Ben's got a really hot date." Tim replied.

"I know I arrange it. She's a friend of mine from college. I asked to

her to help me out." Lucas noticed the expressions on their faces. He

knew that this girl must be a looker for Ben to want to date her. She

owed me. She's all part of the plan. Are you two in or not? I can

guarantee you this will be a show you don't want to miss." Lucas looked

at them with pleading eyes. The two agreed not wanting to miss the

revenge Lucas had planned.

"I'm in. I wouldn't miss this for the world." Miguel said looking at

Tim who also nodded that he was in.

The Captain had given had given his consent to go with the

promise that they would watch him closely. Lucas, Miguel, and Tim made

it to the restaurant an hour before Ben' date. Ben had let his date

choose the restaurant. Lucas was friends with the owner and everything

was set. The trio would be seated in a corner where they could watch

the events without being seen. They ordered a dinner and watched as Ben

and his date Carol, that was her name, took their seat at the table.

Ben order some wine for the two to drink. When the waiter brought it

instead of having a popping cork it had a screw on lid. The wine was

poured and Ben made a toast.

"Here's to the to you the prettiest girl in the room." They clinked the

glasses together and took a sip. Carol instant spit out the vile

substance. The wine hit mostly Ben's shirt.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to, but that wine is terrible."

"Don't worry about it. It will come out." The salads they order came

but to Ben's misfortune the salad landed on top of his head.

"I'm so sorry sir. It slid off the tray." Ben excused himself and went

to the bathroom to remove the salad from his hair. Looking in the

mirror he moved the salad and was grateful they had forgotten the

dressing. Taking out his comb and hair brush, he began fixing his hair.

He couldn't believe his run of luck. Ben soon returned to the table. He

saw that his date had finished her salad and was smiling as he sat

down. After a few minutes of idle conversation their main course was

served. Ben's meal was totally wrong and Carol's meal ended up on his

lap. Ben jumped up and his anger was clearly showing. Carol excused

herself. Ben calmed down and waited for her to return. It seemed like

an eternity to Ben and he was beginning to wonder what was taking his

date so long. A waiter soon came handing Ben two pieces of paper. One

was the bill and the other was a note from Carol. He read the note



I thought you were the man I was looking for but today I found out that I was wrong. I couldn't face you and I'm sorry.


That was all there was to the note. Ben picked up the second piece of

paper and was shocked at the price. It was way more than he had brought

with him. He knew that he would have to use some of his Ueo credits.

Lucas watched with water filled eyes. He had been laughing so

hard at his friends misfortune. The finishing blow was about to be

brought forth. He watched as the waiter told him the credit was no


"I'm sorry sir but this is a cash only restaurant. You'll have to pay

for your meal one way or another."

Lucas watched as Ben began on his tirade of how the service was. He had

created quite a scene. Lucas turned and nodded to man in the doorway.

The man carried a package over to Ben who was still carrying on. The

man interrupted and hands him the package. He opened it and pulled out

what was inside. It was a diaper. Inside the diaper was the note. It

was one single word.


He couldn't hold in any longer and erupted into a fitful laughter. He

saw Ben coming his way.

"April Fools Ben!" Lucas looked at Tim and Miguel and once again began to