Title: In The Still Of The Night

By: Polgara G (crazy isn't it?)

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters they belong to their respective creators and distributors.

Spoilers: None really, just randomly set.

Summary: An innocent evening at a taping of a show gives someone something to sing about.

A/N: This is entirely the girl's fault during the list-group's chat last night. One little mention of Who's Line, and then the song, suddenly boom! Plot Bunny. All their fault. Blame them

A/N2: Total crackfic, just go with it… It helps to download the song and sing along, really it does. And I know it doesn't rhyme cause I suck at rhyming. But the words fit the beats of the song, not necessarily the original syllables of the original lyrics.

A/N3: The Donnie Dig, well, it's hard to explain. Just picture The Temptations dancing, and then think back to how Donnie Osmond danced. A friend of mine labeled this move as the Donnie Dig… You kind of… well… don't ask me to explain. Look it old Donnie Osmond stuff on YouTube or something.

In The Still Of The Night

Buffy blushed as Drew Carey pulled her out of her seat and down to the stage. She was quickly introduced to Wayne, Chip, and Brad before sitting down on the black stool. Her stomach quivered slightly in nervousness as Wayne was given his instructions.

"Wayne, this is Buffy, she is the current Chosen One, also known as the Slayer," Drew stopped and looked at Buffy. "What exactly do you slay?"

"Umm, vampires," Buffy said, fervently wishing that she had stayed at the hotel rather than letting Xander drag her to the taping of Who's Line Is It Anyway? She had panicked when she had been chosen from the audience and just blurted everything out.

Drew smiled and looked back at Wayne. "She slays vampires. You guys are going to sing a song for Buffy in the style of Doo Wap."

She turned slightly to watch the three men behind her as the music began to play. She recognized the melody immediately and cringed slightly as they fell into a strangely choreographed dance that she recognized from old show clips. She swore they were doing something her mother had referred to as the 'Donnie Dig'.

Chip and Brad began singing backup, and before Buffy knew it, Wayne was serenading her.

In the still of the night

Buffy is hunting vampires

'Cause they're evil

Evil do-ers

And she's the one

Chosen to fight

In the still of the night

Wayne put his arm around her shoulders and moved so they were cheek to cheek.

I remember

The dust falling

From the vamp she staked that night

She saved me from death

From vamps

Who bite your neck

And before the light

She'll stake more

With all of her might

In the still of the night.

He swooped down to one knee and grabbed one of Buffy's hands. She could fee her face burning as she looked down at him from her perch on the stool.

Now please, Buffy

Keep saving

All of our lives

In the still of the night

In the still of the night

As the song ended Buffy tried to slink away, but all three men caught her in a quick hug. When they released her, she went back to her seat, blushing furiously.

Xander leaned over and said, "That wasn't so bad. It was actually kind of nice."

Buffy glared at him. "Just wait until we get back to Sunnydale."

He blanched and turned back to watching the setup for the next game.

She smiled smugly. While she wasn't as mad as she let on, Wayne did have a nice voice, she was going to let Xander stew on it for a while.