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Warning...Mild violence and Language

Chapter One--Rage


Her cries tore at him, but he knew to give in would be so much worse. To give in would mean death.

"Let me go you damn bastard!" She screamed as she kicked and clawed at him.

It would mean the loss of another friend.

Losing Miroku was hard enough. He wasn't about to allow Sango to join him as he was sucked into the darkness and void

of Naraku's curse.

"Let me go InuYasha! I can still…"

"Still die with him?" Kagome screamed from under his other arm, "You think that's what Miroku would want? For you to

die with him?"

Then it was quiet. InuYasha didn't know which was worse. The gushing and howling wind of the Kazaana, Miroku's

screams as his bones splintered from the force of the pressure. Or the haunting silence that fell over the crater

that had been the scene of such violence just a moment before. Deadly quiet dominated, broken by the sound of a young

kitsune sobbing.

InuYasha softly set the two women back on the ground. Kagome set Shippo down next to Kirara, but didn't move, and

InuYasha was grateful. He needed her, and as always, she seemed to sense it and stayed close. He kept his arm around

her, she moved closer to him, sliding her arms around his middle, letting her cheek fall onto his chest.

For a moment, Sango seemed frozen, unable to move.

"I'm sorry Sango," Kagome said, lifting her head "But we couldn't just…"

Sango snapped out of her daze and she turned, shaking her head, the gesture stopped Kagome from finishing.

Sango turned again and began to walk to the huge crater.

"Okay." Kagome said softly.

Sango walked to where Miroku's staff still lay, knelt down, and lovingly pick it up. InuYasha gave Kagome a slight

squeeze, reminding her that she wasn't alone. She let her head fall forward and cried into his chest. He put his other

arm around her and held her.

He had never felt so helpless before. Not even when he had realized that, there was no escape from Kikyo's arrow. He was use to taking action when one of them was in trouble. And when Miroku's curse turned on him, all he could do was stand there and watch Miroku die. He had been useless.

At least he had been able to stop Sango from running to him, dying with him. That was some consolation.

Sango stood now in the middle of the crater where Miroku had taken his last breath on earth, clutching his staff to her

chest. She didn't cry, or blink. She simply stood with her face to the wind.

InuYasha felt Kagome pull away and he looked down. Shippo had fallen asleep with Kirara wrapped around him,

in the soft grass at Kagome's feet. Kagome brushed her fingers softly over his cheek, and then she signaled to InuYasha

with her eyes that she was going to go be with Sango. He reached down and caught her hand, following her to the crater.

Sango didn't turn as they approached.

Kagome reached for Sango's hand, but she jerked away.


Sango still didn't turn, but spoke softly.

"Leave me."

Kagome stepped closer. "Sango please let us be with you. We want to help…."

Sango laughed bitterly.

"You've helped enough."

"Sango…" InuYasha stepped closer to try to talk to her and Sango spun around, aiming and connecting her fist squarely

with his jaw.

"I said leave me be"

Shock registered on InuYasha and Kagome's faces and InuYasha stepped back, pulling Kagome's hand to urge her back with

him. Kagome stood her ground, stubbornly firm.

"Sango….hitting InuYasha isn't going to…."

Sango raised her fist again, connecting with Kagome's face, bringing blood to her nose and lower lip.

Kagome touched her face, more scared for her friend than herself. She reached out for Sango's hands.


Sango reached out and slapped her hard. "Are you deaf or stupid? I said leave me the fuck alone!"

"Sango stop it!" InuYasha stepped in front of Kagome protectively. Let Sango take out her anger on him, but he wasn't

about to let her lay a hand on Kagome again.

Sango sat down on the ground and whispered "I said leave me be."

"Sango please…"Kagome cried, frustrated, wanting so badly to comfort.

"Kagome." InuYasha turned and took her hand, pulling her away "Give her some time."

Kagome nodded sadly, tears falling down her cheeks to mix with the blood on her lips and jaw.

He hunched down by Sango for a moment.

"We won't leave you Sango, so you can forget that. Were here when you decide you need us."

Sango didn't speak until they had climbed out of the crater and were out of earshot.

She whispered, "I needed you to let me die with Miroku."

The kitsune and two-tail had awoken at the noise, now they crept up to her, and silently sat down next to her. When

Kagome looked again, Shippo had worked his way into Sango's lap, Kirara slept next to her.

Kagome put her head down on her knees, careful to keep her eye, nose and lip from touching anything else.

"Let me see." InuYasha gently touched her shoulder

"I'm okay InuYasha."

"Kagome, lift your head."

"I'm fine. It doesn't even hurt."


There was something in his tone, a sense of urgency, mixed with uselessness that begged out to her to look up.

"Doesn't hurt my ass." He said, sitting down in front of her and reaching for her backpack.

She had been hit on the same side of the face both times, her eye was already an angry black and blue. Welts and a

large bruise covered her cheekbone and jaw. Her bottom lip was split.

InuYasha took antiseptic out of Kagome's first aid kit and started to clean her lip. When the cotton wad touched her

lip, Kagome hissed in her breath and backed off.

"Stings huh." InuYasha said, thinking back on all the times Kagome had called him a baby for wincing at the sting.

"What are we going to do InuYasha?" Kagome looked up at him with liquid eyes, she blinked and her tears fell over

onto her cheeks

He put a butterfly bandage on her lip and wiped at her tears with his knuckle. "I don't know. "

He packed away the supplies and sat in front of her, holding one of her hands, playing with her fingers.
"How are we going to go on without Miroku?" He looked at her and shook his head.

"I don't know"
She shivered a little and he took off his hoari and covered her shoulders with it.

"What if Sango is never okay again?" she said. InuYasha shook his head in response.

"InuYasha." she said, her voice so soft it was barely a whisper "What if I lose you?" He looked at her, tears

streamed down her face in a torrent now. He reached out his hand and caressed her cheek with his knuckles.

"You won't."

"You can't promise that. Just like I can't pro…"

"Shut up Kagome." he said, pulling her close to him so he could hold her.

He stroked her hair and face gently on the side that wasn't hurt.

"Just shut up."

"InuYasha?" she asked in a soft whisper and pulled back from him.

"Yeah?" he looked into her eyes, unable to bear the sadness he saw there.

"I miss him. I already miss him so much."

"I know." He said, pulling her back to him. "Me too"


The first slight streak of orange had just lit a tiny piece of the sky when Kagome opened her eyes. For a moment, she

felt the blissful freedom of reality that comes before dreams separate themselves from the day. Bliss was cut short by

a soft snore just above her head, reminding her that InuYasha had slept next to her last night. Had in fact held her

until she was able to sleep. It would have been the perfect way to wake up, if she hadn't remembered why he had held

her in the first place. She snuggled into his chest and closed her eyes again, wishing she could put off remembering a

little longer.

She licked her lips and felt the sting from the split lip Sango had given her the night before. She gasped a little bit from the unexpected sting.

"I'm sorry."

Kagome turned her head and found Sango sitting next to her on the side by her back. She sat up and turned. "Sango…"

"Kagome…I hurt you …..I'm sorry."

"It's gonna be okay Sango, I'll heal."

"Will I?" Sango put her hands on her face and began to sob.

Kagome put her arms around Sango and Sango fell into her sobbing.