The Final Reality

I rushed into the Engineering Room of my Pool ship, and saw that every dapsen living thing in there had been burned to death by the sustained Dracon blast I had just ordered. My Hork Bajir and human troops fanned out, checking every micrometer of the room for signs of life.

Suddenly, with a loud CLANG, all the doors to the room were slammed shut by their hydraulic pistons. The Controllers around me snapped to full alert, their eyes wide with surprise.

One of my stalk eyes spotted a Hork Bajir aiming his Dracon beam at me. I swung my tail towards him, decapitating him and drawing shocked glares from those around me. Without saying a word, I started to morph into one of my most destructive morphs: the Ondarian Craxxim.

My body bloated up to monstrous dimensions. Long, hard spines shot out of my body, three feet long. My body dropped closer to the ground, and became flatter. My stalk eyes were sucked into my skull, as my head flattened out and widened. I grew eight more legs, and ten more arms. My legs became multi-segmented and my arms became triple-jointed and armored. My seven-fingered hands morphed into colossal pincers with razor-sharp edges. My face ripped in two as I grew a wide, toothless mouth with seven razor-sharp tongues. I was now a chitin-armored beast with a all-over razor-sharp physique. The Ondarian Craxxim.

Several more of the traitorous Hork Bajir fired at me, but my chitin shell merely reflected the blasts. With a loud roar, I swung my twelve claws in all directions at once, slicing every Controller within my swipe-radius into mincemeat. Once they had ALL been killed, I turned towards the door and lowered my spiny head. I rushed the door and felt the blast-proof armor plating tear. Rearing back, I threw my full weight on ten legs onto the door. The door buckled, but stayed shut. Letting out a bellow that shook the machinery in Engineering, I pounded the door with eight arms at once. It fell open, twisted and broken.

I lumbered out into the corridor. Returning to my Andalite body, I ran flat out towards the bridge. The Animorphs will pay for this! But as I ran, the floor beneath me vibrated slightly. I stopped. Strange, I thought. The floor only vibrated when….

In horror from the realization of what the Animorphs might have done, I rushed to the nearest Ramonium view port. What I saw made me recoil in shock. The main pool, as I had feared, had been flushed into the vacuum of space. The pool's substrate fluid was now a titanic, glittering stream of ice crystals in space. But I knew that the crystals also contained more than seventeen thousand unhosted Yeerks, which were now dead. The stream of crystals spread out, an orbiting graveyard. I stood there in silence, realizing one thing: the Animorphs might have a chance of defeating us. As I resumed my run to the bridge, not too far away now, I saw my Blade ship approaching. I knew that Tom was coming to betray me.

I arrived on the bridge, and waited. And when the Animorphs entered, I knew that the time had come for me to face reality. That Tom would betray me. That I would never achieve my ambitions to the fullest. That I knew, from the start of the war, that the Animorphs would one day triumph over me, for they had a spirit which I never understood. That it was time to admit one fact. That, after all these years of war, I had lost.